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G S McLennan 1883 - 1929 Champion piper & composer Gordon Highlanders Pipe Major Bagpipe maker in this building

2 Bath Street, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Bob Cooney 1908-1984 radical politician held rallies in the castlegate for better working and living conditions

Castle Street, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

David grant (1833 93) plaque
To the memory of David Grant 1833-1893 A member of this church he was the composer of Crimond and other psalm tunes.

St Clement's Church, St Clement Street, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Elizabeth Crombie Duthie 1816-1885 Who resided here and donated Duthie Park to The City of Aberdeen

34 Maberley Street, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Greyhope Road, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Sinclair Road, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Chivas Brothers, proprietors of these premises between 1837 and 1958, opened a shop here selling luxury goods.They first blended Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky on this site in the early 1900s.

13-19 King Street, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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To the glory of God and in sacred memory of Mary Slessor of Calabar who as a girl worshipped in this building then Belmont United Presbyterian Church of Scotland. Born Aberdeen 2nd December 1848 died Use. Nigeria 13th January 1915

The Pier, Former United Presbyterian Church (now part of Academy Shopping Centre) Belmont Street, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Sugar House Lane. In 1776 a Sugar House was established here, where raw sugar from the Americas was refined for resale. This was one of several businesses in Aberdeen which were involved in the trans-Atlantic trade of slave-produced goods. Sugar House Lane was eventually formed in the ground which once belonged to the Sugar House Company.

Sugarhouse Lane, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Theatre Lane. In 1795 the Theatre Royal, seating 600, was created in Marischal Street by Stephen Kemble, brother of the actor John Philip Kemble. Eminent performers included Charles Macready and Charles Keen. The theatre flourished until 1872 when it was replaced by Her Majesty's Opera House, later the Tivoli, in Guild Street.

Theatre Lane, Virginia Street end, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Provost Ross's House. This house was built in 1594 and is said to be the work of Master Mason Andrew Jameson, father of the portrait painter. Early in the 18th century it became the Town House of one of Aberdeen's Provosts, John Ross of Arnage. In a derelict state, it was acquired by the National Trust for Scotland and saved by appeal to its members and supporters. The city of Aberdeen and the Associated British Picture Corporation each contributed six thousand five hundred pounds. The house was re-opened by the Secretary of State for Scotland in 1964.

Aberdeen Maritime Museum, Shiprow, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Benholm's Lodge (known as the Wallace Tower). Benholm's Lodge, a fortified dwelling house was built on this site about the year 1600 at which time it was situated some twenty yards west of the Nethergate Port one of the entries to the city. In the year 1965, through the generosity of Lord Marks, the Corporation were enabled to remove the building and re-erect it in its original form on a site in Tillydrone Road Old Aberdeen where it is preserved for posterity.

Netherkirkgate, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Poultry Market Lane. In 1631 a Flesh Market was established here. A Poultry Market and access lane joining Castle Street with Queen Street were laid out in 1809. In 1846 the Meal Market was moved from a nearby site to here. More recent uses of the site included a Bleaching Green and an Artillery Drill Shed.

West wall Aberdeen Arts Centre, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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This is the site of the Carmelite Friary excavated by the City of Aberdeen Archaeological Unit in 1981 and 1994. The Carmelites, a world-wide religious order of friars originated as hermits on Mount Carmel in Palestine. This friary was founded in 1273 and was occupied until the Reformation in 1560. It was one of the most important religious centres in Aberdeen. Marked out on the ground is part of the church. Also found was part of the west range which included a kitchen. The excavated buildings date to the 14th and 15th centuries and there was evidence of earlier timber structures. Finds included large quantities of painted and stained glass window glass, window leading, pottery, a lead water pipe, coins and a gaming die, which all added to the picture of life in this area of Aberdeen. Analysis of human skeletons provided valuable evidence about the medieval population of Aberdeen.

Car Park of Flats off Rennie's Wynd, the Green, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Victoria Bridge. Erected following the Dee Ferry Boat Disaster, which claimed the lives of 32 people on 5 April 1876. Formally opened 2 July 1881, it was partly funded by public contribution. The link provided by the bridge allowed direct access for carriages from Torry, via Market Street, to the heart of Aberdeen.

west side of Victoria Bridge, under lamp post, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Glover House. In recognition of the great contribution made by Mr. Thomas Blake Glover during the late 19th century to the foundation of modern Japanese industry, we donate this house to the Grampian-Japan Trust.

Glover House, Balgownie Road, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Capitol Cinema opened 1933 / William Walker

Union Street, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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George Paget Thomson 1892-1975 Nobel prize for physics 1937 joint winner for demonstrating electrons to have wave-like properties in experiments conducted at the University of Aberdeen Pioneering work undertaken in this building from 1922-1930 with local technician C. G. Fraser

Marischal College, Broad Street, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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James Cowie 1886-1956 artist and head of painting at Gray's School of Art lived and worked here

8 Fonthill Road, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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William Meff 1861-1935 Lord Provost of Aberdeen lived in this building

40 Fonthill Road, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Exchequer Row. The Royal Exchequer and possibly Aberdeen's mint functioned intermittently in this area from the reign of David I (1124-1153) to James III (1460-1488). Coins issued here bore the name 'Villa Aberdon'

Exchequer Row, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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John Barbour 1316-1395 poet, author of 'The Bruis' lived nearby

53 Castle Street, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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This plaque commemorates the commencement of work on the Denburn Road improvement on 6th January 1992. Grampian Regional Council Transportation and Roads Committee Chairman Concillor June R Lamond Director of Roads Eur. Ing. George Kirkbride C. Eng. F.I.C.E.

