United Kingdom / Blackpool

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Odeon Cinema. First film show in Blackpool 6 July 1896

Dickson Road, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Ian Anderson - founder of Jethro Tull first gigged here 1964

Holy Family Church, Links Road, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Church of the Sacred Heart

Talbot Road, Blackpool, United Kingdom

On 19th July 1948 Sooty was discovered by Harry Corbett OBE near this spot

North Pier, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Central (formerly South) Pier

Central Pier, Blackpool, United Kingdom

The General Post Office

Abingdon Street, Blackpool, United Kingdom

The Old Post Office Building

57/59 Church Street, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Borough Theatre

Bank Hey Street, Blackpool, United Kingdom

The Central Picture Theatre

Central Drive, Blackpool, United Kingdom

The Grand Theatre

Church Street, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Central Library (Grade II Listed)

Abingdon Street, Blackpool, United Kingdom

The Gynn

Gynn Square, North Shore, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Revoe Library 1904-2004 To commemorate 100 years of providing a library service to the community. Sponsor Central Drive Community Association.

Revoe Street, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Blackpool Civic Trust Heritage trail Solaris Centre Opened in 1938 as a the Harrowside Solarium it incorporated a winter garden, sun lounge and palm court style care. This distinctive art deco landmark was designed by J.C. Robinson, Chief Architect to Blackpool Corporation. The building was transformed in 2004 into an environmental centre of excellence. Kindly sponsored by Blackpool Premier Hotels Association

South Promenade, Blackpool, United Kingdom

To commemorate the visit by His Royal Highness The Duke Of York CVO to Blackpool Pleasure Beach Friday 10th September 1999.

Pleasure Beach, Blackpool, United Kingdom


Queens Promenade, Blackpool, United Kingdom

HMS Foudroyant

Next to North Pier, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Richmond Villa

253 Whitegate Drive, Blackpool, United Kingdom

The Parish Church of St John

St John's Square, Church Street, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Raikes Hall

Liverpool Road, Blackpool, United Kingdom

King Fun of Blackpool, Frank Randle 1901-1957 Britain's greatest character comedian "ah'll fettle thee!"

North Pier, Blackpool, United Kingdom

This plaque is to commemorate the unveiling of the world's first permanent projection onto a wall memorial by the Worshipful Mayor of Blackpool Cllr Mary Smith November 3rd 2008.

Cenotaph, Blackpool, United Kingdom

The Adelphi Hotel. The original Adelphi Hotel (as known as the Adelphi and Post Office Hotel) was built on this site in 1835 by Esau Carter who has a claim to have been Blackpool's first Postman. In 1923 the building was rebuilt by the local brewers Catterall & Swarbrick and given a white tiled exterior, parts of which can still be seen in Adelphi Street.

Church Street, opposite Pizza Express, Blackpool, United Kingdom

251 Whitegate Drive

251 Whitegate Drive, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Queen Vera Road. Named by the traders of Abingdon Street Market to commemorate the visit of Miss Vera Greenwood of Whitworth, Rochdale, the reigning 'British Cotton Queen' of 1937. The street name was accepted by the Council in the same year and remains the shortest 'thoroughfare' in Blackpool.

Queen Vera Road, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Alistair Cooke

10 Vance Road, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Blackpool Police Station

?, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Blackpool Municipal Airport

Woodside Drive, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Ibbison Street

Ibbison Street, Blackpool, United Kingdom

The Mitre Inn

West Street, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Municipal Buildings

Market Street, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Old Coach House

50 Dean Street, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Former Odeon Cinema

Dickson Road, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Squires Gate Aerodrome

Squires Gate Lane, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Salisbury Woodland Pill Box - Type 22

Woodside Drive, Blackpool, United Kingdom

St John's National School

Church Street, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes

Whinney Heys Lane, Blackpool, United Kingdom

St Nicholas's School

School Road, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Swallow Side Car & Coach Building Company

Cocker Street, Blackpool, United Kingdom

St Stephens on the Cliffs

Holmfield Road, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Stanley Park Visitor Centre

Mawson Drive, Blackpool, United Kingdom

North Station

?, Blackpool, United Kingdom

This plaque commemorates all those who met and fell in love here at Blackpool Winter Gardens and marks the enduring affection of those people for this place. Thousands of loves stories, an enduring legacy all starting here...

Blackpool Winter Gardens, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Robert's Oyster Rooms Oysters, and sea food generally, have been sold on this site since 1876. John Roberts of Preston set up the business in that year when customers could buy seven oysters for a shilling (5p) and bring along their own 'black velvet' - a mixture of stout and champagne - to wash them down. Little has changed in the business since those early days which has remained a family concern. Todays oysters generally come from Anglesey or Ireland. The building today remains as one of the oldest survivors on the Promenade.

Promenade, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Bailey's Hotel The original building (one of Blackpool's earliest hotels) was erected circa 1776 by Lawrence Bailey a local farmer. Over the years it has been known as Bailey's Hotel, Rossall's Hotel, Dickson's Hotel and the Metropole. Unique in Blackpool's history, it is the only hotel situated on the seaward side of the tram tracks.

Princess Promenade, Blackpool, United Kingdom

The Big Wheel On this site stood a famous Blackpool landmark, the Big (or Great) Wheel. Opened on the 22nd August 1896, it was a massive structure rising to almost 230 feet and weighing around 1000 tons. It had 30 large carriages and over its 32 year life it carried millions of passengers giving them fine views of the Fylde. Never really a serious rival to its neighbour the Tower, it made its last revolution on the 20th October 1928 and was subsequently demolished.

Coronation Street, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Blackpool Civic Trust Heritage Trail Saddle Inn The present building dates back to around 1776 and was owned by Richard Hall, a 'saddler'. Known at one time as the 'Roundabout House' travellers had to go round (about) it to get to Preston Road. The well known Leigh family were landlords from 1892 until Jim (the Beekeeper) retired in 1967. Today it still retains a splendid air of yesteryear and is now the oldest continuously licensed premises in Blackpool. Kindly donated by Bass

286 Whitegate Drive, Blackpool, United Kingdom

The Layton Rakes Blackpool took shape as a seaside resort from the 18th century, in a sparsely populated area at the seaward end of Layton Rakes (now Church Street). 'Rake' is the Scandinavian word meaning path. Layton Rakes led inland to the centuries old village of Layton with Warbreck. In late Victorian times the site of these licensed premises were occupied by Whitehead's Fish, Game, Poultry and Oyster Warehouse, which boasted "a magnificent oyster room" These premises were built by J.D. Wetherspoon and opened in November 2011

Market Street, Blackpool, United Kingdom

The War Memorial (Grade II Listed) A small temporary memorial dedicated to the fallen in the Great War was erected here in 1919. It was replaced by the present monument which was unveiled on Armistice Day, the 11th November 1923. Today it is dedicated to those who fell in battle in both World Wars and subsequent conflicts. Kindly donated by Fylde Ex-Service Liaison Committee.

Cenotaph, Blackpool, United Kingdom

The Town Hall (Grade II Listed) Built on the site of the former Town Hall demolished in 1895, it was completed in 1900. Designed by Potts, Son and Hemmings, built in Jacobean style of brick, faced with Yorkshire stone and originally topped with a spire and weather-vane. These were taken down in 1966 on the grounds of structural safety. Comprehensive restoration took place in 1985/86 and the building now stands as the focal point of the surrounding Conservation Area. Kindly donated by Blackpool Borough Council.

Talbot Square, Blackpool, United Kingdom