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This plaque honours Barbara Windsor MBE a comedy legend whose Borehamwood-made films include: Too Hot To Handle, Crooks In Cloisters, The Boy Friend and for her portrayal of Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders

Elstree Studios, Borehamwood, United Kingdom


Dame Elizabeth Taylor actress was born here in 1932 and lived here until 1939

8 Wildwood Road, London, United Kingdom


Near this spot in AD 1028 Canute reproved his followers

Canute Street, Southampton, United Kingdom

CANUTE CHAMBERS This building housed the offices of The White Star Shipping Company, owners of RMS Titanic which sank on April 15th 1912 after striking an iceberg on her maiden voyage. It was here that hundreds of local people waited for news of their loved ones. 549 Southampton people died in the disaster.

Canute Road, Southampton, United Kingdom

ROUND TOWER The Round Tower, so called in 1454, started as a freestanding dovecote built in the late Thirteenth Century. In the mid Fourteenth Century when the adjacent town wall was built, the back of the round dovecote was demolished and the front heightened to form a half-round tower. The honeycomb construction of the original nesting boxes is still visible in the base of the tower. Subsequently the tower was used as a house in the late Eighteenth Century. Part of a brick domestic fireplace or oven survives.

Back of the Walls, Southampton, United Kingdom

FRIARY REREDORTER The Friary Reredorter was built shortly before 1373 as a dual-purpose building providing toilet facilities for the friars and strengthening the defences of this part of the town. A tall square tower, mounting two guns in time of war, it projected beyond the town wall allowing the main drain to discharge into the town ditch. Access from the Friary Dorter, or dormitory, was by an elevated walkway across the roadway called Back of the Walls. The Reredorter went out of use in the Sixteenth Century and was converted into a dwelling in the late Eighteenth Century.

Back of the Walls, Southampton, United Kingdom

National Railway Heritage Awards/ Crossrail/The MTR Crossrail Award for Urban Heritage/presented to/Merseyrail Electrics 2002 Ltd/for/Liverpool James Street Station/by/Paul Maynard MP: Rail Minister/2016

Water Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Die Andreas Reinhartschen Eheleute da hier leben Dieses Bild zur Ehre Gott und der heiligen Jungfrau Maria im Jahre 1726 errichtet, renovirt von Paulus Zöllner im Jahre 1865, die Kapelle von den beiden Schwestern Theresia Zöllner u. Katharina im Jahre 1889 erbauen lassen

English translation: The Andreas Reinhartschen spouses live here This image to the glory of God and the Blessed Virgin Maria built in 1726, renovated by Paul tax collector in 1865, the chapel of the two Sisters Theresa Zöllner and Katharina built in 1889 [AWS Translate]

49.9700098, 11.039684, Scheßlitz, Germany

Holy Trinity church, Spital/30th Sept. 2012/Celebrating 25 years

Chorley Way, Poulton Lancelyn, United Kingdom

Jim Capaldi (1944-2005) Musician, lyricist & co-founder if the band "Traffic" first played here with the local band "The Saphires" Lived at 69 Battleton Road, Fairfield, Evesham

Public Hall, Evesham, United Kingdom


The Victoria/formerly known as/The Aigburth Arms/birthplace of Red Dwarf/Legendary BBC sitcom aired 1988 - 2009/Show creators Grant Naylor drank here as students/

6 Victoria Road, Liverpool L17 0DL, Liverpool, United Kingdom


FRIARY HOUSE stands on the site of the Southampton Franciscan Friary. Founded in AD 1233, the Friary played an active part in the life of the medieval town. In 1538 it was closed as a result of King Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries. It lay derelict until John Brissault built a sugar refinery here in 1740. This was later converted into a warehouse which was destroyed by bombing during World War II. Southampton City Council archaeologists excavated the site in 1986 with the support of British Telecom who also provided this plaque and the mural.

Briton Street, Southampton, United Kingdom

The Church of Holyrood erected on this site in 1320 was damaged by enemy action on 30 Nov 1940. Known for centuries as the Church of the Sailors the ruins have been preserved by the people of Southampton as a memorial garden of rest dedicated to those who served in the Merchant Navy and lost their lives at sea.

Bernard Street, Southampton, United Kingdom

ANCHOR FROM QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 (QE2) Donated to the City of Southampton by Cunard in March 2010, to commemorate the long association between the city and this iconic liner. The QE2 left her home port of Southampton on her maiden voyage in May 1969 and was a familiar sight in the port, carrying passengers to New York and many other destinations. In 1982 she served in the Falklands War as a troop ship and helicopter carrier. Her final voyage was in November 2008 when she received a huge and emotional send off from the people of Southampton.

High Street, Southampton, United Kingdom

JANE AUSTEN Author: 1775-1817 DOLPHIN HOTEL It is said that Jane celebrated her 18th birthday here in the ballroom of the Dolphin on 16 December 1793 with her brother Frank. Jane was staying with her cousins, the Butler-Harrisons, in St Mary's Street. John Butler-Harrison was twice Mayor of Southampton. When she was living in Southampton in the winter of 1808/09, according to Jane's letters, she attended two other dances at the Dolphin ballroom, a beautiful bow-windowed room on the first floor.

35 High Street, Southampton, United Kingdom

CASTLE GATE The remains of the Drum Towers flanking the principal gateway to Southampton's medieval castle were discovered through archaeological excavations in 1961. The castle itself formerly stood on the site now occupied by a 20th century block of twelve storey flats. The twin Drum Towers, now partially restored, were added to the defensive bailey wall of the Royal Castle during the late 14th century and were originally over 20ft high.

Castle Way, Southampton, United Kingdom

"The John Nolan Roundabout"/John Nolan/1933 - 2005/A campaigner for better and safer communities

Roundabout at junction B51515 and B5136, Thornton Hough, United Kingdom

Dwight D. Eisenhower slept here [full inscription unknown]

The Water Tower, Weston Woods, Worlebury Hill, Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom


Margaret Walker (1922-2013) founder of the East 15 Acting School and theatre workshop director Joan Littlewood (1914-2002) remembered here.

Rectory Lane, Loughton, United Kingdom

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, Goleta, United States