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Oscar Deutsch 1893-1941 opened the first of the chain of the Odeon Cinemas here

Banqueting Palace, 271 Birchfield Road, Perry Barr, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Aston University founded as the Municipal Technical School on 16 September 1895

Aston University, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Birmingham Moor Street station. This terminal station was opened in 1909 by the Great Western Railway. In 1987 it was closed by British Rail and replaced by a new through station immediately to the north on the re-opened line to Birmingham Snow Hill Station. The original building of 1909 was restored and brought back into use as a key part of the improved new station by The Birmingham Alliance and Chiltern Railways with the support of the Railway Heritage Trust. Re-opened 11th October 2003

Moor Street Station, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Here stood Sir Josiah Mason's Science College, later Mason University College, the nucleus of the University of Birmingham. It was founded upon the wealth and vision of Josiah Mason, a Kidderminster carpet weaver's son who had prospered by the manufacture of split rings and steel pens. He laid the first stone on his 80th birthday, 23rd February 1875. The College became the University upon the grant of a Royal Charter in 1900, and the building continued to accommodate the Faculties of Arts and Law until shortly before its demolition in 1963.

Below Josiah Mason plaque - former Central Library, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Sir Josiah Mason 1795 - 1881

Central Library, Congreve Passage, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Lawson Tait F.R.C.S. 1845 -1899 pioneer surgeon and gynaecologist lived and worked near here

Norton Tower, Civic Close, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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The Old Rectory. Thomas Bray lived here 1690-1729

Rectory Farm, Ragley Drive, Church Rd, Sheldon, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Birmingham's Last Public Hanging Near this site, at what was then the junction of Great Charles Street, Snow Hill and Bath Street, Philip Matsell, aged 30 was hanged at 1:25pm on Friday 22nd August 1806 in front of a crowd estimatd at 40,000. He had been convicted of the murder of Robert Twyford, a "peace officer" ( a parish constable or watchman - the percursor of the later Police Officer) on that very spot and was burried in St Phillip's Churchyard. It was over 60 years later, in May 1868, that the last public execution in Britain took place near Ludgate Hill in London

Great Charles Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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James Watt engineer, inventor and industrial pioneer lived here 1777-1790

Regent Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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This stone was laid by Her Royal Highness "Helena" Princess Christian of Schleswicholstein. Princess of Great Britain & Ireland. June 23rd 1903

145 Alcester Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Most of Britain's Spitfires were made here, 1939 - 1945.

Jaguar Car Company, Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Castle Vale estate was built by Birmingham City Council (from 1964) on the site of Castle Bromwich Military airfield (1914-1958) This plaque was unveiled by the Lord Mayor (Councillor Harold Blumenthal) September 10, 1988

St Cuthbert's Church, Reed Square, Castle Vale, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Sir John Benjamin Stone, M.P., J.P. 1838-1914 Pioneer photographer and politician lived here

Taylor Memorial Home, Grange Road, Erdington, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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The Second World War 1939- 1945 During the night of Nov 22nd 1940 six of the Feeney Art Galleries were destroyed by a bomb. Damage was also done to the bridge gallery and the natural history museum. No harm occured to any member of staff. The exhibits had already been removed to places of safety

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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George Tangye - Sir Richard Tangye In grateful commemoration of - The generous and public-spirited services to their city of Sir Richard and George Tangye to whose forethought and munificence the extension & development of the Birmingham Municipal Art Gallery and School of Art are largely due

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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To the honoured memory of Whitworth Wallis KT: F.S.A. First Keeper of the Museum and Art Gallery 1885 - 1927. To whose energy inspiration and knowledge is greatly due the formation of this permanent collection of works of art

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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In memory of John Humphreys P.H.D., M.A., F.L.S., F.S.A., 1850 - 1937 His life was an Inspiration to many Branches of Science and the Arts. He was an unfailing Friend of the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and his initiative and co-operation were largely instrumental in the Founding the Natural History Museum

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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In grateful memory of John Feeney to whose generosity the City of Birmingham owes the erection of these picture galleries. Opened 1912. Completed 1919

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Great Charles Street Queensway, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Sergeant Albert Gill VC. Born in Birmingham. King's Royal Rifle Corps and Postal Worker. Awarded the Victoria Cross for conspicuous bravery near Delville Wood, Somme, France on July 27, 1916. The enemy made a very strong counter-attack on the right flank of the battalion and rushed the bombing post after killing all the company bombers. Sergeant Gill rallied the remnants of his platoon, none of whom were skilled bombers, and reorganised his defences, a most difficult and dangerous task, the trench being very shallow and much damaged. Soon afterwards the enemy nearly surrounded his men by creeping up through the thick undergrowth, and commenced sniping at about twenty yards range. Although it was almost certain death, Sergeant Gill stood boldly up in order to direct the fire of his men. He was killed almost at once, but not before he had shown his men where the enemy were, and this enabled them to hold up their advance. By his supreme devotion to duty and self-sacrifice he saved a very dangerous situation. His Victoria Cross is displayed on rotation at The Lord Ashcroft Gallery: Extraordinary Heroes exhibition, Imperial War Museum.

