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Site of the birthplace of Frank Woolley Kent and England cricketer 1887 - 1978

82 High STreet, Tonbridge, United Kingdom
Mozaiekbank molenslootbrug

Ter nagedachtenis aan Fred Hund (1944-2010) 50 jaar juwelier in de Jan Eef op 7 oktober 2010 doodgeschoten bij een laffe overval Iustitia omni auri carior

In memory of Fred Hund (1944-2010) 50 years a jeweller, shot in Jan Eef on 7 October 2010 in a cowardly attack
Jan Evertsenstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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To commemorate John Ramsbottom, Superintendant L. & N.W. Rly, Director Lancs and Yorks Rly born Todmorden 1814 died 1897.

Railway Station, Rise Lane, Todmorden, United Kingdom

Aquí vivieron y fueron secuestrados Cecilia Viñas, Hugo Penino y su hijo, nacido en cautiverio militantes populares detenidos y desaparecidos por el terrorismo de estado, 13/07/77 Barrios x Memoria y Justicia Here lived and from here were kidnapped Cecilia Vinas, Hugo Penino, and their son, born in captivity. Popular militants, detained and disappeared in an act of state sponsored terrorism on 13/07/77. Barrios for Remembrance and Justice

Avenida Corrientes, Buenos Aires, United Kingdom
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To the Town of Lerwick in appreciation of hospitality Veterans of the 30th and 54th MTB flotillas Royal Norwegian Navy Based in Lerwick 1942-1945 Presented on 15th of May 1967

Islesburgh Community Centre, Kong Harald Street ZE1 0EQ, Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland, United Kingdom
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Action for Birds 100 years This plaque is to celebrate the Centenary of The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds The unveiling was performed by the Society's President Magnus Magnusson on 17th February 1989 at the Croft where the Society was founded one hundred years ago The occasion marked one hundred years (1889-1989) of achievements in the conservation of wild birds and the environment.

Fletcher Moss, Didsbury, United Kingdom

Beginning in 1869, British charitable societies removed children from slums and orphanages in congested industrial cities and brought them to Canada to serve as cheap farm and domestic labour. "Homes" were set up across the country to house the girls and boys until they were placed in service. Monitoring of the children after placement was superficial, leaving them susceptible to mistreatment. Child emigration was discontinued in the 1930s when the Great Depression created a labour surplus in Canada. By then, up to 100,000 children had been transported. This building, formerly known as St. George's Home, was one of many distribution centres in Ontario.

1153 Wellington Street W, Ottawa, Canada
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"All architecture is what you do to it when you look upon it' W.W. J.W. Wallace founder of the 'Eagle Street College' dedicated to the works of Walt Whitman spent his working life here 1867 - 1912

Silverwell Street, Bolton, United Kingdom
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Scott House In Memory of Sir James W. Scott Bart and of Anne Lady Scott. 1926

Silverwell Street, Bolton, United Kingdom
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Marthe Chenal, de l'Opéra, habita cette maison depuis 1921 jusqu'à sa mort le 28 janvier 1947. Elle chanta la Marseillaise du balcon de l'Opéra aux acclamations du peuple de Paris le 11 novembre 1918.

Marthe Chenal, Opera, lived in this house from 1921 until her death on January 28, 1947. She sang the Marseillaise from the balcony of the Opera De Paris to cheer people of 11 November 1918.
94 rue de Courcelles, Paris, France
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Le compositeur Ernest Chausson 1855-1899 a vecu dans cette maison

The composer Ernest Chausson 1855-1899 lived in this house
22 Boulevard de Courcelles, Paris, France
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Gabriel Hanotaux de l'Académie française, homme d'état et historien, habita et mourut dans cette maison 1853 - 1944.

4 avenue Hoche, Paris, France
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Emplacement de l'ancien Cimetière des Errancis ou furent inhumes, du 24 mars 1794 au mois de mai 1795, les corps de 1119 personnes guillotinées Place de la Revolution.

92 rue de Monceau, Paris, France
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Cuan an Bhainbh Ar Oileán an Bhainbh, leath slí idir an da bhaile dhaingne a bhí ag na Lochlannaigh i Loch Garman agus i bPort Lairge, a thainig na Normanaigh i dtír, faoi cheannas Robert fitz Stephen, sa bhliain 1169. Tá an eaglais ar lathair an bhaile a d'fhás anseo níos deireanaí, agus ó chúl na heaglaise tá radharc ar an oileán. Sa chairt a bronnadh ar Ros Mhic Thriuin sa 13ú haois tugadh don bhaile sin "na pribhléidí agus na saoirsi ceanna a bhí ag buirgéisigh an Bhainbh agus Chill Chainnigh." Ach pluchadh caineal an Oileain sa 16ú haois agus chuaigh an calafort agus an baile i leig (d'ainmnigh rolla na gciós cúiteach ag an am naoi sráid sa bhaile). Ina dhiaidh sin lean an bhaile ag cur bheirt theachta chun no parlaiminte go dtí 1801 thoghtai iad le taobh an aon simléir amhain a bhi fágtha. Bannow On secluded Bannow Island, mid-way between the formidable Danish settlements of Wexford and Waterford, the Normans under Robert Fitzstephen landed in 1169. The island is to be viewed from behind the church which marks the site of the resulting town. The 13th century Charter of New Ross granted 'the same privileges and liberties as those enjoyed by the Burgesses of Bannow and Killkenny'. But during the 16th century, the Island Channel silted up, and both port and town-whose quit-rent Roll then records nine named streets-died. Yet Bannow continued until 1801 to return its two members to parliament-elected around the only chimney still standing.

Co Wexford, Bannow, Ireland
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Thomas Willis 1621-75 neurologist and Sedleian Professor of Natural Philosophy lived and worked here 1657-1667 Bean Hall formerly Biham Hall Named for Gilbert de Biham Ninth Chancellor of Oxford University (1246) Owner of an earlier building on this site

4 Merton Street, Oxford, United Kingdom
Doctor barnardo plaque

Site of St. Leonards Lodge residence of Doctor Barnardo 1896 until his death on 19th Sept 1905

Ravensview Court, Portsmouth Road, Kingston, London, United Kingdom

A.V. Hill 1886-1977 Physiologist lived here 1923-1967

16 Bishopswood Road, Highgate, London, United Kingdom
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dunkery hill

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Pope John Paul III [full inscription unknown]

, Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal

В этой школе №1 /28/ в период Великой Отечественной войны с VIII-1941 г. по X-1945 г. размещались военные госпитали: № 1875, 1982 и 4047

Sovetskaya street, 45, Serpukhov, Russia