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Sir Sacheverell Sitwell 1897-1988 author was born in this house 15th November 1897

Bedford Hotel, Belvoir Terrace, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Sir George Cayley "The Father of Aeronautics", born at Scarborough 27th December 1773. Died at Brompton Hall 15th December 1857

Paradise House, Paradise, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Dedicated to RAF aircrew trainees stationed at the Grand Hotel 1940-44 and to all citizens contributing to victory in the air

The Grand Hotel, St Nicholas Cliff, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Dean Road Prison. Purpose built local jail, 1866-1878.

Dean Road Depot, Dean Road, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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York & North Midland Railway Company opened the York to Scarborough line 7th July 1845

Scarborough Railway Station, Westborough, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Scarborough Spa. Famous for spring waters from 1626. Entertainments centre since 1839

Scarborough Spa, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Site of Quaker Meeting House 1894-1990

Brunswick Pavilion, York Place elevation, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Peasholm Park. Designed by Harry W. Smith, Borough Engineer 1897-1933

Peasholm Park, Burniston Road entrance , Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Cliff (Spa) Bridge opened 19th July 1827, to link town and Spa.

Spa footbridge, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Castle-By-The-Sea. From 1876-1879 home of famous artist John Atkinson Grimshaw.

Castel-by-the-Sea, Mulgrave Place, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Butter Cross. Sole surviving medieval street cross.

West Sandgate, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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The Old Quaker Meeting House and burial grounds 1801-1895

Old Quaker Meeting House, St Sepulchre Street, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Harbourside, scene of busy shipbuilding activities 17th-19th centuries

32-33 Sandside, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Wood End former home of the Sitwell family

Gate pillar to Wood End, The Crescent, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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The Crescent major example of terrace architecture built 1833-1857

1-2 The Crescent, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Harbour. Busy port since Viking times. Lighthouse built on Vincent's Pier in 1804

Harbour Offices, West Pier, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Newborough Gate. Main gateway to mediaeval town crossed Newborough near here.

1 Newborough, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Public library built 1840, as Oddfellows hall, later mechanics institute. Public library since 1930.

Vernon Road, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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The Bolts. A relic of medieval town life.

80 Eastborough, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Market Hall erected 1853, replaced congested street markets held Old Town since Medieval times.

Market Hall, St Helen's Square, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Scarborough Lifeboat Station founded 1801." In loving memory of those who have given their lives rescuing those in Peril on the sea". 17th February 1836 Joseph Allen Thomas Boyes John Clayburn Thomas Cross John Owston Dale James Day Richard Marchman James Mawer Thomas Walker James Waugh 2nd November 1861 Thomas Brester John Burton 9th December 1951 Frank Dalton 8th December 1954 John Sheader John Cammish Francis Bayes "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends"

Scarborough Lifeboat Station, Foreshore Road, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Odeon Obelisk. This obelisk was re-sited in its present position through the generous support of the following individuals and organisations:- List follows

Westborough, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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James Paul Moody 1887-1912 Sixth Officer RMS Titanic was born here 21st August 1887

17 Granville Road, YO11 2RA, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Grand Hotel. A South Bay landmark since 1867 once Europe's largest hotel.

Grand Hotel, St Nicholas Cliff, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Original North Bay Railway kiosk and ticket office 23.5.1931-31.3.2008. Repositioned and refurbished for Benchmark Leisure Ltd by A W Sinclair and Son Ltd, builders. Re-opened 5.7.2008

Northstead Manor gardens, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Scarborough Open Air Theatre opened by H.M. The Queen accompanied by H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh on 20th May 2010.

Open Air Theatre, Northstead Manor Gardens, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Arcadia Theatre. Catlins pierrot shows held on this site from 1909 replaced 1921 by Futurist Cinema

Futurist, Foreshore Road , Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Former 'model' workhouse opened 1859. St Mary's Hospital since 1948.

Dean Road, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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The pancake bell. The ancient custom of bell-ringing on Shrove Tuesday is still maintained at Scarborough. The “Pancake” or “Curfew” bell was hung above the entrance of the Hospital of St Thomas the Martyr near this site until the demolition of the building in 1861. It was rung on Shrove Tuesday as a signal for housewives to commence cooking the traditional pancakes. In 1861 the bell was removed to Scarborough Museum where it the customary ringing on Shrove Tuesday was undertaken until 1996 when the replacement bell now hung in this location was provided. The bell is rung on Shrove Tuesday each year at midday. The replacement bell has been provided by the Borough Council with the assistance of Tate & Lyle Sugars, Morrison’s Stores, Electricity Supply Nominees, Scarborough Hotels association, Scarborough Beaujolais Runners, Tony Peers and the people of Scarborough

86 Newborough, North St elevation, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Scarborough Evening News & Mercury newspapers printed and published here since 1882.

