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George Seferis 1900-1971 Greek Ambassador, poet and Nobel laureate lived here 1957-1962

51 Upper Brook Street, Westminster, W1, London, United Kingdom
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Thomas Gainsborough 1727-1788 artist lived here

80 - 82 Pall Mall, London, United Kingdom
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Simón Bolívar 1783-1830 liberator of Latin America lodged here in 1810

4 Duke Street, London, United Kingdom
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Sir Charles James Freake 1814-1884 builder and patron of the arts lived here

21 Cromwell Road, Kensington and Chelsea, SW7, London, United Kingdom
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Arthur Onslow (1691-1768) Speaker of the House of Commons from 1728 to 1761 lived in a house on this site

20 Soho Square, Westminster, W1, London, United Kingdom
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In a house on this site Florence Nightingale 1820-1910 lived and died

10 South Street, London, United Kingdom

Guglielmo Marconi 1874-1937 the pioneer of wireless communications lived here in 1896-1897

71 Hereford Road, Westminster, W2, London, United Kingdom
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Ramsay Macdonald 1866-1937 Prime Minister lived here 1916-1925

9 Howitt Road, Camden, NW3, London, United Kingdom
Thomas de quincey   blue plaque

Thomas de Quincy 1785-1859 wrote 'Confessions of an English Opium Eater' in this house

36 Tavistock Street, Westminster, WC2, London, United Kingdom
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Gilbert Bayes 1872-1953 sculptor lived here 1931-1953

4 Greville Place, London, United Kingdom
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Michael William Balfe (1808-1870) musical composer lived here

12 Seymour Street, London, United Kingdom
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David Ben-Gurion 1886-1973 first Prime Minister of Israel lived here

75 Warrington Crescent, Maida Vale, Westminster, W9, London, United Kingdom
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In this house Leonard and Virginia Woolf lived 1915-1924 and founded the Hogarth Press in 1917

Hogarth House, 34 Paradise Road, Richmond Upon Thames, London, United Kingdom
Blue plaque on the white house, silver street, enfield   1085780

Joseph Whitaker 1820-1895 publisher, founder of Whitaker's Almanack lived and died here

White Lodge, 68 Silver Street, Enfield, London, United Kingdom
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Henry Labouchere 1831-1912 radical MP and journalist lived here 1881-1903

St James Independent School for Boys, Pope's Villa, 19 Cross Deep, Twickenham, London, United Kingdom
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George Borrow 1803-1881 author lived here

22 Hereford Square, Kensington and Chelsea, London, United Kingdom

John Burns 1858-1943 statesman lived here

110 North Side, Clapham Common, SW4 Wandsworth, London, United Kingdom
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Michael Faraday man of science. Apprentice here. B. 1791 D. 1867

48 Blandford Street, Westminster, W1, London, United Kingdom
Arthur henry ward sax rohmer 1883 1959 creator of dr fu manchu lived here

Arthur Henry Ward Sax Rohmer 1883-1959 creator of Dr Fu Manchu lived here

51 Herne Hill, Southwark, SE24, London, United Kingdom

Dorothea Lambert Chambers 1878-1960 lawn tennis champion lived here 1887-1907

7 North Common Road, W5 Ealing, London, United Kingdom

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