United Kingdom / London

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Sir David Low 1891-1963 Political Cartoonist had his studio here 1929-140

Rosslyn Hill, London, United Kingdom

Sir Thomas Beecham 1879 - 1961 Conductor and Impresario Lived Here 1937 - 1941

Bell Moor House, East Heath Road, Hampstead, London, United Kingdom

Legendary Shepherd's Bush rock band The Who performed here at the site of the Goldhawk Social Club

Shepherd's Bush, London, United Kingdom

Phoenix Cinema built 1910

High Road, East Finchley, London, United Kingdom

Eugene Lauste (1857-1935) first person to record synchronised sound on film 1906

The Ritzy Cinema, Brixton, London, United Kingdom

To commemorate the victims of the bomb which exploded at this site on Saturday April 17th 1999. "A community under attack will not be divided. Together we are strong."

Iceland, Electric Avenue, Brixton, London, United Kingdom

Mike Leigh OBE British writer and director of film and theatre. Also Alison Steadman OBE actress of stage, screen and film lived here

Brook House, Cranleigh Street, London, United Kingdom

Damon Albarn The British singer, songwriter, producer and composer, best known for Blur and Gorillaz, lived here in his early years.

21 Fillebrook Road, Leytonstone, London, United Kingdom

Robert Browning

Warwick Crescent, London, United Kingdom

WR III Rotten Row The King's Old Road completed 1690. This ride originally formed part of King William III's carriage drive from Whitehall to Kensington Palace. Its construction was supervised by the surveyor of their Majesties roads Captain Michael Studholme and it was the first lamp-lit road in the Kingdom. Designated as a public bridleway in the 1730's, Rotten Row is one of the most famous urban riding grounds in the world. ER II 1990

Hyde Park, London, United Kingdom

Bearmans Department Store On this site stood 'Bearmans of Leytonstone' department store - "The Store with the Personal Touch". Opened by Frank Bearman, a draper by profession, in 1898 and family run until 1962. Closed in 1983

829-837 High Road Leytonstone , London, United Kingdom

The first number of The Sunday Times was edited at 4 Salisbury Court by Henry White October 20 1822

4 Salisbury Court, London, United Kingdom

In a house on this site Samuel Pepys, diarist, was born. 1632-1703

Salisbury Court, London, United Kingdom

In a house near this site was published in 1702 The Daily Courant first London daily newspaper

12 Ludgate Circus, EC4, London, United Kingdom

Sir John Betjeman 1906-1984 Poet Laureate lived here

43 Cloth Court, Cloth Fair, London, United Kingdom

José de San Martín (The Liberator) 1778-1850 Argentine soldier and statesman stayed here

23 Park Road, Westminster, NW1, London, United Kingdom

Donald McGill 1875-1962 postcard cartoonist lived here

5 Bennett Park, Blackheath, London, United Kingdom

Thomas Wilde 1st Baron Truro 1782 – 1855 Lord Chancellor 1850 – 1852 Lived here

2 Kelvin Avenue, N13, London, United Kingdom

Sir Charles Santley (1834-1922), Singer, lived and died here.

13 Blenheim Road, Westminster, NW8, London, United Kingdom

Edward Johnston 1872-1944 master calligrapher lived here 1905-1912

3 Hammersmith Terrace, Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom

William Butterfield 1814-1900 architect lived here

42 Bedford Square, London, United Kingdom

Rudolf Nureyev 1938-1993 Ballet Dancer lived here

27 Victoria Road, Kensington, London, United Kingdom

Wing Commander J.R.D. 'BOB' BRAHAM 1920-1974 RAF Fighter Pilot lived here as a boy

139 Hendon Way, London, United Kingdom

HENRI GAUDIER-BRZESKA 1891-1915 Sculptor and Artist worked here 1913-1914

25 Winthorpe Road, Putney, London, United Kingdom

Spencer Frederick Gore 1878-1914 Painter lived and worked here 1909-1912

31 Mornington Crescent, Camden, London, United Kingdom

Sir ROBERT WATSON-WATT 1892-1973 Pioneer of Radar lived here

287 Sheen Lane, London, United Kingdom

Edgar Wallace Reporter Born London 1875 Died Hollywood 1931 Founder member of the Company of Newspaper Makers He knew wealth & poverty, yet had walked with kings & kept his bearing. Of his talents he gave lavishly to authorship - but to Fleet Street he gave his heart.

