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10 Castle Street was built in the early 18th century by Thomas Piggott, a London grocer. It is constructed on the site of the Corn Rooms, a group of buildings, used either for storage, marketing, or the exchange of corn.

10 Castle Street, Farnham, United Kingdom

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Harold Falkner (1875-1963) architect, lived and practised here from 1897 to 1963. His life's work was devoted to Farnham and he had a profound influence on the architectural style of the town centre in the first half of the 20th century.

West Street, Farnham, United Kingdom

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The greatest timber framed roof in Europe. The massive carved frames for the Roof of the Great Hall in the Palace of Westminster were made in Farnham not far from this spot, and sent to London in the summer of 1395.

, Farnham, United Kingdom

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The remains of both a Roman bath and villa, circa 250AD were discovered near this spot in 1946. German prisoners-of-war billeted locally excavated the site in 1946/47.

Roman Way, Farnham, United Kingdom

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Rowledge House 1942-1945 A Jewish Bachad hostel was established here in 1942 by Shalom & Edie Markovitch for the 32 evacuee, refugee and Kindertransport children

, Farnham, United Kingdom

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John Henry Knight's car, one of Britain's earliest petrol driven vehicles, was build here by George Parfitt at the Elliot reliance works 1895

West Street, Farnham, United Kingdom