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On this site John Boyd Dunlop 1840-1921 veterinary surgeon invented the first successful pneumatic tyre

38-42 May Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

John Stewart Bell FRS 1928-1990 physicist and philosopher studied physics here 1945-1949

Queens University, Belfast, United Kingdom

Sam Hanna Bell 1909-1990 Writer and Broadcaster lived here

2 Crescent Gardens, Belfast, United Kingdom

Singer songwriter Van Morrison lived here

125 Hyndford Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

Sir Tyrone Guthrie 1900–1971 broadcaster and theatre director. The first voice heard on 2BE-BBC Northern Ireland from here 15 September 1924

BBC Broadcasting House, Linenhall Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

Snow Patrol first gigged here 1998

Duke of York pub, Belfast, United Kingdom

Joe Bambrick 1905-1983 Footballer Double Hat Trick for Ireland 1930 lived here

219 Roden Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

Edward Bunting 1773-1843 Harp music collector Organist in this church 1817-1819

St George's Church, High Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

Margaret Byers LL.D. 1832-1912 founded Victoria College located here 1874-1972

Old Victoria College (now Crescent Arts Centre), Lower Crescent, Belfast, United Kingdom

Joseph Campbell 1879-1944 Poet lived in Loreto Cottage on this site 1879-1906

32 Castlereagh Road, Belfast, United Kingdom

J. W. Carey 1859-1937 Painter lived here

31, Knockdene Park, off Knock Road, Belfast, United Kingdom

Amy Carmichael [full inscription unknown]

Welcome Evangelical Church, Cambrai Street, Shankill Road, Belfast, United Kingdom

William Conor 1881-1968 artist had his studio here 1944-1959

Café Conor, 11a Stranmillis Road, Belfast, United Kingdom

Gerard Dillon 1916-1971 artist born in this house

26 Lower Clonard Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

Dr. William Drennan 1754-1820 patriot & radical born in the Manse on this site

Rosemary Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

Clara Ewald 1859-1948 portrait painter lived here

37 Rugby Road, Belfast, United Kingdom

William John English VC 1882-1941 Soldier lived here

16 King's Road Knock, Belfast, United Kingdom

E Estyn Evans 1905-1989 geographer lived here

100a Malone Road, Belfast, United Kingdom

Henry George "Harry" Ferguson 1884-1960 inventor had business premises on this site

Ulster Bank building, Donegall Square East, Belfast, United Kingdom

Sir Samuel Ferguson 1810-1886 poet and antiquarian born in 14 High Street which was on this site

23 High Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

To commemorate Vere Foster 1819-1900 educationalist and first President of the Irish National Teachers' Organisation

23 College Gardens, Belfast, United Kingdom

Paul Henry 1877-1958 artist lived here

67 University Road, Belfast, United Kingdom

Professor R. M. Henry MRIA 1873-1950 the first Secretary to Academic Council 1910-1938

Lanyon Building, Queen's University of Belfast, Belfast, United Kingdom

John Hewitt 1907-1987 poet lived here 1940-57

18 Mount Charles, Belfast, United Kingdom

John Hewitt 1907-1987 poet lived here 1972-87

11 Stockman's Lane, Belfast, United Kingdom

Chaim Herzog 1918-1997 President of Israel 1983-1993 was born here

2, Norman Villas (185 Clifton Park Avenue), off Cliftonville Road, Belfast, United Kingdom

Barney Hughes 1808-1878 Master Baker Philanthropist lived here

11 College Square North, Belfast, United Kingdom

Mercy Hunter 1910-1989 artist calligrapher and teacher lived here

23 Botanic Avenue, Belfast, United Kingdom

Brian Desmond Hurst 1895-1986 film director born in the original 23 Ribble Street near this site

23 Ribble Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

James Johnston 1903-1991 tenor lived here

55 Knock Road, Belfast, United Kingdom

Sir Samuel Kelly 1879-1937 coal importer and philanthropist born here

94 Castlereagh Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

Lord Kelvin OM (William Thomson) Scientist 1824-1907 born in a house on this site

21-25 College Square East, Belfast, United Kingdom

Sir Charles Lanyon 1813-1889 lived in a house on this site

14 Wellington Place, Belfast, United Kingdom

Sir Joseph Larmor 1857-1942 mathematical physicist lived here

24 Antrim Road, Belfast, United Kingdom

Sir John Lavery 1856-1941 painter was born in a house on this site

47 North Queen Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

C. S. Lewis 1898-1963 author and critic lived here 1905-1917

"Little Lea", Circular Road, Belfast, United Kingdom

C. S. Lewis 1898-1963 Author and Christian apologist born on this site

Dundela Avenue, Strandtown, Belfast, United Kingdom

John Luke 1906-1975 painter lived here

240 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast, United Kingdom

Robert Lynd 1879-1949 writer lived here

Windsor Avenue, Belfast, United Kingdom

Robert Shipboy McAdam antiquarian and Gaelic scholar 1808-1895 lived in a house on this site