Ludgate Circus, London, United Kingdom

Walter Sickert 1860-1942 painter and etcher lived and worked here

6 Mornington Crescent, Camden, NW1, London, United Kingdom

Marie Stopes 1880-1958 Promoter of sex education and birth control lived here 1880-1892

28 Cintra Park, Upper Norwood, London, United Kingdom

Fred Russell 1862-1957 Father of modern ventriloquism lived here in flat No.71 1914-1926

Kenilworth Court, Lower Richmond Road, Putney, London, United Kingdom

Harry Beck designer of the London Underground map was born here

Wesley Road, Leyton, London, United Kingdom

Lea Bridge Stadium - On this site stood Lea Bridge Stadium, the home of Lea Bridge Speedway team 1928-1938 and Clapton Orient football club. The O's moved to this site from nearby Millfields Road in 1930 before moving to Brisbane Road in 1937

Rigg Approach E10, London, United Kingdom

In this house formerly a royal residence lived Lord Palmerston (1784-1865) Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary

Naval and Military Club, 94 Piccadilly, Westminster, W1, London, United Kingdom

Lord Palmerston (1784-1865) Prime Minister Born here

20 Queen Anne's Gate, London, United Kingdom

Lord Palmerston 1784-1865 statesman lived here

4 Carlton Gardens, London, United Kingdom

West Ham Parish Boundary Stone. 31 W.H.P. WHP 1775 1864 1850. The dates on this stone show the years in which the boundary was confirmed. It was numbered 31 in 1864, but no longer marks any boundary. Parish boundary markers were beaten in an annual ceremony called The Beating of the Bounds. Parish boundaries were significant because welfare payments, burials and medical treatment for poor people used to be provided by the parish in which they were born.

nr Leytonstone Road, Leyton, London, United Kingdom

Dame Stephanie Shirley 1939

Worshipful Company of Information Technologists, London, United Kingdom

Sir William Lancaster 1841-1929 Co-founder of the Putney School of Art Mayor of Wandsworth 1901-2

Putney School of Art, Oxford Road, SW15, London, United Kingdom

Gavin Ewart 1916-1995 noted poet FRSL lived at Kenilworth Court

Kenilworth Court, Lower Richmond Road, Putney, London, United Kingdom

Lord Hugh Jenkins 1908-2004 Putney MP 1964-1979 Minister for the Arts lived at Kenilworth Court

Kenilworth Court, Lower Richmond Road, Putney, London, United Kingdom

Site of the Medical Society of London 1744 - 1850 gifted by a founder John Coakley Lettsom MD FRS

3 Bolt Court, London, United Kingdom

Site of the Stationers' Company's School 1861-1893

Bolt Court, London, United Kingdom

In memory of six members of the London Auxiliary Fire Service who died on this site as a result of enemy action on the night of 16th/17th November 1940 when the Old Wandsworth Fire Station received a direct hit from a high explosive bomb.

Wandsworth Fire Station, West Hill, Wandsworth, SW18 1RL, London, United Kingdom

1855 - 1931 This Library is dedicated to Sir Charles Parsons scientist and engineer who in the XIX century invented and perfected the compound steam turbine The memory of the great is enshrined in books

Guilford Street, London, United Kingdom

Robert Paul lived here 1914-1920 having opened a studio nearby in 1898

49 Sydney Road, Barnet, London, United Kingdom

Gipsy Rodney Smith MBE who preached the Gospel of Christ to thousands on five continents for seventy years was born here on 31st March 1860 and called home journeying to America on 4th August 1947. What hath God wrought

Mill Plain, Oak Hill Gardens, Woodford Green, London, United Kingdom

Lord Grade

London Palladium W1, London, United Kingdom

Arthur Henry Ward Sax Rohmer 1883-1959 creator of Dr Fu Manchu lived here

51 Herne Hill, Southwark, SE24, London, United Kingdom

In a house on this site Doctor Samuel Johnson lived between 1765-1776

Johnson's Court, Fleet Street, London, United Kingdom

On the 28th March 2001 the British Institute of Professional Photography celebrated the centenary of its first meeting as the Professional Photographers Association at Anderton's Hotel which originally stood on this site

Fleet Street, London, United Kingdom