Dudley Road, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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2015 Conservation Award. Hortons' Estate Ltd for the Restoration of the Fa├žade of the Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel - Church Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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This facade was added to the factory of Rowe Bros & Co in 1921 by Peter Hing Architect. It was restored for the CBSO Society Ltd by Associated Architects in 1998

CBSO Centre, Berkley Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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This plaque was erected in 2002 by members of the Austin Village Preservation Society to commemorate the life of Herbert Austin 1866-1941. The unique cedar wood bungalows were transported from Bay City, U.S.A. Conservation status granted by Birmingham City Council in 1997. This project was funded by Phoenix Venture Holdings.

Central Avenue, The Austin Village, Northfield, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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David Cox Landscape painter 1783-1859 lived here at Greenfield House 1841-1859

116 Greenfield Road, Harborne, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Sir Granville Bantock 1868-1946 composer, lived here 1926-1933

Metchley Abbey, Metchley Rd, Harborne, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Sir Michael Balcon 1896-1977 Film maker and creator of the character PC George Dixon (of Dock Green) Student at this School 1907-1912

George Dixon School, City Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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In honoured memory Private James Cooper V.C. 1840 - 1882 2nd Bn 24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot Who gained his country's highest award for valour on 7th May 1867 at Andaman Islands, Bay of Bengal and is buried in Warstone Lane Cemetery

Warstone Lane Cemetery Lodge, Warstone Lane, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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The War Stone This felsite boulder was deposited near here by a glacier during the last Ice Age, being at one time used as a parish boundary mark. It was known as the Hoare Stone of which the modern War Stone is a corruption

Warstone Lane (outside the Cemetery), Birmingham, United Kingdom

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William Lench (d. 1525) A Tanner of Moor Street. Created Lench's Trust by Deed of Gift in 1525. Provider of almshouses in Birmingham through the succeeding centuries.

Quinborne Community Centre, 80 Ridgacre Road, Quinton, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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In 1865 the game of Lawn Tennis was originated and played here by Major T. H. Gem solicitor and sportsman and J. B. A. Perera merchant

8 Ampton Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Joseph Sturge 1793 - 1859 Quaker campaigner for peace, extension of the vote and the abolition of slavery. Lived in a house on this site 1824-1859

Eden Croft, 64 Wheeleys Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Site of the Gild Hall of the Holy Cross 1392 from 1552 to 1936 King Edward VI School

Lloyds TSB Bank, New Street, City Centre, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Here stood the original Birmingham General Hospital from 1779 to 1897

Centro House, Summer Lane, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Matthew Boulton 1728-1809 engineer and co-founder of the Lunar Society was born near here

corner of Steelhouse Lane and Priory Queensway, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Dr R. W. Dale 1829-1895 minister of Carrs Lane Church (1854-1895) theologian and preacher of the civic gospel

Carrs Lane Church, Carrs Lane, City Centre, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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W. H. Auden poet lived in an adjacent house 1919-1939

Harborne Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre, Lordswood Road, Birmingham, United Kingdom

The birmingham blue coat school stood on the site of this building from 1724 to 1930 since removed to edgbaston
The Birmingham Blue Coat School stood on the site of this building from 1724 to 1930: since removed to Edgbaston

5 St Philips Place (former Prudential Assurance building), Birmingham, United Kingdom

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John Freeth the Birmingham Poet of Bell Street 1731-1808

East Mall - Bullring (to the right of the Horatio Nelson statue), Birmingham, United Kingdom

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John Henry Cardinal Newman 1801-1890 founder of the English Oratory lived here from 1852 to 1890

Oratory Church, Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Francis William Aston 1877-1945 Winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 1922. Lived both here and at Tennal House, opposite 1877-1910

91 Tennal Road, Harborne, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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William Hutton Bookseller the first Historian of Birmingham lived on this site from 1772 until 1791

High Street, facing New Street in the City Centre, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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The first Rotary Club in the Midlands was chartered in this hotel April 1914 "70 years of service"

Midland Hotel, New Street, City Centre, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Constance C. W. Naden 1858-1889 poet, scientist and philosopher lived here for most of her life

20 Charlotte Road, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Curzon Street station. This plaque commemorates the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the first London to Birmingham train at this station on Monday 17th September 1838

New Canal Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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10 Toll Office This office was used for the collection of tolls from boats entering the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal (built 1783) at this point.

Cambrian Wharf, Birmingham & Fazeley Canal, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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7 Old Turn Junction (1769) This junction was formed when James Brindley's contour canal of 1769 was joined by Thomas Telford's New Main Line in 1827.

Old Turn Junction (near the NIA), Birmingham, United Kingdom

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11 Farmer's Bridge Junction Formed in 1783 by the joining of the Birmingham and Fazeley canal and the 600 metre branch of the Birmingham canal (leading to its Newhall St. terminus).

Farmer's Bridge, Cambrian Wharf, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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12 Saturday Bridge Possibly named after the alleged practice of paying boatmens' wages at this point on Saturdays.

Saturday Bridge, Summer Row, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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CBSO Centre was inaugurated on 4 July 1997 by Sir Simon Rattle CBE Music Director City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra & Choir 1980-98

CBSO Centre, Holliday Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Tony Hancock, Comedian of Genius was born at this house on 12th May 1924. He died in Sydney, Australia on 25th June 1968

41 Southam Road, Hall Green, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Bournville Carillon a gift from George & Elizabeth Cadbury 1906 - 2006

Bournville Carillon Vistor Centre - The Rest House - Bournville Village Green, Birmingham, United Kingdom