Subjects of historical plaques - S

Dr Mary J. Safford
(1834-1891) Doctor of Medicine
Palazzo Portinari Salviati
(1456-present) palace
John Sansom
(1935-2006) creator of the Beacons Way
Alfred Schofield
Stationers' Company's School
Bathforum British School
(1810-present) school
Laurent Schwartz
(1915-2002) mathematician
Sir Joseph Scott 1st Baronet
(1752-1828) Member of Parliament
James Scott
(1649-1685) Earl of Dalkeith
Robert Scott VC
(1874-1961) Victoria Cross recipient
National Health Service
(1948-present) public health service
Sir Eyre Massey Shaw KCB
(1830-1908) Chief Officer of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade
Sir Percy Florence Shelley 3rd Baronet
(1819-1889) Baronet Shelley of Castle Goring
Sir Victor Shepheard KCB
(1893-1989) naval architect
The Shining
(1980-present) film
Pete Shotton
(1941-2017) band member
St Chad's Church, Shrewsbury
(1790-present) church
Henry Sidney
(1529-1586) Lord Deputy of Ireland
Isaac Singer
Sir George Sitwell 4th Baronet
(1860-1943) antiquary
Rt Hon. Sir Viscount Earl Frederick Edwin Smith PC GCSI KC
(1872-1930) King's Counsel
Thomas Buckingham Smith
(1810-1871) translator
Sir C. Aubrey Smith CBE
(1863-1948) cricketer
Hannah Snell
(1723-1792) soldier
Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society
W. G. R. Sprague
(1863-1933) theatre architect
Chris Squire
St Mary's Priory Church, Monmouth
(1101-present) church
Alexander St. Clair-Abrams
(1845-1931) writer
Clarkson Stanfield RA
(1793-1867) painter
Sir Rt Hon. Earl Philip Stanhope KG PC
(1694-1773) statesman
Earl Philip Stanhope
(1634-1714) Earl of Chesterfield
Sir Henry Morton Stanley GCB
(1841-1904) explorer
Sir Robert Staples 12th Baronet
(1853-1943) artist
John Kemp Starley
(1855-1901) bicycle manufacturer
Sir Leslie Stephen KCB
(1832-1904) scholar
Holman F. Stephens
(1868-1931) railroad developer
John Batterson Stetson
(1830-1906) hat manufacturer
Robert Stevenson
(1772-1850) lighthouse engineer
Rosemary Stjernstedt
(1912-1998) architect
Norman Castle, Stockport
Leopold Stokowski
(1882-1977) musician
The Great Stone
Marie Stopes
(1880-1958) writer
Heinz Strauß
(1919-1943) Holocaust victim
Paweł Strzelecki
(1797-1873) traveller
Maida Vale Studios
recording studio
Sir Rear Admiral Doveton Sturdee GCB KCMG 1st Baronet
(1859-1925) Rear Admiral
Arthur Sullivan VC
(1896-1937) Victoria Cross recipient
Sun Inn, Hemel Hempstead