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Peterloo Demonstration 16 August 1819. The Middleton contingent congregated here on Barrowfields and marched to St Peter's Field in Manchester led by Sam Bamford. The meeting, popularly known as the "Peterloo Massacre", was in support of the vote for the working classes. 16 Middleton people were injured.

Bardsley Street, Middleton, United Kingdom


In memory of Captain Thomas Joseph Wafer 2nd Battalion Dublin Brigade Irish Volunteers who was shot and burned in these premises Easter 1916. Go ndeinidh Dia trócaire ar a anan.

O'Connell Street, Dublin, Ireland

Ici vécut Arthur Lavoie (1863-1938). Médecin hygiéniste d’avant-garde, il fabriquait lui-même ses vaccins dans un laboratoire situé près de sa maison. Il fut un précurseur en matière de planification des naissances.

English translation: Here lived Arthur Lavoie (1863-1938). An avant-garde medical officer of health, he made his own vaccines in a laboratory near his home. He was a pioneer in birth planning. [AWS Translate]

1730, côte de Sillery (Sainte-Foy–Sillery–Cap-Rouge), Quebec, QC, Canada

Ici vécut Louis Latulippe (1896-1979). Menuisier, échevin de Vanier pendant 23 ans, il fut à l’origine de la construction de l’actuel Centre d’art La Chapelle.

English translation: Here lived Louis Latulippe (1896-1979). A carpenter, alderman of Vanier for 23 years, he was responsible for the construction of the current La Chapelle Art Centre. [AWS Translate]

537, avenue Plante (Les Rivières), Quebec, QC, Canada

Ici vécut Jeanne Lapointe (1915-2006), première professeure de littérature à l’Université Laval, pionnière en études féministes et artisane de la Révolution tranquille.

English translation: Here lived Jeanne Lapointe (1915-2006), first professor of literature at Université Laval, pioneer in feminist studies and craftsman of the Quiet Revolution. [AWS Translate]

10, avenue Wilfrid-Laurier (La Cité–Limoilou), Quebec, QC, Canada

Ici vécut Jean-Baptiste Laliberté (1843-1926). Chapelier, fourreur et fondateur de la maison J. B. Laliberté établie dans le quartier Saint-Roch depuis 1867. Pendant 17 ans, il a tenu ici son premier atelier de fourrure.

English translation: Here lived Jean-Baptiste Laliberté (1843-1926). Hatter, furrer and founder of J. B. Laliberté, established in the Saint-Roch district since 1867. For 17 years, he held his first fur workshop here. [AWS Translate]

640, rue Saint-Joseph Est (La Cité-Limoilou), Quebec, QC, Canada

Ici vécut Ambroise Lafrance (1847-1905), dernier maître d’une lignée d’orfèvres remontant au XVIIIe siècle

English translation: Here lived Ambroise Lafrance (1847-1905), the last master of a line of silversmiths dating back to the 18th century. [AWS Translate]

14, rue Monseigneur-De Laval (La Cité-Limoilou), Quebec, QC, Canada

Ici vécut Rosanne Laflamme (1937-1991). Amputée de trois membres dès l’enfance, elle milita toute sa vie en faveur des droits des personnes handicapées et reçut plusieurs prix et distinctions, principalement à titre d’athlète

English translation: Here lived Rosanne Laflamme (1937-1991). With three members from childhood, she was a lifelong advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities and received several awards and distinctions, mainly as an athlete. [AWS Translate]

115, 9e Rue (La Cité-Limoilou), Quebec, QC, Canada

S.S. Adela Chuir U-bhád go tóin poil i Cailleadh ceithre dhuine is fiche. 27 Nollaig 1917. Sunk by a U-boat with twenty-four lives lost 27th December 1917.

Sir John Rogerson's Quay, Dublin, Ireland

Cemetery Lodge By 1845 Birmingham's population had increased so greatly that finding space to bury the dead was becoming a problem and a new Church of England Cemetery was constructed. This lodge, built in 1849, formed its main entrance. There was living accommodation for the secretery on the right hand side of the gates and offices on the left, with a room for director's meetings above the gateway. Formerly the cemetery land had been excavated for sand. Into the sides of the largest sand - pit were built the catacombs, which can still be seen. St Michael's Church which stood above them was demolished in the 1950's.

Cemetery Lodge - Warstone Lane Cemetery, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, United Kingdom


The Old Dairy P.H.B.C. The First Business Centre In The World 1972

110 Gloucester Avenue, Primrose Hill, London, United Kingdom

Neste Predio Nasceu a 24 de Nevembro de 1906 Romulo Vasco da Gama Carvalho Professor e Pedagogo Divulgador de cienca Investigador da historia Escreveu poesis, assinando Antonio Gedeao

English translation: In this building Born on November 24, 1906 Romulo Vasco da Gama Carvalho Professor and Pedagogo Dialguador de cienca Investigator of history Wrote poesis, signing Antonio Gedeao [AWS Translate]

R Augusta Rosa 15-1, Lisbon, Portugal

Sir Henry Cooper OBE KSG 1934-2011 Professional Boxer. British, Commonwealth & European Heavyweight Champion. Ran a greengrocers from here serving the local community 1965-1968

4 Ealing Road, Wembley, United Kingdom


Heild Well [full inscription unknown]

Wellgate, Clitheroe, United Kingdom

This plaque commemorates early development work on the Whittle Gas Turbine Engine carried out on this site from 1941 by Rover, Lucas and later by Rolls Royce

Whittle Close, Clitheroe, United Kingdom

Pioneers of the jet engine. At a meeting in the Swan & Royal Hotel in December 1941, responsibility for developing Sir Frank Whittle's invention - the jet engine, passed from the Rover Company to Rolls-Royce. The deal was sealed over a five shilling meal between Rolls-Royce General Manager Ernest Hives, the Rover Managing Director Spencer Wilks and Dr Stanley Hooker of Rolls-Royce

The Swan & Royal, Clitheroe, United Kingdom

Captain James King [full inscription unknown]

Yorkshire Building Society, King Lane, Clitheroe, United Kingdom

Terry Pratchett (Equal Rites, 1987) 'Often there is no more than a little plaque to reveal that, against all gynaecological probability, someone very famous was born halfway up a wall.'

Discworld Emporium, 41 High Street, Wincanton, United Kingdom


THE BEATLES Is anseo i bPictiúrlann Adelphi a bhí an t-aon dá cheolchoirm i mBaile Átha Cliath acu. 7 Samhain 1963. Performed their only two Dublin concerts here at the Adelphi Cinema 7th November 1963

Middle Abbey Street, Dublin, Ireland


Bella Reay born in Cowpen. Centre forward for Blyth Spartans Ladies (1917-1919) and England. Bella scored 133 goals in one season and was part of the team which went on the win the Munitionettes' Cup in May 1918

Blyth Spartans AFC, Croft Park, Plessey Rd, Blyth, United Kingdom