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In memory of Sir Robert W. Philip 1857-1939 physician, statesman of preventative medicine, first Professor of Tuberculosis in the University of Edinburgh. Near this place, in 1887, Dr Robert W. Philip founded a tuberculosis dispensary, the first clinic in the world dedicated to fighting a disease of which he foretold man's eventual mastery. His vision has brought hope to many lands.

Bank Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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In honour of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1859-1930 medical graduate of the university, author and creator of Sherlock Holmes

Edinburgh Medical School, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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J. K. Rowling wrote some of the early chapters of Harry Potter in the rooms on the first floor of this building.

Black Medicine Coffee Company, 108-110 Marchmont Rd, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Made famous as the place of inspiration to writers such as J. K. Rowling, who sat writing much of her early novels in the back room overlooking Edinburgh Castle. Ian Rankin, author of the Rebus novels, and Alexander McCall-Smith have both also frequented The Elephant House, as well as many other writers.

The Elephant House, 21 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Alexander Graham Bell inventor of the telephone born here 3rd March 1847

14 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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In a house on the east side of this close Robert Burns lived during his first visit to Edinburgh, 1786.

Lady Stair’s Close, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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3 Bridge Street the birthplace of Sir Harry Lauder 4 August 1870 - 26 Feb 1950

3 Bridge Street, Portobello, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Near this spot John Scott Russell discovered the Solitary Wave in August 1834

Scott Russell Aqueduct, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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William McGonagall poet and tragedian died here 29th September 1902

5 South College Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
James young simpson memorial plaque, st. giles high kirk, edinburgh

Thank God for James Young Simpson's discovery of chloroform anaesthesia in 1847.

Parliament Square, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Alastair Sim 1900 - 1976 actor and director was born near here

88 Lothian Rd, EH3 9BZ, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Sean connery plaque, fountainbridge edinburgh

Sean Connery born Fountainbridge (25th August 1930) Oscar winning actor. International film star

Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
part of the Centenary Of Cinema 1996 series
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Theo Williamson's House In this house lived David Theodore Nelson Williamson 1920-1992. Mechanical and Electrical Engineer. Originator of high-quality sound reproduction through his amplifier. World pioneer in the application of Numerical Control to Machine Tools which led to Computer-Aided Manufacture.

65 Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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The home of Robert Louis Stevenson 1857-1880

17 Heriot Row, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Kenneth Grahame author of The Wind In The Willows was born here 8th March 1859

Castle Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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This is the first building erected under the improvement act of 1867. The right honourable William Chambers of Glenormiston Lord Provost

St Mary's St, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Nova scotia plaque, edinburgh castle esplanade

Near this spot in 1625 Sir William Alexander of Menstrie, Earl of Stirling, received sasine, or lawful possession of the Royal Province of Nova Scotia by the ancient and symbolic ceremony of delivery of earth and stone from Castlehill by a representative of the King. Here also (1625-1637) the Scottish Baronets of Nova Scotia received sasine of their distant baronies.

Esplanade, Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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In the White Hart Inn Robert Burns stayed during his last visit to Edinburgh 1791

The White Hart Inn, 34 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Riddell's Close and Court in this close lived David Hume before settling in James's Court. In Court beyond Baillie Macmorran banqueted in his house James VI, his queen and Danish nobles

Riddle's Court, 322 Lawnmarket, EH1 2PG, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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In a house on this site David Hume lived 1771 - 1776

21 South St David Street, EH2 2BW, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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