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Elias Davy Citizen & Mercer of London founded the original Elis David Almshouse on this site in 1447 residents moved to Duppas Hill Terrace in 1974 Croydon Almshouse Charities

122 Church Street, Croydon, United Kingdom

The Hospital of the Holy Trinity founded by Archbishop Whitgift in 1596 "to be an hospitall and abiding-place for the finding, sustenation and relief of certain maymed, poore, peedie or impotent people, to have continuence for ever" The school included in the original foundation is now represented by the Whitgift School and the Trinity School of John Whitgift The tomb of John Witgift is in Croydon parish church, founded in the year 960, adjoining the old palace of the archbishops, situated in Church Street at the foot of Crown Hill.

?, Croydon, United Kingdom

David Lean 1908-1991 film director was born here

38 Blenheim Crescent, Croydon, United Kingdom

Ellen 'Ciss' Wright

South Norwood Leisure Centre, Croydon, United Kingdom

Gillett and Johnson Foundry

Union Road, Croydon, United Kingdom

Albert Ashmore 1906-1985 lifelong member of Croydon Salvation Army & co-founder of the Fairfield Christmas Carol Services

Fairfield Halls, Barclay Road, Croydon, United Kingdom

The Grand Theatre and Opera House stood on this site 1896-1959

Grosvenor House, 125 High Street, Croydon, United Kingdom

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor 1875-1912 composer lived and died here

6 St Leonards Road, Croydon, United Kingdom

C. B. Fry 1872-1956 all-round sportsman was born here

144 St James’s Road, Croydon, United Kingdom

Davis' Theatre 1928-1959. This building is all that remains of the Davis' Theatre, a magnificent duel purpose cinema and theatre designed in contemporary French decorative style by the eminent architect Robert Cromie. It held an audience of more than 3,700, the largest cinema in England at the time. Amongst the many spectacular presentations was the Bolshoi Ballet, who performed here in 1957

South End by Robert Street, Croydon, United Kingdom

This tablet commemorates the widening of High Street Croydon from a width of 29 feet to its present width of 50 feet

?, Croydon, United Kingdom

Croydon Cattle Market 1848-1935 site of the purpose-built cattle market, Croydon was an important agricultural centre.

Drovers Road and Selsdon Road, Croydon, United Kingdom

Tom Lockyer 1826-1869 Surrey and England cricketer, premier wicket keeper. Former landlord of this pub

The Queen Victoria, 98 Mitcham Road, Croydon, United Kingdom