Francis pettit smith birthplace hythe kent
Sir Francis Pettit Smith 1808-74 inventor of the steam screw propeller was born here

, Hythe, United Kingdom

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Hovercraft On this site Sir Christopher Cockerell (1910 - 1999) and his team continued the early development of hovercraft, which he had first demonstrated in 1955. They also developed and tested hovercraft skirts in a wave tank built here in 1965. Let this creative work be an inspiration to young engineers of the future.

Promenade, Hythe, United Kingdom

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T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) 1888-1935 Lived here 1931-1932

Shore Road, Hythe, United Kingdom

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Hythe Ferry & Pier Railway. An ancient ferry crossing , first recorded in 1575; accessed since 1922 by the oldest pier railway in continuous service in the world

Hythe Ferry Office, Prospect Place, Hythe, United Kingdom