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This building was damaged by the German bombardment December 16th 1914

51 St John's Road, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Anne Brontë 1820-1849 writer died in a house on this site on May 28th 1849

Grand Hotel, St Nicholas Cliff, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Sir Edward James Harland 1831-1895 shipbuilder was born in a house on this site

8 Newborough, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Sir Sacheverell Sitwell 1897-1988 author was born in this house 15th November 1897

Bedford Hotel, Belvoir Terrace, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Sir Edwin Cooper RA FRIBA 1874-1942 architect was born here

Nelson Street, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Charles Laughton 1899-1962 actor was born in this hotel July 1st 1899

The Victoria, Westborough, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Wilfred Edward Salter Owen 1893-1918 poet wrote several of his war poems in this hotel 1917-1918

Clifton Hotel, Queens Parade, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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William 'Strata' Smith 1769 -1839 Father of English Geology lived here 1835-1839

1 Newborough, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Artist Henry Barlow Carter 1804-1868 lived and worked in this house 1845-1862

16 York Place, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Harry William Smith (1867-1944) engineer lived here

41 Westbourne Grove, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Frederic, Lord Leighton 1830-1896 artist PRA was born in a house on this site

Brunswick Shopping Centre, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Sir George Cayley "The Father of Aeronautics", born at Scarborough 27th December 1773. Died at Brompton Hall 15th December 1857

Paradise House, Paradise, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Scarborough Castle. Fortified site since 12th century. Last used defensively 1745

Castle Road, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Solomon Theakston. Printer, publisher & bookseller, from this site 1841-1875.

31 St Nicholas Street (Marks & Spencer), Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Peasholm Park. Designed by Harry W. Smith, Borough Engineer 1897-1933

Peasholm Park, Burniston Road entrance , Scarborough, United Kingdom

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M.V.Hatherleigh. This plaque is to commemorate 50 years of the Hatherleigh ‘The Scarborough Sidewinder’ She was built as a trawler by Richards Ironworks of Lowestoft, and was launched on the 4th March 1961 as ‘Suffolk Punch’ 31 metres long, 7m beam and with a draught of 3.4.m powered by a turbo-charged 6 cylinder Ruston-Hornsby diesel. She was one of the last fishing boats built in blue steel with a riveted hull and now one of the last surviving examples of a ‘Sidewinder’ (hauling the gear over the side as opposed to the stern). In the early 1980s she was converted to oil rig rescue/support and then in 1993 a local printing company converted her to a corporate hospitality vessel. Her graceful lines hark back to the days before all the licensing authorities when fishing boats were built for their sea keeping qualities and to do their job.

Old Pier, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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1912-2012. This Oak tree was planted by the Mayor of the Borough of Scarborough Councillor Helen F Mallory and the Peasholm Park Friends. To celebrate the first centenary of Peasholm Park. 19th June 2012

Peasholm Park, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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King Richard III 1483-1485 is reputed to have stayed here

?, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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St Martin on-the- hill. Consecrated July 1863. Unique Pre-raphaelite interior and windows.

St Martins Church Albion Road (Craven St elevation), Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Head Post Office. Built 1909

?, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Scarborough Spa cliff lift first passenger cliff tramway opened 1875

Spa cliff lift lower station, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Londesborough Lodge built 1839.Londesborough family home 1853 - 1919.

Londesborough Lodge, The Crescent, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Long Room. Site of fashionable assembly rooms 1725 - 1840.

Royal Hotel, St Nicholas Street, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Odeon Cinema. 1700 seats. Built in streamlined modernist style 1936

Stephen Joseph Theatre, Westborough, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Crown Hotel, centre piece of Esplanade's Regency style terrace c. 1844.

Crown Hotel, Esplanade, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Genevieve Court. Architects Browne Smith Baker & Partners Leeds Main Contractor Clayton & Bowmore Ltd. Normanton 1982.

5-8 Genevieve Court, Trafalgar Street West, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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The forty dwellings bequeathed by George Wheelhouse in 1865 were replaced by the present buildings in 1968. Chairman of the Trustees W. H. Smettem. Architect John Blackmore F.R.I.B.A.

