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2389548064_22547c4fbb_sGeorge Seferis blue plaque in LondonGeorge Seferis 1900-1971 Greek Ambassador, poet and Nobel laureate lived here 1957-1962
8295660659_c5d73d787c_sThomas Gainsborough blue plaque in LondonThomas Gainsborough 1727-1788 artist lived here
2370952474_75f7ed50ee_sSimón Bolívar blue plaque in LondonSimón Bolívar 1783-1830 liberator of Latin America lodged here in 1810
3876725685_6ee1a36796_sCharles James Freake blue plaque in LondonSir Charles James Freake 1814-1884 builder and patron of the arts lived here
1463121039_ec983613bb_sArthur Onslow grey plaque in LondonArthur Onslow (1691-1768) Speaker of the House of Commons from 1728 to 1761 lived in a house on this site
4372861498_bf7f143114_sFlorence Nightingale blue plaque in LondonIn a house on this site Florence Nightingale 1820-1910 lived and died
NophotosqrGuglielmo Marconi blue plaque in LondonGuglielmo Marconi 1874-1937 the pioneer of wireless communications lived here in 1896-1897
7276791870_8a9af7d836_sJames Ramsay Macdonald blue plaque in LondonRamsay Macdonald 1866-1937 Prime Minister lived here 1916-1925
1464047356_566a7f2c93_sThomas de Quincey blue plaque in LondonThomas de Quincy 1785-1859 wrote 'Confessions of an English Opium Eater' in this house
5026650470_b135bfb809_sGilbert Bayes blue plaque in LondonGilbert Bayes 1872-1953 sculptor lived here 1931-1953
2389543456_6916c14200_sMichael William Balfe grey plaque in LondonMichael William Balfe (1808-1870) musical composer lived here
5026611986_c8038e250f_sDavid Ben-Gurion blue plaque in LondonDavid Ben-Gurion 1886-1973 first Prime Minister of Israel lived here
3455705387_558f5fe65e_sVirginia Woolf and Leonard Woolf blue plaque in LondonIn this house Leonard and Virginia Woolf lived 1915-1924 and founded the Hogarth Press in 1917
Blue_plaque_on_the_white_house,_silver_street, Whitaker blue plaque in LondonJoseph Whitaker 1820-1895 publisher, founder of Whitaker's Almanack lived and died here
2459245458_7be6570e4b_sCharles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord blue plaque in LondonPrince Talleyrand 1754-1838 French statesman and diplomatist lived here
2653651_5d54e9fc_120x120Henry Labouchere blue plaque in LondonHenry Labouchere 1831-1912 radical MP and journalist lived here 1881-1903
2458421873_28b24bdef9_sGeorge Borrow blue plaque in LondonGeorge Borrow 1803-1881 author lived here
NophotosqrJohn Burns plaque in LondonJohn Burns 1858-1943 statesman lived here
4368249371_d68d262bfe_sMichael Faraday brown plaque in LondonMichael Faraday man of science. Apprentice here. B. 1791 D. 1867
Arthur_henry_ward_sax_rohmer_1883-1959_creator_of_dr_fu_manchu_lived_hereArthur Henry Ward and Sax Rohmer blue plaque in LondonArthur Henry Ward Sax Rohmer 1883-1959 creator of Dr Fu Manchu lived here
NophotosqrDorothea Lambert Chambers blue plaque in LondonDorothea Lambert Chambers 1878-1960 lawn tennis champion lived here 1887-1907
3015882497_ca811d1e30_sCharles Wentworth Dilke blue plaque in LondonSir Charles Wentworth Dilke 1843-1911 statesman and author lived here
NophotosqrLeonard Huxley, Julian Huxley, and Aldous Huxley blue plaque in LondonLeonard Huxley (1860-1933), Julian Huxley (1887-1975), Aldous Huxley (1894-1963), Men of Science and Letters, lived here.
