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Businessman Liberal MP and Philanthropist Thomas R Ferens J P 1847-1930 This Art Gallery is one of his many benefactions

Ferens Art Gallery, Queen Victoria Square, Hull, United Kingdom

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The Spiders From Mars. Mick Ronson 1946-1993 Trevor Bolder 1950-2013 and Mick ‘Woody Woodmansey', were David Bowie’s backing group in the first half of the 1970s and left for many of their musical adventures from this station.

Hull Paragon Station, Hull, United Kingdom

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Priestman Oil Engine William Dent Priestman (1847-1926) patented in 1885 an internal combustion engine to burn fuels heavier than petrol. Introduced in 1886, it was the first successful engine of its type in the United Kingdom. The quality of his mechanical engineering has lasted.

Streetlife Museum, High Street, Hull, United Kingdom

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Thomas Somerscales marine artist lived here 1910 - 1920

127, Park Avenue, Hull, United Kingdom

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A Hull architect and city improver who was mayor of Hull for five years Alfred Gelder designed this house and lived here from 1888 to 1903

365 Holderness Road, Hull, United Kingdom

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North Gate

Dock Office Row, opposite North Walls, Hull, United Kingdom

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The brindled paving indicates the position of the town walls constructed of brick in the 14th century and repeatedly strengthened against threatened invasions. In ruins by the late 18th century, they were demolished to permit construction of the docks

Wall running between Humber Dock Street and the Marina, close to the junction with Castle Street, Hull, United Kingdom

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Dating back to the 15th century, 5 Scale Lane is Hull's oldest domestic building.

5 Scale Lane, Hull, United Kingdom

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The Blaydes family, prominent merchants, shipbuilders and citizens lived here, close to their counting house, shipyard quays and warehouses, in the 17th and 18th centuries. Blaydes House, partially rebuilt c.1760, was restored by the Georgian Society for East Yorkshire in 1982.

Blaydes House, High Street, Hull, United Kingdom

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This building was erected as a station for the Volunteer Fire Brigade formed in 1887 to assist the regular brigade. The carved firemen's heads are said to be of Captains of the time. The volunteers disbanded in 1891.

Hall Street, Hull, United Kingdom

Holy trinity parish church plaque in hull
Construction began in 1285 on the site of an earlier church. Holy Trinity is England's largest parish church by area. The transepts include some of the earliest medieval brickwork in Britain.

Holy Trinity Church, opposite Vicar Lane, Hull, United Kingdom

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In this building in 1874 Joseph H. Fenner 1835-1886 developed the machine belt manufacturing firm of J. H. Fenner & Co

Chapel Lane, Hull, United Kingdom

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A century of learning Hull College Park Street Centre has provided further education for the people of Hull since 1898

Park Street, Hull, United Kingdom

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The Old Grammar School was built in 1583 and remained a school until 1878. Famous Old Boys include Andrew Marvell & William Wilberforce. This fine building became a museum in 1988. 'Hands on History'

Hands on History Museum, Hull, United Kingdom

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One of the four main entrances through the town walls, Hessle Gate stood here, spanning a fresh water moat. It was stopped up against threatened invasion from the Scots in 1640, not reopened until 1761 and demolished c1800.

Humber Dock Street, Hull, United Kingdom

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This building operated from 1876 as the Hydraulic Power Station serving the Old Town and other areas. The first hydraulic system laid by Act of Parliament in England, it was also the first public utility in Hull.

Corner of Machell Street and Catherine Street, Hull, United Kingdom

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Founded 1835 in Search House Lane and taken over by Isaac Reckitt in 1840 the former Kingston Starch Works (the site of which is now within Reckitt and Colman's) formed the basis of a wide ranging household products industry

Kingston Works, Dansom Lane South, Hull, United Kingdom

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In a building on this site, Smith & Nephew (founded in 1856 & now a leading world-wide healthcare company) produced medical supplies from 1861 to 1907, after which they moved to Hessle Road.

10 North Church Side, Hull, United Kingdom

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Horizontal Steam Engine The single cylinder 'winding engine' was originally sited at the head of the No2 slipway immediately west of the Victoria Dock half-tide basin. It was made in 1866 by Horton and Sons of Leith and was used to draw vessels up from the Humber for repair and fitting out. The engine remained there up to 1971 and was relocated here in 1987.

?, Hull, United Kingdom

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Site of the principal entrance of the ancient walled and fortified town c.1521- c.1780. Beverley Gate. Here Sir John Hotham, the Governor, denied entry in 1642 to King Charles I - the first overt act of the Civil War.

Ruins of Beverley Gate, Hull, United Kingdom

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Rapidly expanding trade necessitated the construction of Junction Dock, completed in 1829 and renamed Princes Dock in 1854, to link Queen's Dock and Humber Dock. The designer and engineer was James Walker.

Ask restaurant, Hull, United Kingdom

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Built as the Assembly Rooms in 1830 (design by R. H. Sharp under the direction of Charles Mountain, Arch.) this building became the New Theatre in 1939 and is now owned and run by Hull City Council.

Kingston Square, Hull, United Kingdom

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Purchased by the Western Hebrew Congregation in 1901, the Hull Hebrew School used 15/17 Linnaeus Street as a girls' school (1902-45) and a boys' Hebrew evening class (1902-94)

15/17 Linnaeus Street, Hull, United Kingdom

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From 1914 to 1963 the headquarters of the Hull Corporation Telephone Department was here at 65 Mytongate. In 1987 the department became Kingston Communications (Hull) plc.

Castle Street, Hull, United Kingdom

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Built circa 1784, and known as 50 Salthouse Lane, this building was from 1828 a branch of the Bank of England. From 1860 it was used as a sailors' home and is now known as 105 Alfred Gelder Street.

