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Troyes   cathédrale saint pierre et saint paul (07)
Jeanne d'Arc conduisant Charles VII à Reims a été reçue le 10 juillet 1429 dans cette église par les Troyens revenus spontanément à leur roi légitime. Cinquième centenaire 7 Juillet 1929

, Troyes, France

Reims   plaque jeanne d'arc
Jeanne d'Arc fait sacrer Charles VII à Reims le 17 Juillet 1429 accomplissant ainsi sa mission. Cinquième centenaire.

Place du forum, Reims, France

Châlons en champagne (marne) plaque jeanne d'arc
Jeanne d'Arc conduisant le roi Charles VII à Reims a séjourné dans la ville de Chalons le 14 et 15 juillet 1429. Cinquième centenaire le 14 juillet 1929

, Châlons-en-Champagne, France

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In memory of those who served 1914 - 1918 in the Birmingham Pals Battalions

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery - Great Charles Street Queensway, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Under the influence of Dr. John McLaughlin, manager of the the Hudson Bay Co. civilization of Washington started at Vancouver A.D. 1825 The first school in Washington was taught by John Ball at Vancouver A.D. 1833 The first Gospel sermon in Washington was delivered by Jason Lee at Vancouver Sept. 28, A.D. 1834 The first marriage of American citizens in Washington was Daniel Lee to Maria T. Ware at Vancouver June 11, A.D. 1840 The first United States military post established in Washington was at Vancouver A.D. 1849 This memorial erected by the Washington State Historical Society at Vancouver A.D. 1925

801 East Evergreen Boulevard, Vancouver, WA, United States

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Part of the central pier of a two-arched bridge built in 1696 can be seen directly below the arch of this bridge which dates from 1799. The latter was replaced in 1935 by the present Jubilee Bridge.

, Inverbervie, United Kingdom

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To Victor Gaffney 1910-1974 from the people of this glen

Old Military Road, Fodderletter, United Kingdom

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This performance area is dedicated to Ross Aiken in recognition of 60 years service to Newtonabbey and his association with Ballyduff Silver Band

, Newtownabbey, United Kingdom

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John Allison

Village Hall, Preston, United Kingdom

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Shank Bridge

, Gorebridge, United Kingdom

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This arch was erected in 1690 over the main entrance to the fort and re-erected here in 1896 where Sir Allan Cameron of Erracht in 1793 raised the 79th or Cameron Highlanders. A regiment which distinguished itself on many a hard fought field for king and country

, Fort William, United Kingdom

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Sir Walter Scott granted freedom of the burgh in 1799. Between 1797 and 1808, Scott was a regular visitor to the town while serving as Quartermaster for a volunteer regiment

Town Hall, Musselburgh, United Kingdom

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St. Andrew's Suspension Bridge

, Glasgow, United Kingdom

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The Great Outdoors Challenge cross-Scotland walk

, Scurdie Ness, United Kingdom

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To commemorate the bicentenary of opening Dunkeld bridge designed by Thomas Telford (1757-1834) first President, Institution of Civil Engineers built by John 4th Duke of Atholl (1755-1830) as a major element in the improvement of highland roads by replacing two ferries & paid for by tolls taken over by the roads authority in 1879

, Dunkeld, United Kingdom

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the Antonine Wall

, Kinneil, United Kingdom

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Alfred Harman Edwards

Mill Street, Dorchester, United Kingdom

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George Butterfield 1882-1917 British Mile Champion 1905-1907 Olympic Team Member 1908 Darlington Harrier & publican of this house died in action 1917

Hole in the Wall, 14-15 Horse Market, Darlington, United Kingdom

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This building Eastbrook House dates from around 1800 and was used as a warehouse from 1872 The Eastbrook Inn which stood nearby was the meeting place of the Operative Stonemasons Union

Eastbrook Hall (?), Little Germany, Bradford, United Kingdom

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Ada Bodart (née Doherty). Born in Newry in 1874

Madden Gallery, William Street, Newry, United Kingdom