4643946137_3dc0def6b0_sH. G. Wells blue plaque in LondonH. G. Wells 1866-1946 writer lived and died here
2915046330_365e7a428e_sF. E. Smith blue plaque in LondonF. E. Smith Earl of Birkenhead 1872-1930 lawyer and statesman lived here
4368953826_b90c3b3098_sDante Gabriel Rossetti blue plaque in LondonDante Gabriel Rossetti 1828-1882 poet and painter was born here
4643972471_056eaf6144_sSardar Vallabhbhai Javerbhai Patel blue plaque in LondonSardar Vallabhbhai Javerbhai Patel 1875-1950 Indian statesman lived here
4625068368_0d86fbddde_sHenry Mayers Hyndman blue plaque in LondonHenry Mayers Hyndman 1842-1921 socialist leader lived and died here
NophotosqrAlan Dower Blumlein blue plaque in LondonAlan Dower Blumlein 1903-1942 electronics engineer and inventor lived here
3602299201_1c826de80c_sGeorge Gissing blue plaque in LondonGeorge Gissing 1857-1903 novelist lived here 1882-1884
2459257758_19566b7d6e_sSybil Thorndyke blue plaque in LondonDame Sybil Thorndyke 1882-1976 actress lived here 1921-1932
4644564462_4e0ddaa1c8_sCharles Manby blue plaque in LondonCharles Manby 1804-1884 civil engineer lived here
4313226125_0bb21cf49b_sAlfred Hitchcock blue plaque in LondonSir Alfred Hitchcock 1899-1980 film director lived here 1926-1939
8730176245_fcc72d11d9_sSyed Ahmed Khan blue plaque in LondonSir Syed Ahmed Khan 1817-1898 Muslim reformer and scholar lived here 1869-1870
4117061607_ac20bd5c11_sFrederick Sleigh Roberts grey plaque in LondonEarl Roberts (1832-1914) Field-Marshal lived here
2914981958_f0b579ef31_sMatthew Arnold blue plaque in LondonMatthew Arnold 1822-1888 poet and critic lived here
9471577364_bca90b854a_sHenry Dale blue plaque in LondonSir Henry Dale 1875-1968 physiologist lived here
2914117973_fdb285879c_sStanley Baldwin blue plaque in LondonStanley Baldwin Earl Baldwin of Bewdley 1867-1947 Prime Minister lived here
NophotosqrAlfred Bestall blue plaque in LondonAlfred Bestall 1892-1986 illustrator of Rupert Bear lived here 1936-1966
5026624468_945375b0ca_sWilliam Strang blue plaque in LondonWilliam Strang 1859-1921 painter and etcher lived here 1900-1921
5026626510_9447a4046f_sGeorge Alexander Macfarren blue plaque in LondonGeorge Alexander Macfarren Knt Lived in this house and died here 1887
4524490752_1212c52f7b_sJohn F. Sartorius blue plaque in LondonJohn F. Sartorius c.1775-c.1830 sporting painter lived here 1807-1812
4624409845_217b8396ce_sMartina Bergman Osterberg blue plaque in LondonMartina Bergman Osterberg 1849-1915 pioneer of Physical Education for Women lived and worked here
4368256689_336c45ff35_sElizabeth Barrett Browning black plaque in LondonElizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861) poet lived here
5026030913_ba23549110_sW. P. Frith blue plaque in LondonW. P. Frith 1819-1909 painter lived and died here
2732758380_0da8a84908_sA. W. Hofmann blue plaque in LondonA. W. Hofmann 1818-1892 Professor of Chemistry lived here
2792545_b683cd88_120x120James Wolfe blue plaque in LondonGeneral James Wolfe 1727-1759 Victor of Quebec lived here
4625018878_fcffdc57a5_sAlastair Sim blue plaque in LondonAlastair Sim 1900-1976 actor lived here 1953-1975
4672801486_ddc365a204_sRobert Clive blue plaque in LondonClive of India 1725-1774 soldier and administrator lived here
NophotosqrJohn Ireland blue plaque in LondonJohn Ireland 1879-1962 composer lived here
4649576051_8e4d7dcb89_sWilliam Wymark Jacobs blue plaque in LondonW. W. Jacobs 1863-1943 author lived here
