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3574541456_88629aa302_sThomas Carlyle blue plaque in HastingsThomas Carlyle Author and historian lived here 1864
3574542200_d6b4507e7c_sVictoria and James Burton blue plaque in HastingsCrown House 1828 The first house built by James Burton for his New Town of St Leonards Princess Victoria stayed here 1834 - 5
3574543006_807f287d34_sJames Burton blue plaque in HastingsBuilt by James Burton 1828
3573737401_705b1d24d2_sWilliam the Conqueror grey plaque in HastingsTradition says that William the Conqueror landed at Bulverhythe and dined on this stone
3574544978_9820ec58bf_sAdelaide of Saxe-Meiningen gold plaque in HastingsAdelaide House Queen Adelaide, wife of William IV, stayed here during the winter of 1835-6 c. 1830
3573739475_c017f41119_sSheila Kaye-Smith blue plaque in HastingsSheila Kaye-Smith Sussex writer and novelist was born and lived here 1887-1924
3574547502_012c7840dd_sHenry Rider Haggard blue plaque in HastingsSir Henry Rider Haggard author lived here 1918-1923 North Lodge
3574548470_8432b2da4c_sGeorge Monger blue plaque in HastingsGeorge Monger 1840-1887 lived in this house He was awarded the Victoria cross, at the siege of Lucknow aged 17
3574549418_2a7b7fced9_sRobert Tressell blue plaque in HastingsRobert Noonan 1870-1911 Author as Robert Tressell of "The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists" The first working-class novel written in this house 1906 - 1910
3573743907_2bd883065d_sHastings Old Bank blue plaque in HastingsIn 1791 the first Bank was established here the Hastings Old Bank
3573744951_95df04acb2_sSophia Jex Blake white plaque in HastingsIn this house was born Sophia Jex Blake M.D. 1840-1912 Pioneer woman doctor
3574552640_84b630c431_sGrey plaque № 1226 in HastingsEdward's Rest for Freemasons The gift of A Lewis to the Derwent lodge No. 40 in memory of his father. 1871.
3574553644_3750be2575_sGrey plaque № 1227 in HastingsThese Nine Houses were erected by Hastings County Borough Council and named Philip Cole Close to perpetuate the memory of the first Chairman of the Old Hastings Preservation Society in appreciation of the encouragement he gave to all who strove to conserve the character of The Old Town of Hastings during this Century. This group of buildings was opened in April 1965 by Lord Holford of Kemp Town in the presence of The Right Worshipful The Mayor of Hastings Councillor D.W. Wilsin M.B.E., J.P. and members of the Council This Plaque was placed here by members of the Old Hastings Preservation Society 26th October 1966
3573747917_44c34e7280_sBlue plaque № 1228 in HastingsOld Town Hall Museum Built in 1823, The Town Hall until 1881, A Museum since 1949. Re-opened by Cllr. Godfrey Daniel Mayor of Hastings October 14th 1999.
3573748887_4efc999141_sGrey plaque № 1229 in HastingsThis is believed to be the oldest building in Hastings and possibly the original court hall constructed c. 1450
3573749841_861700bab8_sGrey plaque № 1230 in HastingsHastings Wall At the rear of these dwellings may be seen parts of the town wall which extended across this valley. Erected probably in the 14th century
3574557832_fd7573d971_sSeagate blue plaque in HastingsTo the East of this spot was the great Seagate erected about 1385
3574558910_2a90ef9544_sArthur Wellesley blue plaque in HastingsThis building was the Headquarters of Major General Sir Arthur Wellesley later Duke of Wellington in 1806
3574560382_6fe851027e_sSamuel Prout blue plaque in HastingsSamuel Prout Topographical Water - Colourist (1783-1852) resided here 1837 - 1844
3574573906_9411b6a064_sGeorge Wooll blue plaque in HastingsGeorge Wooll published prints and guidebooks here at "Wooll's Repository of Arts" 1823-1836
3573754615_ef910053e2_sDavid Garrick and Edward Capell grey plaque in HastingsHere lived Edward Capell censor of plays, & Shakespearean commentator, and David Garrick was his frequent visitor here. This commemorative tablet was unveiled on June 1:1914 by Stephen Phillips, Esq:
3574562520_08c38e8506_sGrey plaque № 1236 in HastingsWaste Not Want Not
3573756663_b720e52d63_sScrivens Buildings grey plaque in HastingsOn this site stood Scrivens Buildings an early concrete tenement for fishing families. The Scrivens family were eminent in Hastings from 1779 to 1871 as bankers, Freemen, Jurats and Mayors.
34321624_d04757a5aa_sElizabeth Blackwell grey plaque in HastingsHere lived and worked for thirty years Dr Elizabeth Blackwell Born at Bristol 1821, died at Hastings 1910. The first woman to graduate in medicine in the United States, at Geneva (Syracuse University) New York 1849. The first woman to be placed on the British medical register 1859. "One who never turn her back but marched breast forward never doubted clouds would break. Never dreamed, though right were worsted, wrong would triumph held we fall to rise, are baffled to fight better, sleep to wake."
3573768923_3de1e7190c_sClare Sheridan blue plaque in HastingsClare Sheridan (1885-1970) Sculptor, Writer, Journalist lived in Belmont house in the 1950s
2259410611_43e645d9d4_sCatherine Cookson blue plaque in HastingsKatie McMullen later famous as writer Dame Catherine Cookson resident of Hastings 1930-76 lived here 1931-33
3574564384_a6d4e5d0e9_sMickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse blue plaque in HastingsCelebrated movie stars: Mr & Mrs Michael Mouse once spent their summer holidays here
34315158_5f6453a7fa_sRobert Tressell brown plaque in HastingsRobert Tressell socialist reformer & writer lived here c.1901
NophotosqrJohn Logie Baird blue plaque in HastingsBetween 1944-1946 'Baird Court' was the last residing address of John Logie Baird 1888-1946 inventor of the world's first working television system
NophotosqrMuriel Matters-Porter blue plaque in HastingsMuriel Matters-Porter 1877-1969 Adelaide born activist First woman to 'speak' in the House of Commons Lived in this house 1949-1969
3573765977_d173ff432a_sElizabeth Eleanor Siddal and Dante Gabriel Rossetti blue plaque in HastingsDante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882) & Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal (1829-1862) Pre-Raphaelite artists and poets stayed here in 1854.
5059065901_4108664ddd_sLewis Carroll blue plaque in HastingsLewis Carroll (1832-1898) writer and scholar was a frequent visitor to this house, the home of his aunts the Misses Lutwidge
Faraday_plaque_hastingsMichael Faraday blue plaque in HastingsIn the summer of 1831 Michael Faraday 1791-1867 stayed at 3 Prior's Cottages on this site. Later that year he announced his discovery of electromagnetic induction to the Royal Society London
NophotosqrBlue plaque № 7554 in HastingsOld Town Hall Museum Built in 1823. The Town Hall until 1881. A Museum since 1949. Re-opened by Cllr. Godfrey Daniel Mayor of Hastings October 14th 1999.
NophotosqrAlan Turing blue plaque in HastingsAlan Turing 1912-1954 founder of computer science and cryptographer, whose work was key to breaking the wartime Enigma codes, spent his childhood here.
1293251_edf56acc_120x120Blue plaque № 12961 in HastingsLucien Pissarro 1863-1944 Artist Lived here 1918

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