Woolmanhill, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Patrick Manson 1844-1922 father of tropical medicine first to show that insects carry disease attended the Gym (Chanonry House) School in this building

Cruickshank Building, Chanonry, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Catherine Hollingworth 1904-1999 child drama pioneer, speech therapist and founder of Aberdeen Municipal Childrens Theatre which she directed in this building 1956-1968

31 King Street, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Robert Brown FRS FLS 1773-1858 Botanist and Alumnus of this University Discoverer of the Nucleus of the Plant Cell and of Brownian Motion Erected in 2005, Einstein Year, to mark the link between the works of Robert Brown and Albert Einstein

Cruikshank Building, Chanonry, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Brig o' Balgownie. This bridge, one of the oldest in Britain, was completed about 1320 supposedly at the behest of King Robert the Bruce. It has a gothic shaped arch with a clear span of some 12 metres and is built of a mixture of sandstone and granite. In 1605 it was almost totally rebuilt by the Town Council and at the same time a fund was established for its maintenance in perpetuity by Sir Alexander Hay of Whytburgh and Newton.

Brig o' Balgownie, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Sir George Reid 1841-1913 artist and president of the Royal Scottish Academy lived and worked here

Gordon Highlanders Museum, Viewfield Road, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Thomas Scott Sutherland 1899-1964 architect, city councillor and entrepreneur lived here

27 Albyn Place, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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George Russell Gowans 1843-1924 artist lived in this building

119 Broomhill Road, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Ian Fleming RSA 1906-1996 artist lived and worked here

15 Fonthill Road, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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On this site stood the house where on 19th April 1817 John Phillip RA was born

21 Skene Square, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Elizabeth Latto Ewen 1875-1965 Aberdeen's first female general practitioner founded a ladies' medical practice on this site in 1896

26 Chapel Street, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Kirkgate Court formerly known as Farquhar's or Painter's Court. John Farquhar and David Gill painters and glaziers bought adjacent land in 1628. Farquhar and Gill's Colour Works operated until 1972.

Upperkirkgate, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Sir David Gill 1834-1914 Astronomer Royal lived here

48 Skene Terrace, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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The family home of Thomas Blake Glover The Scottish Samurai 1838-1911

79 Balgownie Rd, Bridge of Don, AB22 8JH, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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This house formerly the town residence of Sir George Skene Provost of Aberdeen 1676 to 1685 restored by the corporation of the city of Aberdeen was opened on the thirtieth day of September one thousand nine hundred and fifty three by her majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

Flourmill Lane, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Aberdeen Town House. These buildings were erected 1867-1874, and incorporate the Town House and Sherriff Court as well as the 17th-century Wardhouse, or prison, of the Tolbooth. The current buildings are on the site of the earlier Tolbooth, permission to build which had been granted to the magistrates of Aberdeen by Robert III in 1393.

Union Street, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Alberto Morrocco 1917-1998 artist attended this school

Causewayend School, Causewayend, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Fittie Wynd. The site of Fittie Port at the head of Fittie Wynd. This marked the medieval boundary between the Burgh of Aberdeen and the fishing community of Fittie. Burgh Officials locked and guarded the gates in times of plague, pestilence and peril. The Port was demolished in the 18th century.

Castlegate, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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On the school hill stood the Grammar School of Aberdeen for over six centuries. This stone marks the site of the school from 1757 to 1863 when the present building in Skene Street was erected

Robert Gordon's College, Schoolhill, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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George Thomson 1804-1895 clipper ship owner and Lord Provost worked here

35 Marischal Street, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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James Leatham 1865-1945 socialist, propagandist and journalist lived here

68 Schoolhill, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Archibald Simpson architect 1790-1847 a pioneer of civic design in this his native city (was born here)

Bon-Accord Square, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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On the 14th February 1862 Mother St. Basil foundress of the Congregation of the Poor Sisters of Nazareth arrived in Aberdeen along with six other sisters to make their first foundation outside Hammersmith in this house they remained until the 10th December 1872

Chapel Court off Castle St (Castlegate), Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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To mark the site of the Religious House of the Knights Templars and of the Knights of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem.

Rear Wall of exterior of St Peter's Churchyard, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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This tablet is by permission of the authorities of this university erected by churchmen of Connecticut to preserve the memory of the place in Long Acre very near this spot where on the 14th November 1784 Samuel Seabury was consecrated the first bishop of the church in America.

Marischal College Quadrangle, East Wall, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Sir Alexander Anderson Lord Provost. Patrick Cooper esqr. Master of Shore-Works

North Pier, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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St Mary's Chapel of Stoneywood 1367

St Mary's Stoneywood, off A96 Dyce, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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This archway was erected in 1637 by Andrew Thomson Advocate and Sheriff-Depute in Aberdeen as gateway to his house in Guestrow, which ran past the North-East gable of this house. His initials and those of his wife Agnes Divie are on the panel built into this wall. On demolition of the properties in Guestrow, in 1931, the archway was rebuilt in Union Terrace Gardens, whence it was taken in 1970 and re-erected here, close to its original site.

Guestrow, off Broad Street, Aberdeen, United Kingdom