United Kingdom / St Andrews

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West Sands St Andrews. The memorable beach scene from Chariots of Fire was filmed here 1981

West Sands, St Andrews, United Kingdom

Dr. John Adamson, 1809–1870 Lived here 1848-1865 He was a physician and pioneer photographer. In 1841 he took the first caloptype portrait. He also taught his brother Robert and Thomas Rodger the technique and art of photography. A town councillor, he was a tireless worker for public health, and the hospital here is, in part, his memorial.

127 South Street, St Andrews, United Kingdom

George Wishart, 1513 - 1546. A powerful Protestant preacher, he was betrayed to Cardinal Beaton, brought here, put in the Sea Tower, condemned for heresy and burnt at the stake on 1 March. The lettering GW on the roadway marks where he died. His friends conspired against the Cardinal, and on 26 May gained entry to the Castle, killed him and hung his body from the battlements. Then together in the Castle they created the first congregation of the Protestant Church in Scotland.

Castle, St Andrews, United Kingdom