5026016425_d6984de813_sEmily Davies blue plaque in LondonEmily Davies 1830-1921 founder of Girton College, Cambridge lived here
3515309_efc48a94_120x120James Cook black plaque in LondonCaptain James Cook 1728-1779 circumnavigator and explorer lived in a house on this site
5097002961_5ca8ffb077_sArnold Bennett blue plaque in LondonArnold Bennett 1867-1931 novelist lived here
3244128458_d11d78c510_sPhilip Arnold Heseltine and Peter Warlock blue plaque in LondonPhilip Arnold Heseltine, Peter Warlock 1894-1930 composer lived here
NophotosqrLao She blue plaque in LondonLao She 1899-1966 Chinese writer lived here 1925-1928
4625043444_0d8bd5cbc3_sGeorge Gilbert Scott brown plaque in LondonSir George Gilbert Scott 1811-1878 architect lived here
4465897918_7419183ea0_sDorothy L. Sayers blue plaque in LondonDorothy L. Sayers 1893-1957 writer of detective stories lived here 1921-1929
3016645420_62e127ea46_sJohn Russell blue plaque in LondonLord John Russell 1st Earl Russell 1792-1878 twice Prime Minister lived here
12074714914_0aa06070f6_sSylvia Plath blue plaque in LondonSylvia Plath 1932-1963 poet lived here 1960-1961
3244114668_6fc7739234_sHenry Newbolt blue plaque in LondonSir Henry Newbolt 1862-1938 poet lived here
11622600136_ac5274d1e7_sGeorge Eliot blue plaque in LondonGeorge Eliot 1819-1880 novelist died here
NophotosqrArthur Stanley Eddington blue plaque in LondonSir Arthur Eddington OM 1882-1944 mathematician and astrophysicist lived here
822749_04d1546a_120x120Bud Flanagan blue plaque in LondonBud Flanagan 1896-1968 comedian and leader of the 'Crazy Gang' born here
4624466261_863d9d3612_sArthur Bliss blue plaque in LondonSir Arthur Bliss 1891-1975 composer lived here 1929-1939
3016690174_aea2f83737_sGeorge Bentham blue plaque in LondonGeorge Bentham 1800-1884 botanist lived here
4738696335_3afeb20560_sHenry Wood blue plaque in LondonSir Henry Wood 1869-1944 musician lived here
4643964113_7f2e57814b_sEdward Lloyd Richard, Mary Coke, Peter Taylor, Clementia Taylor, and 1 other in LondonAubrey House stands on the site of Kensington Wells and early 18th century spa Former residents include Sir Edward Lloyd Richard, 1st Earl Grosvenor, Lady Mary Coke, diarist, Peter and Clementia Taylor, philanthropists, William Cleverly Alexander, art lover
4523871257_a62ba0823d_sAlexander Fleming blue plaque in LondonSir Alexander Fleming 1881-1955 discoverer of penicillin lived here
4812205523_19452354de_sTom Sayers blue plaque in LondonTom Sayers 1826-1865 pugilist died here
NophotosqrHenry Hall blue plaque in LondonHenry Hall 1898-1989 dance band leader and broadcaster lived here 1932-1959
2370107063_87c98e47bd_sEthel Gordon Fenwick blue plaque in LondonEthel Gordon Fenwick 1857-1947 nursing reformer lived here 1887-1924
4535540814_2902f4f197_sFanny Burney brown plaque in LondonMadame D’Arblay (Fanny Burney) authoress lived here. born 1752 died 1840
NophotosqrFrank Dyson blue plaque in LondonSir Frank Dyson 1868-1939 Astronomer Royal lived here 1894-1906
8060185549_1c4929b66f_sCharles Townley blue plaque in LondonCharles Townley 1737-1805 antiquary and collector lived here
5413349491_b957a3e493_sJohn Tallis blue plaque in LondonJohn Tallis 1816-1876 Publisher of London Street Views lived here
5026519016_221c545f09_sFabian Society blue plaque in LondonThe site of 17 Osnaburgh Street where the Fabian Society was founded in 1884.