Stokes House, 21-25 College Square East, Belfast, United Kingdom

Thomas McCabe c.1734-1820 William Putnam McCabe c.1776-1821 United Irishmen lived in Vicinage House on this site

St Malachi's College, Antrim Road, Belfast, United Kingdom

Luke L. Macassey MinstCE 1843-1908 Civil engineer and barrister had his office here

7 Chichester Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

Henry Joy McCracken 1767-1798 United Irishman born in a house near this site

37 High Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

Mary Ann McCracken 1770 - 1866 social reformer lived here

62, Donegall Pass, Belfast, United Kingdom

John McKay 1852-1923 GAA Founding Member 1884 journalist with the Irish News, formerly Belfast Morning News born Downpatrick

Irish News Building, 113-117 Donegall Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

Charles McKimm 1848-1907 First General Superintendent of Belfast Parks 1903-1907

Topical Ravine, Botanic Gardens, Belfast, United Kingdom

Louis MacNeice 1907-1963 poet was born here

2 Brookhill Avenue, Belfast, United Kingdom

Francis Maginn 1861-1918 pioneer for rights and education of deaf people worked here

Wilton House, 5 College Square North, Belfast, United Kingdom

Leading Seaman James Magennis VC 1919-1985 Submariner born in Belfast

RNA club Gt Victoria St, Belfast, United Kingdom

John 'Rinty' Monaghan 1918-1984 boxer undefeated World Flyweight Champion fought here 1948 & 1949

Kings Hall, Balmoral, Belfast, United Kingdom

Sir James Murray 1788-1871 inventor of Milk of Magnesia lived at this site

16 High Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

Andrew Nicholl 1804-1886 painter lived here

Church Lane, off High Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

Cathal O'Byrne 1876-1957 Singer Poet Writer lived here

43 Cavendish Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

Stewart Parker 1941-1988 playwright born in this house

86 Larkfield Terrace, Sydenham, Belfast, United Kingdom

Sir Henry Pottinger 1789-1856 First Governor of Hong Kong 1843 was born at Mount Pottinger

residential block at The Mount, Mount Pottinger, East Belfast, Belfast, United Kingdom

W. R. Rodgers 1909-1969 Poet and Broadcaster born here

76 Belmont Avenue, Belfast, United Kingdom

R. V. Williams "Richard Rowley" 1877-1947 Poet was born here

79 Dublin Road, Belfast, United Kingdom

William Ritchie 1756-1834 Pioneer shipbuilder

Harbour Commissioner's Offices, Belfast, United Kingdom

Thomas Russell 1767-1803 United Irishman 'the Man from God knows where' Librarian 1794-1796

Linenhall Hall Library, Belfast, United Kingdom

Sam Thompson 1916-1965 Playwright 'Over The Bridge' 1960 born in 2 Montrose Street beside this house

1 Vicarage Street, Ballymacarrett, East Belfast, Belfast, United Kingdom

Anthony Trollope 1815-1882 Novelist worked here as Post Office Surveyor

Custom House, Belfast, United Kingdom

Ernest Walton 1903-1995 Physicist and Nobel Laureate at school 1915-1922

Front Door of Methodist College, Belfast, United Kingdom

Sir William Whitla 1851-1933 Physician and Philanthropist

Sir William Whitla Hall, Queen's University, Belfast, United Kingdom

James Young 1918-1974 Actor & Comedian lived here

26 Fernwood Street, off Blackwood Street, Ormeau Road, Belfast, United Kingdom

Philip Larkin 1922-1985 poet Sub-Librarian here 1950-1955

Old Library, Queen's University, Belfast, United Kingdom

The Maritime Hotel birthplace of Rhythm 'n' Blues in Belfast April 1964 stood on this site

College Square North, Belfast, United Kingdom

Thomas Andrews 1873-1912 designer of the Titanic lived here

No 20 Windsor Avenue, off Lisburn Road, Belfast, United Kingdom

Society of United Irishmen 1791-1798 met here

Kelly's Cellars, Bank Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

James O Hannay George A. Birmingham novelist 1865 - 1950 born in this house July 16

Fitzwillliam Place, 75 University Road, BT7 1NN, Belfast, United Kingdom

Ruby Murray 1935 - 1996 Belfast born singer performed here

inside the Ulster Hall, 34 Bedford Street, BT2 7FF, Belfast, United Kingdom

Ruby Murray (March 29, 1935 - December 17, 1996) was a popular singer born in Moltke Street and brought up in the Village. Her characteristic hoarse voice was a result of an operation on her throat in early childhood. She toured as a child singer, and fist appeared on television at the age of 12. Her first single was 'Heartbeat', which reached the UK top 5 in 1954. The next, 'Softly, Softly', reached number 1 in 1955, a year in which Murray achieved the rare feat of having five singles in the top twenty at the same time. Ruby still holds the records for the most hit records in the Top Twenty at the same time, beating Madonna and the Beatles.

