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CHIEF LITTLE TURTLE 1752-1812 Me-she-kin-no-quah, chief of the Miami Indians teacher of his people friend of the United States his endeavors toward peace should serve as an inspiration for future generations this plot of ground, the last resting place of chief Little Turtle, is dedicated to the children of America and made a public park in 1959 through the generosity of Eleanor Smeltzly and Mary Catherine Smeltzly Under the auspice of the Allen County-Fort Wayne historical society Little Turtle

634 Lawton Pl, Fort Wayne, IN, United States

Arroyo de San Joseph Cupertino This arroyo honoring San Joseph, patron saint of flight and students, was first discovered and traversed by Spanish explorers in 1769. On March 25–26, 1776 Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza made it his encampment no. 93, as mapped by his cartog- rapher Padre Pedro Font, before continuing on to the San Francisco Bay Area where he initiated steps to found a colony, a mission and a presidio. California Registered Historical Landmark no. 800 Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the Cupertino Historical Society, Inc., May 29, 1968.

21840 McClellan Road, Cupertino, United States

In questo luogo sorgeva la casa dove ebbe i natali il 12 maggio 1983 Giovanni Romagnoli artista insigne mistico cantore della bellezza. L'erede Zaira Rambelli riconoscente pose questa memoria nell'anno centenario

English translation: In this place stood the house where he was born on 12 May 1983 Giovanni Romagnoli distinguished artist mystical cantor of beauty. The heir Zaira Rambelli grateful placed this memory in the centenary year [AWS Translate]

Via Baldassarre Manara 13, Faenza, Italy

Edgbaston Archery & Lawn Tennis Society The oldest surviving lawn tennis club in the world. Edgbaston Archery Society moved here in 1867 and lawn tennis was introduced by 1875.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom


To commemorate The Chase Street Party to celebrate the 90th birthday of H M Queen Elizabeth II 12th June 2016

Chase Street, London, United Kingdom


To commemorate the Chase Street Party to celebrate the wedding of HRH Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton, 29th April 2011

Chase Street, London, United Kingdom


To commemorate The Chase Golden Jubilee Street Party held on 3rd June 2002 in the presence of HRH Princess Alexandra

Chase Street, London, United Kingdom


First Police Station No's 26 and 28 were one building and date pre 1568. 1590 - one room was sublet for "Ye Cock Tavern". 1594 - became known as "The House of the Poor" because the rents from it were shared amongst the 8 poor ladies living in the almshouses not to St Mary's church. 1735-1800 used as a school house. 1840-1883 Tetbury's first police station. during this time a lock-up cell was added to the back of the property.

63 Long Street, Tetbury, United Kingdom


H - 19Charles D McIver - 1860 - 1906 - Educator and first president of what is now UNC -Greensboro. 1891-1906. Boyhood home is 200 yds W.

Boone Trail Road, Sanford, NC, United States

Sir William Mills the inventor 1856-1932. William Mills was born into the Mills shipbuilding family in 1856 at Wear Street, Low Southwick. He was knighted in June 1922 for his invention of the Mills Bomb in 1915. More commonly known as the hand grenade, it was extensively and successfully used by the Allies during the First World War.

The Times Inn, Wear Street, Southwick, Sunderland, United Kingdom


Hertford's second Great Eastern Railway Station opened in 1888 replacing an earlier terminus at Railway Place

Mill Road, Hertford, United Kingdom

William Carey DD preached his great missionary sermon in this building - then Baptist chapel - on May 30th 1792.

Maid Marion Way, Nottingham, United Kingdom


Тимонин Александр Васильевич 1931 - 1988 погиб при восхождении

English translation: Timonin Alexandre Vasilyevich 1931 - 1988 perished while climbing [AWS Translate]

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'In this house was born 26 October 1802 Richard Parkes Bonington Artist'

79 High Street, Arnold, United Kingdom

Jane Austen Heritage Trail #6

Jane Austen author: 1775-1817. Site of the Theatre Royal. The Theatre Royal had been built by the proprietor, Mr Collins, in 1798. The Austen Family visited the theatre here in Monday 14 Septembet 1897, to see two plays, 'The Way To keep Him' and 'Of Age Tomorrow', in which Mr John Bannister (1790-1836) played leading roles. The Austens were fond of the theatre and Jane wrote plays to entertain her family and friends.

French Street, Southampton, United Kingdom

Jane Austen Heritage Trail #5

Jane Austen author: 1775-1817. The Long Rooms & Hot Baths. Built in 1767 on the shore-line outside the town walls, The Long Rooms and Hot Baths were the fashionable centre of Southampton as a spa resort. The Lance Family of Chessel House, Bitterne (where Lances Hill preserves their name), invited the Austens to a dance in The Long Rooms in January 1807, shortly after they had moved into their new home in Castle Square.

Hotel, Western Esplanade, Southampton, United Kingdom

Jane Austen Heritage Trail #3

Jane Austen author: 1775-1817. Spa Fountain Gardens. Jane was a keen walker and when she lived in Southampton she frequently visited the gardens here with their views across the River Test. The spa water was said to cure everything except a broken heart. It was the visit by Frederick, Prince of Wales, to the well in 1750 which led to Southampton becoming a spa resort.

Arundel Circus, Southampton, United Kingdom

Jane Austen Heritage Trail #2

This is the site of All Saints Church destroyed in 1940 during the blitz on the city in World War II. It was here that Jane Austen worshipped during her stay in Southampton

High Street, Southampton, United Kingdom


Jane Austen born December 16th 1775 died July 18th 1817 worshipped here

St. Nicholas Church, Steventon, United Kingdom


Jane Austen novelist attended school at the Abbey Gateway 1785-6

Abbey Gateway, Reading, United Kingdom