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В этом доме жил с 1965 г. по 2012 г. выдающийся российский ученый - правовед и государственный деятель, почетный гражданин Свердловской области Алексеев Сергей Сергеевич

Lenina avenue, 64, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Marconi House Within this building Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company Limited operated their famous broadcasting station 2.L.O. from May 11th to November 14th 1922 when it became the first station of the British Broadcasting Company. The first pre-announced broadcast of public entertainment took place two years earlier when Dame Nellie Melba sang from Marconi's Chelmsford Works on June 15th 1920

Marconi House, The Strand, London, United Kingdom

From time immemorial at or near this place in Whitby Harbour the ceremony of the Horngarth popularly known as the planting of the Penny Hedge has been performed each year on the morning of the eve of Ascension Day

Opposite 16 Church Street, Whitby, United Kingdom

J. ARTHUR RANK 1888-1972 Industrialist and Film Producer worked here

38 South Street, London, United Kingdom

The upper floor of this building, known as Albion Rooms, operated as Public Subscription News and Billiard Rooms from the 1820s and as The Louth Club (gentlemen only) 1887-2000

24-26 Cornmarket, Louth, United Kingdom

In 1904 the first branch of Currys opened here as Louth Cycle Company 102½ Eastgate

106 Eastgate, Louth, United Kingdom

Greenwich Meridian This plaque was presented to the Borough of Louth by E. Kemp Esq. August 1948

Milanos 105A Eastgate, Louth, United Kingdom

This plaque was unveiled by the Mayor of Louth to commemorate the centenary of the Greenwich meridian on the 26th June 1984 Coun. A.S. Ward Town Mayor L.Riddick Esq. Town Clerk

Jackson's Butchers 118 Eastgate, Louth, United Kingdom

Hôtel de Saint-Aignan. Construit par l'architecte Pierre Le Muet, de 1645 à 1650, pour Claude de Mesmes, comte d'Avaux, négociateur de la paix de Wesphalie et surintendant des finances, il fut agrandi en 1691 pour Paul de Beauvillier, le gouverneur des trois petits-fils de Louis XIV, gendre de Colbert. La façade sur cour est structurée par un ensemble de pilastres colossaux d'ordre corinthien encadrant de grandes baies, et le côté gauche habille de fausses fenêtres l'ancien rempart de Philippe-Auguste. Michel-Etienne Turgot, prévôt des Marchands et son fils Anne, futur ministre de Louis XVI, y habitèrent. Très défiguré à la Révolution, il fut transformé en mairie d' arrondissement de 1795 à 1823.

71 rue du Temple, Paris, France

From these premises was published in 1827 Alfred and Charles Tennyson's "Poems by two brothers"

19 Market Place, Louth, United Kingdom

У цьому будинку в 1906 році жила видатна російська поетеса Анна Ахматова

7 Zankovetskoi Street, Kyiv, Ukraine

"An old wall covered with wild weeds opposite the school windows" Alfred Lord Tennyson 1809-1892 at Louth Grammar School 1816-1820

Schoolhouse Lane, Louth, United Kingdom

Assembly Rooms Built in 1745 by public subscription for county functions Bailgate entrance and foyer added in 1914

76 Bailgate, Lincoln, United Kingdom

Leigh-Pemberton House On 31 May 1979, the Regional Chairman, Mr T G Boardman, M.C., T.D., of the National Westminster Bank Limited presented these premises to the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln for the use of the Cathedral. In recognition of this generous benefaction the building was named after the Chairman of the Bank Mr Robert Leigh Pemberton, D.L. The building stands directly over the Roman street, the Via Principalis, that ran North through the upper enclosure of Lindum Coloniae. It was built about 1543, to serve as the residence of a merchant of the City. Both internally and externally it is a fine example of half-timbered work. Extensive restoration was carried out by the National Provincial Bank in 1929 and again in 1970 when it was adapted to serve (till early 1979) as the Lincoln Area Office of the National Westminster Bank Limited.

9 Castle Hill, Lincoln, United Kingdom

Norman House Date c1170-80. Mistakenly known as "Aaron the Jew's house". First floor window re-set and restored. [full inscription unknown]

46-47 Steep Hill, Lincoln, United Kingdom

Site of Roman colonnade Setts in the roadway mark the positions of columns of a monumental facade 275 feet long, cut by the road linking the East and West Roman gates. Twin columns delimit the two buildings: a triple column marks the entrance to the North building

Lion and Snake, 79 Bailgate, Lincoln, United Kingdom

In this building are the remains of the Eastern carriageway of the South Gate of the Upper Roman City

44 Steep Hill, Lincoln, United Kingdom

William Logsdail R.B.C., RSPP The artist was born in this house on the 25 May 1859. Son of George Logsdail (1827-1905) head verger of Lincoln Cathedral 1858-1902

19 Minster Yard, Lincoln, United Kingdom

To commemorate the 700th anniversary of the granting of the market charter 10th October 1283

The Corn Exchange, 9 Market Place, Alford, United Kingdom

1911 Transport Strike At this site on 15th August 1911 John W. Sutcliffe a 19-year old carter was shot dead by British Troops during the Liverpool Transport Strike. Further up Vauxhall Road Michael Prendergast a 30-year old docker was also fatally injured. Many others were injured including women and children. On behalf of all working-class people we remember the sacrifices they made fighting for Trade Union and Political Rights. Solidarity Forever

330 Vauxhall Road, Liverpool, United Kingdom