Salthouse Lane, Hull, United Kingdom

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In recognition of the contribution to the fishing industry by the women of Hessle Road, led by Lillian Bilocca, who successfully campaigned for better safety measures, following the loss of three Hull trawlers in 1968.

Barnabus Court on the southern corner of Hessle Road and Boulevard, Hull, United Kingdom

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Shipbuilding has been an important industry in Hull since the 18th century. From the mid 1600s Blaydes Shipyard built whalers, sailing ships, and warships, reputedly including in 1784 the 'Berthia' later renamed the 'Bounty' of mutiny fame

6 High Street (MHSC University of Hull), Hull, United Kingdom

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Here, from its foundation by Sir Michael de la Pole in 1378, until 1539, stood the priory of Saint Michael. Called The Charterhouse the Carthusians John Rochester and James Walworth were detained here before their execution in 1537.

Charterhouse, Hull, United Kingdom

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This building lays over part of the town's 16th & 17th century defences, designed respectively by John Rogers (a military engineer to King Henry VIII) & Martin Beckman (a military engineer to King Charles II).

Post Office Sorting Office, Hull, United Kingdom

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On the site of the Old Custom House, this building opened as a Corn Exchange in 1856, architects, Bellamy & Hardy of Lincoln. It reopened as the Museum of Commerce and Transport in 1925.

High Street, Hull, United Kingdom

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In this building in 1859 and 1860 the novelist Charles Dickens (1812-1870) gave selected readings from his many works

New Theatre, Kingston Square, Hull, United Kingdom

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Built 1820 for Hull Dock Company next to the lockpit to Queen's Dock, the Old Dock Offices became inadequate for the expanding port and in 1871 the new offices opened at the western end of the dock.

6 High Street (MHSC University of Hull), Hull, United Kingdom

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High Flags Mill

Bromley Street, Hull, United Kingdom

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This Greek revival facade of 1833, designed by Henry R. Abraham (c.1803-77), once formed part of the Hull & East Riding School of Medicine & Anatomy. The school was founded in 1831 & closed in 1869. Restored by Beal Homes in 2003.

Kingston Square, Hull, United Kingdom

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The Maister family were prominent Hull merchants in the 17th and 18th centuries. Maister House was rebuilt after a fatal fire in 1743 with the advice of Lord Burlington. The staircase hall is open to the public during office hours.

Maister House, High Street, Hull, United Kingdom

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Here, from 1624 until 1640 while his father was Master of the Charterhouse, lived Andrew Marvel 1621-1678 Poet, public servant and Member of Parliament for Kingston upon Hull

Holderness Road, Hull, United Kingdom

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Built in 1797 as the town's premier hotel, the Neptune Inn was Hull's Custom House for nearly 100 years

Whitefriargate, Hull, United Kingdom

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Pioneer Aviator Amy Johnson (1903-1941) was born here 1st July 1903

St Georges Road, Hull, United Kingdom

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On this site, in 1754, was founded Pease's Bank, the first bank to be founded in Yorkshire It later became part of Barclays Bank plc

the northern end of High Street, Hull, United Kingdom

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The site of these gardens was occupied until 1930 by the port's first enclosed dock known as Queen's Dock Authorised in 1774. The gardens with the town docks delineate the walls and moat which once encompassed the old town.

side of the large fountain, on Wilberforce Drive, opposite Hull College and the Wilberforce Monument, Hull, United Kingdom

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Opened in 1848 and substantially enlarged to a design by William Bell in 1904, Paragon Station was the principal Hull passenger station of the North Eastern Railway which, with its dock, cartage, hotel and shipping interests, was a major local employer.

Station concourse, Hull, United Kingdom

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One of the four main entrances through the town walls Myton Gate built in the 14th century stood close to here until demolition in the late 18th century

Ask restaurant, corner of Prince's Dockside and Castle Street, Hull, United Kingdom

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A ferry between Hull and Lincolnshire was first recorded in 1315. The Humber Ferry operated between here and New Holland from 1825 until the completion of the Humber Bridge in 1981.

Old ticket office, opposite the Victoria pier, Hull, United Kingdom

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One of the oddest street names in the country, Land of Green Ginger was the title of a Winifred Holtby novel. The name's origin remains a mystery.

Land of Green Ginger, Hull, United Kingdom

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This 17th century "watchtower" marks the east point of Hull Citadel. Built 1681-90, the citadel was a massive triangular fort incorporating earlier defences alongside the river Hull. It was levelled in 1863-4

Victoria Dock, Hull, United Kingdom

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In 1939 the RAF 17 Balloon Centre was established in this area. In 1942 it was renamed as RAF Station Sutton on Hull. From 1943-59 it was home to the RAF School of Firefighting and Rescue. Closed in 1961

Bransholme Library, Northpoint Centre, Hull, United Kingdom

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The dock behind you was opened in 1846 and was the first in the port to have direct railway access. Railway Dock The dock closed to commercial shipping in 1968 and was reopened as a marina in 1983.

Warehouse, Hull, United Kingdom

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A Hull industrialist who became Britain's chief maker and distributor of motion pictures, J Arthur Rank was born here on 22 December 1888

371 Holderness Road, Hull, United Kingdom

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In a cottage near his grandfathers mill was born Joseph Rank 1854 - 1943 founder of the milling firm of Joseph Rank Ltd

The windmill on Holderness Road, Hull, United Kingdom

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Built in 1866 at the expense of Charles H. Wilson M.P. the Seamen's Mission was extended in 1926/7 to form the Mariners' Church of the Good Shepherd.

The Mission, Posterngate, Hull, United Kingdom