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Jon Pertwee 1919-1996 Doctor Who 1970-1974

BBC Television Centre, London, United Kingdom

60 лет Российскому государственному университету
60 лет Российскому государственному университету имени Иммануила Канта, 2007. 60th anniversary of Immanuel Kant Russian State University, 2007. Примечание: С 2010 года университет называется Балтийский федеральный университет имени Иммануила Канта. Он носит имя знаменитого немецкого философа с 2005 года. Note: Since 2010 the university known as Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. In 2005, the university was renamed in honor of famous German philosopher.

14 Aleksandra Nevskogo street , Kaliningrad, Russia

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Caroline (Cara) Bray and her husband Charles were close friends of George Eliot, the Victorian novelist who attended school in nearby Warwick Row. This memorial trough, formerly in Queen's Road, was re-sited jointly by CV One, Coventry City Council and the George Eliot Fellowship in June 2002.

Greyfriars Green, Coventry, United Kingdom

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Our beloved Joolz Brooker 20.7.1981 - 23.10.2004 Mortal no longer

London Road Station, Brighton, United Kingdom

Лавринович Казимир Клеофасович
"Выдающийся учёный, педагог, историк науки Лавринович Казимир Клеофасович 1941 - 2002". English translation: Outstanding scientist, educator, historian of science Lavrinovich Kazimir Kleofasovich, 1941 - 2002.

14 Aleksandra Nevskogo street , Kaliningrad, Russia

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Donald J. Trump hole #12 first hole-in-one inaugural round 8 iron 149 yards October 9th, 2013

Trump Golf Links Ferry Point, The Bronx, New York, NY, United States

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Dinham House An 18th century town house used by the Knights of Downton, the Johnes of Croft Castle and Earls of Powis, Lucien Bonaparte was a prisoner here in 1811.

Dinham, Ludlow, United Kingdom

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The Croft An 18th century house named after Christ Croft, a wide medieval ditch at right angles to the street.

12 Dinham, Ludlow, United Kingdom

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Dinham Hall Built in 1792 by Samuel Nash, agent of Richard Payne Knight of Downton Castle.

10 Dinham, Ludlow, United Kingdom

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2, Dinham 'Newly built' in 1656 after burning in the Civil War.

2 Dinham, Ludlow, United Kingdom

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The Barlow Room St. Pancras station was designed by William Barlow in 1868 with construction commencing in 1866. The famous Barlow train shed arch spans 240ft and is over 100ft high. On it's completion in 1868 it became the largest enclosed space in the world. St. Pancras remains one of the greatest Victorian buildings in London with it's spectacular Victorian gothic architecture. Following redevelopment in 2007 St. Pancras is not only the key destiantion for Eurostar but also a truly grand retail & hospitality destination.

The Lucas Arms, Grays Inn Road, London, United Kingdom

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Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital This building was formerly the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital Built in 1890 and finally closed in 2002. It was established by Elizabeth Garrett Anderson. The first woman to qualify as a doctor in Britain who created a hospital in which women were treated by women only. The building was acquired and fully restored by the trade union UNISON in 2011 and was incorporated into the UNISON Centre.

UNISON Centre, Euston Road, London, United Kingdom

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Dominic Fernandez ('Dom') Valdez B.E.M. (1939-1999) Born in Liverpool to a Spanish father and an English mother, Dom moved to Runcorn in 1973, to the recently built New Town, where he found employment as a caretaker at Southgate Primary School (now Hallwood Park Primary School). He lived at 220 The Uplands, the house he would live in until his death. Halton Haven Hospice was entirely Dom's vision, and was originally known as The Dom Valdez Centre For Cancer Care, 'Halton Haven'. From humble beginnings at a community centre, and later at a bungalow in Windmill Hill, Dom and his team of volunteers were given the land in Murdishaw where Halton Haven now stands by Runcorn Development Corporation. The first building, which is today the Day Hospice Unit, was built in 1984. This was followed by the adjoining Inglenook in 1986, and the Inpatient Unit a few years later. The Amanda Edwards Unit was officially opened in 1991 by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. Halton Haven Hospice provides palliative care through a range of services to individuals, and support for their families, in Runcorn, Widnes and the surrounding areas. It aims to relieve the sickness, suffering and distress of people resulting in particular from cancer and other terminal illnesses. As an independent charity it must generate much of its income by its own means, and it is only because of the generosity of mainly local people that the hospice can survive. In 1992 Dom received the British Empire Medal for his charitable work. He was presented with his medal by Sir William Arthur Bromley-Davenport K.C.V.O., Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire. Dom was much loved and respected by people who knew him and by those who were fortunate enough to work alongside him. He was buried here at Halton Haven.