Maldon Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

James Connolly [full inscription unknown]

420 Falls Road, BT12 6EN, Belfast, United Kingdom

Henry Joy McCracken radical Belfast Presbyterian hanged at Cornmarket for leading the United Irishmen at the Battle of Antrim 7th June 1798. "Faithful to the last"

Masonic Hall, Rosemary Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

Known as the Mother Church of Belfast Methodism the Donegall Square Methodist Church opened on this site in 1806. Replaced in 1846, it remained a centre of Christian Worship and Witness until 4th December 1994. The Corinthian Pillars and Classical Facade of the original church, designed by Isaac Farrell, were integrated into the Ulster Bank Group Head Office in 1999.

Donegall Square East, Belfast, United Kingdom

Sir Samuel Davison, an inventor, founded the Sirocco works in 1881 to manufacture tea drying machinery and later fans and ventilation systems.

Laganside Walkway, Belfast, United Kingdom

Bloomfield bakery Largest, privately owned by the McMillan family who had 100 horses & 70 carts for deliveries Rebuilt by McLaughlin & Harvey & became Inglis & Co Ltd 1937 Biscuit factory 1982 1st manager - Tom Piggot went down with his sons on - Princess Victoria Factory made - cream crackers, marshmallows & employee 300 locals 1884-1933

Newtownards Road, Belfast, United Kingdom

"Rubicon" The family home of Pte. William F. McFadzean, Victoria Cross, who gave his life to save his comrades at Thiepval Wood on 1st July 1916 immediately prior to the Battle of The Somme

Cregagh Rd, Castlereagh, Belfast, United Kingdom

Sir Samuel Dill 1844-1924 Classical Scholar, Educationalist and Writer lived here

94 Malone Road, Belfast, United Kingdom

In the mid 18th century North Street housed shoemakers, iron merchants, whip makers, hat manufacturers, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, umbrell makers and brush bellows and trunk makers. The unusual 1936 listed arcade by Cowser and Smyth has showcased a variety of wares

Belfast Tourist Board, North Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

The Harp Festival of 1792 was held in the Assembly Rooms, on the upper floor of this building. It began life as a single-storey arcaded market house or 'exchange' in 1769. The upper floor was added in 1776 and Charles Lanyon italianised the exterior in 1845. Known as the 'Four Corners', all milestones out of Belfast were once measured from here.

Exchange and Assembly Rooms, Donegall Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

This was a major route on the 1680 map and was known as Broad Street in 1715. By the end of the 18th century it had the Exchange at the west end and the lime kiln dook at the east and was named after William Waring, a tanner, in 1840. 5 fish merchants out of 6 listed in the street directory were located here.

former Nambarrie Warehouse, Waring Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

The murder of Terry Enright, a 28 year old father of two, who worked with disadvantaged teenagers, has been one of the few that literally united, if only briefly, this divided society. Hundreds of young people, Catholic and Protestant, walked behing the casket, carrying flowers and handmade signs in tribute to a man considered one of the greatest in Belfast. Terry, husband of Deirdre and father of Ciara and Aoife, was murdered nearby this sacred site.

St Anne’s Cathedral, Talbot Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

This 1920s building originally functioned as a jute sack warehouse. Various breweries distributed their wares from Hill Street. The building at no.s 5-35 served the old Bushmills distillery. Spot the barrels and no.s 13-22 which reveal a similar past.

Hill Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

Clara (Ma) Copley 1866-1949 boxing promoter lived here

Donegall Pass, Belfast, United Kingdom

John Hewitt 1907-1987. Writings, essays, poems, art critic.

Agnes Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

Forrest Reid live here 1924-1947

Ormiston Crescent, Belfast, United Kingdom

The scars on this stone were caused in the German air raids of the Second World War. Despite severe damage to the building the Belfast Telegraph was published without interruption

Royal Avenue, Belfast, United Kingdom

Sir Otto Jaffe 1846-1929 Lord Mayor of Belfast 1899 and 1904 and philanthropist had his office here

Linenhall Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

Rory Gallagher 1948 - 1995 legendary musician and songwriter played here

Ulster Hall (in the foyer), 34 Bedford St, BT2 7FF, Belfast, United Kingdom

Samuel Bennett Crooks 1920-1986 first 'Black Santa'. Founder of the Dean's 'Sit-out for Charities' at the Cathedral steps 1976

St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast, United Kingdom

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