4625084022_dc0f94d058_sSigmund Freud blue plaque in LondonSigmund Freud 1856-1939 founder of Psychoanalysis lived here in 1938-1939
11585203463_ddd615c4cb_sAnna Freud blue plaque in LondonAnna Freud (1895-1982) pioneer of child psychoanalysis, lived here 1938-1982
4643955117_b8e587419a_sRowland Hill brown plaque in LondonSir Rowland Hill 1795-1879 postal reformer lived here
3244057056_aaa1c229c8_sEvelyn Underhill blue plaque in LondonEvelyn Underhill 1875-1941 Christian philosopher and teacher lived here 1907-1939
2090634717_624c9c698f_sGeorge Frederic Still blue plaque in LondonSir George Frederic Still 1868-1941 paediatrician lived here
2458402763_d5fa833bd3_sBeau Brummell blue plaque in LondonBeau Brummell 1778-1840 leader of fashion lived here
NophotosqrGeorge Frederick Samuel Robinson blue plaque in LondonGeorge Frederick Samuel Robinson Marquess of Ripon 1827-1909 Viceroy of India lived here
4369028604_ace566b500_sCato Street Conspiracy blue plaque in LondonCato Street Conspiracy discovered here 23 February 1820
2459249910_9924bb9ab7_sRichard Bright blue plaque in LondonRichard Bright 1789-1858 physician lived here
NophotosqrRichard Jefferies blue plaque in LondonRichard Jefferies 1848-1887 naturalist and writer lived here
11581512475_418bf1941f_sRichard Burdon Haldane blue plaque in LondonLord Haldane 1856-1928 statesman, lawyer and philosopher lived here
2091377736_28791d9921_sThomas Stothard black plaque in LondonThomas Stothard 1755-1834 painter and illustrator lived here
NophotosqrW. F. R. Stanley blue plaque in LondonW. F. R. Stanley 1829-1909 inventor, manufacturer and philanthropist, founded and designed these halls and technical school
NophotosqrAlbert Mansbridge blue plaque in LondonAlbert Mansbridge 1876-1952 founder of the Workers' Educational Association lived here
NophotosqrLeslie Stephen blue plaque in LondonSir Leslie Stephen 1832-1904 scholar and writer lived here
4644581762_9444d252ab_sDuleep Singh blue plaque in LondonMaharajah Duleep Singh 1838-1893 last ruler of Lahore lived here 1881-1886
1463825086_19d5c1afd7_sBéla Bartók blue plaque in LondonBéla Bartók 1881-1945 Hungarian composer stayed here when performing in London
8497650224_fac3ccffb4_sEmile Zola blue plaque in LondonEmile Zola 1840-1902 French novelist lived here 1898-1899
3016704444_abb260e345_sWilliam Wilberforce blue plaque in LondonWilliam Wilberforce 1759-1833 opponent of slavery died here
2914075245_0c31e00cb6_sAlfred Lord Tennyson blue plaque in LondonAlfred Lord Tennyson 1809-1892 poet lived here in 1880 and 1881
4368283807_436ce3177c_sRichard Tauber blue plaque in LondonRichard Tauber 1891-1948 lyric tenor lived here in flat 297 1947-1948
486705112_c6936691b7_sAlexander Pope blue plaque in LondonAlexander Pope 1688-1744 poet lived in this row Mawson's Buildings 1716-1719
3460091228_9a35b48dc8_sEdward Elgar blue plaque in LondonSir Edward Elgar 1857-1934 composer lived here 1890-1891

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