Halton Haven Hospice, Barnfield Avenue, Murdishaw, Runcorn, United Kingdom

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Sir Nigel Gresley 1876 - 1941 Chief Mechanical Engineer, 1911 - 1923 Great Northern Railway, 1923 - 1941 London & North Eastern Railway. Based in an office at this station, he designed powerful, elegant and fast locomotives including the world famous "Flying Scotsman" and "Mallard", the fastest steam locomotive in the world. His streamlined trains departed from this station. They set new standards of comfort, speed and safety, and were the first truly high speed trains. Sculptor: Hazel Reeves FRSA Placed by the Gresley Society Trust on 5th April 2016, The 75th Anniversary of his death.

London King's Cross Station, London, United Kingdom

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In a house near this site was born Robert Southey 1774-1843. Poet Laureate 1813.

Pridential Buildings, 11-19 Wine Street, Bristol, United Kingdom

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This tablet erected 1937 marks the last site of the head of the quay pipe conduit which for many years was one of the principal sources of water supply for the inhabitants of the city and for ships in the harbour. The springs at Ashley Down supplying this conduit before becoming the property of the commonality of the city in 1391, belonged to the friars of the Order of Preachers.

Eagle House, St. Stephen's Street, Bristol, United Kingdom

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Dans la rue de la Fontaine-au-Roi résista la dernière barricade de la Commune de Paris défendue par ses chefs: E. VARLIN, T. FERRE et J.B. CLEMENT. Elle succomba vers midi le 28 mai 1871 au terme de la « Semaine Sanglante ». 120 ans après, le Parti Socialiste et son Premier Secrétaire Pierre MAUROY, rendent hommage au Peuple de PARIS qui voulut changer la vie et aux 30.000 fusillés du « temps des cerises ». 28 mai 1871/28 mai 1991

17, rue de la Fontaine-au-Roi, Paris, France

Site of the haberdashers' hall 1658   1996
Site of the Haberdashers' Hall 1458-1996

Garrard House Gresham Street, London, United Kingdom

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Maison Fond. Leandro Erlich (Buenos Aires, 1973) est un artiste argentin. Installée sur le parvis de la Gard du Nord, Maison fond a été inaugurée dans le cadre de Nuit Blanche, en partenariat avec Gares & Connexions, le 3 octobre 2015. L'architecture est depuis tout temps un symbole fort de la culture humaine, elle nous rappelle qui nous sommes et souvent ce que nous avons perdu. Comme une grande partie de l'oeuvre de Leandro Erlich, cette oeuvre résonne dans notre inconscient, au travers d'un langage visuel onirique, et pointe du doigt un sujet de préoccupation urgent et actuel. L'artiste a choisi le titre pour sa correspondance phonétique avec "Mes enfants", qui vivront le futur que nous décidons aujourd'hui. A la fois frappante accessible, cette installation touche à la réalité humaine universelle de l'impermanence et aux dilemmes urgents et précis auxquels nous sommes confrontés. Cette installation accompagne - en marge de la Conférence cadre des Nations unies sur les changements climatiques - la réflexion liée à ces enjeux.

Gare du Nord, Paris, France

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Saint-Pierre des Minimes. Succédant à un oratoire rural, l'église actuelle fut construite au cours du XIIe siècle. Au début du XVIIe siècle, les Minimes, ordre de bénédictins réformés, édifièrent les bâtiments claustraux voisins qui servent d'école depuis 1791. Le clocher et presque toute la partie droite de l'église furent abattus lors de la Révolution. Le portail est orné de sculptures très abîmées: le Christ en gloire entouré des symboles des quatre évangélistes. Un groupe de saintes femmes fréquentait cette église et fut protégé par le cardinal de Bérulle et le Père de Condren, prêtres de l'Oratoire; parmi elles: Barbe Frémault (1599-1636), servante morte en odeur de sainteté, qui y fut inhumée, et son héritière spirituelle, Antoinette Vivenel (1612-1678), une Sévigné cloîtrée."

rue des Minimes, Compiègne, France