Wheelhouse Square off Dean Road, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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1845 Scarborough Art Gallery originally home of John Uppleby solicitor and Crescent developer

The Art Gallery, The Crescent , Scarborough, United Kingdom

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King Richard III wall last standing remnant of the 1484 town wall

North Terrace car park boundary wall, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Sir Jimmy Savile OBE KCSG 1926-2011 entertainer and philanthropist lived here

Esplanade, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Thomas Hinderwell 1744-1825 Historian and philanthropist was born in a house on this site

The Sunken Garden Harcourt Place, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Diamond Jubilee site of the old School of Art.

Brewers Fayre, Vernon Road, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Henry Vandyke Carter (1831-1897) Pathologist and illustrator of Gray's Anatomy lived here

2 Belgrave Crescent, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Paradise House. Home of local shipping families from 1690. Graham Sea Training School 1918-1973

Paradis House, Paradise, Scarborough, United Kingdom

Scarborough central tramway plaque
Central Tramway Britain's oldest surviving cliff tramway company founded 1881

Central Tramway, Marine Parade, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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In memory of Sir Meredith Whittaker T.D., J.P., D.L. Founder chairman 1964-1966.Vice-president 1967-1980. President 1981-1984. Scarborough & District Civic Society

The Spa, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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York & North Midland Railway Company opened the York to Scarborough line 7th July 1845

Scarborough Railway Station, Westborough, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Castle-By-The-Sea. From 1876-1879 home of famous artist John Atkinson Grimshaw.

Castel-by-the-Sea, Mulgrave Place, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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1914 Vickers pattern 13 pdr gun. Raised by Scarborough Sub-aqua Club and local fishermen October 1982, recovered from a depth of 100' from the wreck of the S. S. Hornsund, sunk by torpedo 23 September 1917 2-5 miles south east of this location. Airlifted into this position by helicopter of D flight 22 squadron Royal Air Force 2 June 1984.

Lighthouse Pier, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Assembly Rooms. Built in 1857, Charles Dickens gave readings here 1858.

4-6 Huntriss Row, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Peasholm Glen Bridge. This bridge was opened by Lady Jenks Lady Mayoress of London on the 29th July 1932. Aldreman John William Butler J.P., Mayor of Scarborough. Harry W. Smith Assoc. M. Inst. C. E. Borough Engineer. Mouchel & Partners Consulting Engineers. Fred. Whittaker & Co., Ltd Contractors.

Peasholm Glen Bridge , Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Wood End former home of the Sitwell family

Gate pillar to Wood End, The Crescent, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Marine Drive. Major coastal road link between north and south bays, constructed 1897-1908.

South Toll House, Marine Drive, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Harbourside, scene of busy shipbuilding activities 17th-19th centuries

32-33 Sandside, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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The Old Quaker Meeting House and burial grounds 1801-1895

Old Quaker Meeting House, St Sepulchre Street, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Butter Cross. Sole surviving medieval street cross.

West Sandgate, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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This plaque was unveiled by Mr. David Curry, MP., parliamentary secretary to commemorate the rebuilding of Scarborough Fish Market which was jointly funded by Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food Scarborough Borough Council. 19 September 1990

Fishmarket, West Pier, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Alfred Shuttleworth presented this clock tower to the Borough of Scarborough in the year of the Coronation of King George V. A.D. 1911.

Shuttleoworth Clock Tower, Esplanade , Scarborough, United Kingdom

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John Wesley preached 14 times in a chapel on this site 1759-1790.

10 Church Stairs Street, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Hospital of St Thomas. Founded A.D. 1180. Originally sited in North Street, but rebuilt in Hoxton Road in 1862; this building was erected by the Scarborough Municipal Charity Trustees in 1955 out of moneys Provided by the wills of Mis M. S. F. Hildyard and John Knapp both of Scarborough

St Thomas's Flats 19-21 Hoxton Road, Scarborough, United Kingdom