Scarborough Evening News office Aberdeen Walk, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Dedicated to the memory of Barry Sheene MBE. A supporter and friend of Oliver's Mount throughout his racing career. Unveiled by HRH Duke of Edinburgh KG KT 21 September 2003

Olivers Mount Racing Circuit, Weaponness Lane, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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In memoriam Captain Sydney Thomas Smith MBE Master Mariner 11th December 1907- 19th November 2000 How happy are those who in God put their trust A war hero and a man much loved by all his friends President of Trinity House Scarborough President of the Merchant Navy Association Scarborough Member of the Sons of Neptune - Marine Conservation May you always have a spring tide in your favour

Lighthouse, Vincent's Pier, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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This bridge is named after the late Captain Sydney Smith M.B.E. to commemorate his life and celebrate his love of Scarborough & the sea. Captain Smith was renowned as the editor of Olsen's Fisherman's Nautical Almanac. He was deputy harbourmaster and was decorated for his daring exploits during world War II. This bridge was commissioned by Scarborough Borough Council and was officially opened by Lawrie Quinn, MP. in the presence of Captain Smith on 2nd September 2000. This bridge was designed and commissioned on behalf of Scarborough Borough Council by Qualter, Hall and Co. Ltd. of Barnsley in collaboration with Mouchel North Yorkshire and Wold Construction Co.Ltd.

Vincent's Pier, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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The Newcastle Packet. This house is one of the oldest in Scarborough being a frame built house of the middle of the 13th century (A.D. 1230). It was the office of justice, where all tools & customs were paid & is said to be a half bow shot from the fort. This carving which can be seen in the passage between this house & the adjoining property is a rare & splendid specimen of ancient English art. It represents "Justitia"- goddess of justice - taking toll from a fish wife's creel while on the other side is "Cybele" daughter of "Justitia" offering the vestal fire in token of honour.

NewcastlePacket PH 13-14 Sandside, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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This lighthouse was destroyed by the German bombardment on the 16th December 1914 and rebuilt by the Scarborough Townsmen's Association, by public subscription, opened on the 23rd September 1931 by the Mayoress of Scarborough Mrs J. W. Butler

Lighthouse, Vincent's Pier, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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The Spaw for townspeople. The fountain (down these steps) commemorates the existence of the Spaw for townspeople and has been provided as a joint project between Scarborough Civic Society and Scarborough Borough Council

Spa Promenade, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Town Hall built for John Woodall, banker, c.1846. Purchased by Scarborough Corporation 1899

Harcourt Place, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Three Mariners. One of the earliest public houses in the town.

47 Quay Street, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Robert Williamson inspired and built the original Valley Bridge. Opened 1st July 1865.

17 Valley Bridge Parade, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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In this building on 14th July 1955 Stephen Joseph 1921-1967 founded the UK's first theatre in the round

Vernon Rd, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Wood End Here lived Sir George & Lady Ida Sitwell and their children, Edith, Osbert & Sacheverell

Woodend Creative Workspace, The Crescent, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Theatre Royal. Towns first permanent theatre stood on and near this site 1767-1924

19 St. Thomas Street, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Valley Bridge. A bridge 30 feet wide was erected by the Scarborough Valley Bridge Company and opened as a toll bridge 1st July 1865. Purchased by the Corporation 12th June 1891. Tolls abolished 5th October 1919. That bridge was taken down and this bridge 64 feet 6 inches wide erected in its place 1926-8. Opened 26th July 1928 by Mrs Wilfrid Ashley. Alderman E. H. Matthews J.P., M.B.E. Mayor. Alderman Sir Meredith T. Whittaker KT., J.P. Chairman of the Committee Messrs Goode, Fitzmaurice, Wilson & Mitchell. Engineers John Butler & Co Ltd. Contractors

Valley Bridge north west side wall, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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The Manor of Northstead held by Richard III stood on this site. Stewardship of the Manor disqualifies a Member of Parliament and, like the Stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds, may be awarded to a Member who wishes to resign. The plaque was unveiled by Lord Martin Fitzalan-Howard of Brockfield Hall, York to mark the visit of Richard III to Scarborough in June 1484 to review his fleet and subsequently grant a charter to the town. 3rd June 1984. ‘loyalty binds me’

Peasholm Park, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Hospital of St Thomas. Founded A.D. 1180. Originally sited in North Street, but rebuilt in Hoxton Road in 1862; this building was erected by the Scarborough Municipal Charity Trustees in 1955 out of moneys Provided by the wills of Mis M. S. F. Hildyard and John Knapp both of Scarborough

St Thomas's Flats 19-21 Hoxton Road, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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John Wesley preached 14 times in a chapel on this site 1759-1790.

10 Church Stairs Street, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Alfred Shuttleworth presented this clock tower to the Borough of Scarborough in the year of the Coronation of King George V. A.D. 1911.

Shuttleoworth Clock Tower, Esplanade , Scarborough, United Kingdom

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This plaque was unveiled by Mr. David Curry, MP., parliamentary secretary to commemorate the rebuilding of Scarborough Fish Market which was jointly funded by Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food Scarborough Borough Council. 19 September 1990

Fishmarket, West Pier, Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Peasholm Glen Bridge. This bridge was opened by Lady Jenks Lady Mayoress of London on the 29th July 1932. Aldreman John William Butler J.P., Mayor of Scarborough. Harry W. Smith Assoc. M. Inst. C. E. Borough Engineer. Mouchel & Partners Consulting Engineers. Fred. Whittaker & Co., Ltd Contractors.

Peasholm Glen Bridge , Scarborough, United Kingdom

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In honoured memory of John Nicholas Sheader coxswain John Harrison Cammish 2nd coxswain Francis Bayes signalman of the Scarborough Lifeboat " E C J R" who were drowned when the lifeboat capsized near the harbour entrance 8th Dec. 1954. "o hear us when we cry to thee for those in peril on the sea"

Scarborough Lifeboat station, Foreshore Road, Scarborough, United Kingdom