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Babits mihály emléktáblája i kerület attila út 103

Ebben a házban lakott Babits Mihály 1937 - 1940

Attila út 103., Budapest, Hungary
Aba novak home

Ebben a házban élt 1932 és 1939 között Krisztinaváros szülötte Aba-Novák Vilmos festőművész (1894-1941), és itt alkotta életműve jelentős részét.

Zsolt utca 7., Budapest, United Kingdom
1849 május 21 emléktáblája i kerület palota út 1

1849. május 21-én a felszabadító honvédcsapatok ezen a helyen léptek először a császáriaktól megszállott Budai Vár területére. Tizenöt napi hősies küzdelmük emlékét őrzi e tábla.

Palota út 1., Budapest, Hungary
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Louisa Brandreth Aldrich-Blake DBE MD MS 1865-1925 Dean of the London (Royal Free Hospital) School of Medicine for Women 1914-1925 Consulting Surgeon Royal Free Hospital 1919-1925 Surgeon to the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital 1895-1925 Glorious is the fruit of good labour

Memorial to Louisa Brandreth Aldrich-Blake - Tavistock Square, WC1, London, United Kingdom
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O Mary Conceived Without Sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee. This statue was erected the Marian year 1954 by the workers of the Alexandra Road and their friends. In honour of our Blessed Lady.

Alexandra Road, Dublin, Ireland
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Na hEireannaigh Dhearmadta In commemoration of that generation of post World War II emigrants who left their homes, counties and country from The Carlisle Pier, never to return. Often called "The Forgotten Irish", this plaque recalls their contribution and their loss.

, Dún Laoghaire, Ireland
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The quadrica surmounting this arch was presented to the nation as a mark of deepest loyalty and respect to his late revered Majesty Edward VII by Herbert First Baron Michelham of Hellingly KCVO.

Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner, London, United Kingdom
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The Great Exhibition 1851, Hyde Park This is the site of the Great Exhibition of 1851. It was the first world exhibition of design, technology and innovation, displaying exhibits from Britain, the British Empire and the rest of the world. For the first time, the site in Hyde Park has been marked. Five recycled glass and concrete plaques now stand on the footprint and former entrance to the building. Early examples of the materials and techniques used in this project were displayed in the Great Exhibition. This public art project commemorates the 160th anniversary of the Great Exhibition. Designed by Joseph Paxton, the Great Exhibition building was nicknamed the 'Crystal Palace'. It was the world's first large-scale prefabricated building. Measuring 1848ft by 108ft, the spectacular structure was built using glass and iron. From where you are standing, it would have spanned roughly 924ft (281 metres) to your left and right. The exhibition presented over 100,000 exhibits, including a black diamond from Brazil, a barometer using leeches, a prototype submarine. Smith & Weston rifles and edible birds nests from Java. The legacy of the Great Exhibition continues to this day. The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 staged the landmark project. The Commission continues to support research and cultural projects with the profits from the exhibition.

Hyde Park, London, United Kingdom
part of the The Great Exhibition of the works of industry of all nations & Crystal Palace building Hyde Park 1851 series
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Building designed by Joseph Paxton First large scale prefabricated glass and iron building Organised by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 First world exposition of innovation, technology and design Supported by HRH Prince Albert

Hyde Park, London, United Kingdom
part of the The Great Exhibition of the works of industry of all nations & Crystal Palace building Hyde Park 1851 series
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Project funded by public subscription Cost of building and fittings £200,000 Value of exhibits (excluding Koh-I-Noor diamond) £2 million Profits £186,437 Profits fund site for cultural insitutions on Exhibition Road

Hyde Park, London, United Kingdom
part of the The Great Exhibition of the works of industry of all nations & Crystal Palace building Hyde Park 1851 series
Plaque commemorating compton's cafeteria riot

Gene Compton's Cafeteria Riot 1966. Here marks the site of Gene Compton's Cafeteria where a riot took place one August night when transgender women and gay men stood up for their rights and fought against police brutality, poverty, oppression and discrimination in the tenderloin: we, the transgender, gay, lesbian and bisexual community, are dedicating this plaque to these heroes of our civil rights movement

Gene Compton's Cafeteria, San Francisco, CA, United States

To commemorate the victims of the bomb which exploded at this site on Saturday April 17th 1999. "A community under attack will not be divided. Together we are strong."

Iceland, Electric Avenue, Brixton, London, United Kingdom

Andrea Dykes D.O.B. 30-11-1971 John Light D.O.B. 27-04-1967 Nick Moore D.O.B. 24-05-1967 deceased 30-4-1999 in the Admiral Duncan Bombing. Goodness is stronger than evil

churchyard close to the Admiral Duncan pub in Old Compton Street, London, United Kingdom

Commemorating the founding fathers of football to mark the 150th anniversary of the The Football Association formed 26 October 1863

Wembley Stadium, London, United Kingdom
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In a house on this site The Revd. Sir Henry Bate Dudley, Bt, M.A., LL.d., J.P. 1745 - 1824 lived 1802 - 1816 Critic, Playwright, first journalist to be designated Editor Founder with David Garrick et al. 2 November 1772 of The Morning Post (Merged with The Daily Telegraph in 1937) also founder of The Morning Herald 1780 - 1869

The Millennium Hotel, Sloane Street, SW1, London, United Kingdom
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In questo palazzo gia abitato dal MCCCCXIII al MCCCCXXIV da Francesco Carmagnola ebbe poi sede il Comune di Milano dal MDCCLXXXVI al MDCCCLXI

Via Rovello 2, Milano, Italy

Giuseppe Mengoni Creatore di questo monumento imponente segno della volonta di rinnovazione e della fede nell' avvenire della citta allora liberata dal giogo straniero qui mori sul campo del suo ardimento delle sue lotte della sua vittoria il 30 dicembre 1877 la vigilia del meritato trionfo

Galleria Emmanuel II, Milano, Italy
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In fond memory of Philip Geddes Kenneth Gerald Salvesen Jasmine Cochran Patrick Innocent Victims 17th December 1983

Harrods, Hans Crescent, SW1, London, United Kingdom
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Wolpack Inn 14th - 16th Century 1665 Home of The Rev T Lowrey elected minister of The Church of England and licences for Worship 1672 Licensed as an inn 1708

The Wolpack Inn, Church Green, Halstead, United Kingdom
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A.F. Sharman Crawford, 1862 - 1943. Brewer and benefactor. Endowed and built this building, the Sharman Crawford Technical Institute, in 1911.

Crawford College of Art & Design, Bishop Street, Cork, Ireland