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Lewis Weston Dillwyn FRS 1778-1855 lived here/bu'n byw yma 1831-1855

Sketty Hall, Sketty Lane, Swansea, United Kingdom
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Cardiff Castle presented to the City of Cardiff by the Fifth Marquess of Bute Cardiff Castle's history began with the first Roman fortress built in the 1st C,. The Norman conquest in the 11th C, brought impressive fortifications. In the 19th C, the apartments were extended for the 3rd Marquess of Bute by architect W.M. Burges and contain unique and spectacularly decorated interiors. The castle is open 362 days a year providing guided tours, medieval banquets, military museums, gift shops and function rooms available for hire

Cyflwynodd Gastell Caerdydd i Ddinas Caerdydd gan Bumed Ardalydd Bute hanes Castell Caerdydd yn dechrau gyda'r gaer Rufeinig cyntaf a adeiladwyd yn y C 1af,. Y goncwest Normanaidd yn y C 11eg, daeth amddiffynfeydd trawiadol. Yn y C 19eg, y fflatiau eu hymestyn ar gyfer 3ydd Ardalydd Bute gan WM pensaer Burges ac yn cynnwys tu unigryw ac wedi'u haddurno'n drawiadol. Mae'r castell ar agor 362 diwrnod y flwyddyn gan ddarparu teithiau tywys, gwleddoedd canoloesol, amgueddfeydd milwrol, siopau anrhegion a ystafelloedd digwyddiadau ar gael i'w llogi
Cardiff Castle - Duke Street, Cardiff, United Kingdom
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Via San Francesco, Ravello, Italy
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This plaque celebrates the completion by Cardiff Council of the creation of a pedestrian friendly environment in High Street and St Mary Street and recognises the efforts of those who physically carried out the works. High Street and St Mary Street saw substandial change between 1600 and 1800 and were the main streets connected by Quay Street and The Golate to the river with ships coming in from all over the world. In 1850 the river Taff was straightened to facilitate the cosntruction of the General Railway station and the docks area of Cardiff was developed. For over five hundred years these streets have been the main north / south transport route through the city and have now been handed over to the people of Cardiff and visitors to the city for their use and enjoyment.

Mae'r plac yn dathlu cwblhau gan Gyngor Caerdydd yr amgylchedd cyfeillgar i gerddwyr yn Heol Fawr a Heol Eglwys Fair creu ac yn cydnabod ymdrechion y rhai a wnaeth gorfforol y gwaith. Gwelodd Heol Fawr a Heol Eglwys Fair newid substandial rhwng 1600 a 1800 ac roedd y prif strydoedd cysylltu gan Stryd y Cei a The Golate at yr afon gyda llongau yn dod i mewn o bob cwr o'r byd. Yn 1850 afon Taf ei sythu i hwyluso cosntruction yr orsaf Rheilffordd Cyffredinol a'r ardal y dociau yng Nghaerdydd ei datblygu. Am dros bum can mlynedd strydoedd hyn wedi bod y prif lwybr trafnidiaeth rhwng y de i'r gogledd / drwy'r ddinas ac yn awr wedi cael eu trosglwyddo i'r bobl Caerdydd ac ymwelwyr รข'r ddinas am eu defnydd a mwynhad.
St Mary Street, Cardiff, United Kingdom
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Central Post Office [full inscription unknown]

St Mary Street, Cardiff, United Kingdom
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Golate Known variously as Porth Llongau, Shipsgate, Frog Lane, Golygate, Gulleygate, local tradition links the name with those days when late arrivals caught the outward bound ships from further up river. Piracy was rife in the 16c & Cardiff grew rich on their traffic. 1576 John Callice of Cardiff brought in a Spanish Galleon ... the booty sold to gentry and citizens. Arms smuggling to Spain was not unknown in 16c & Barbary pirates raiding the coasts, capturing Cardiff ships, bringing poverty to the town in the 17c. Bacons solids the contract guns of Anthony Bacon of Cyfarthfa were shipped to America during the 1775-83 War of Independence from Cannon Wharf below Golate

Golate Y Gwter, Cardiff, United Kingdom
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The Town Hall 1853-1905 The New Town Hall was erected by public subscription to the design of Horace Jones, architect to the Corporation of the City of London. The builder was W.P. James. The foundation stone was laid by Mr Walter Coffin in 1849. Remains of old walls, large buildings & a circular well stairway were unearthed as the foundations were dug out. Described in 1853 as a very handsome building, the new Town Hall included the Assizes and County Courts, the Post Office, Police Station and Fire Brigade & remained the administrative centre of the borough until the opening of the City Hall in Cathays Park in 1905

Hodge House - Guildhall Place, Cardiff, United Kingdom
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Europa Nostra Award 1986 sponsored by American Express. This award was made for the admirable revitalisation of the village through the joint action of public agencies combined with local, initiative and commitment

Village Green, Monyash, United Kingdom

Europa Nostra Award 1986 sponsored by American Express. This award was made for the admirable revitalisation of the village through the joint action of public agencies combined with local, initiative and commitment

Village Green, Monyash, United Kingdom
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In memory of the aircrews who died here & nearby after a night flying accident 21st August 1942 P/O A W Stillwell RAFVR P/O A M Henderson RAFVR Sgt E Downs RAFVR Sgt J M Rankin RAAF Sgt M Haynes RAFVR Sgt P O'Brien RAFVR Sgt F Gillard RAFVR Sgt N F Boxwell RAF Per Ardua ad Astra

Heatehr Cottage, Church Street, Chipping Norton, United Kingdom
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Site of Wood Street Congregational Church On this site stood the Wood Street Congregational Church founded in 1868 by the Rev. William Watkiss (1827-1892) in a short-lived Temperance Hall which has become a music hall and circus. During his ministry and that of his successor, the Rev. W. Spurgeon it was extended to become the largest Congregational church building in Great Britain seating 3000. The final service was held in November 1971. The building was demolished in 1973 together with the adjacent offices of the Cardiff and District Congregational Board. Southgate House was completed in 1979.

South Gate House, Wood Street, Cardiff, United Kingdom
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In 1885, three years after Samuel Arthur Brain & his uncle Joseph Benjamin Brain entered into their brewing partnership, they acquired the Cambrian Brewery soon followed by the surrounding land to extend the capacity of the Old Brewery. Originally built in 1830, the Cambrian Hotel was rebuilt in 1889. Named in honour of its historic brewing location & neighbouring 'brewery tap'. The Cambrian Tap celebrates top quality brewing & craft beer.

The Cambrian Tap - St Mary Street / Caroline Street, Cardiff, United Kingdom
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Corporal Neil Martin Blain Special Boat Service Royal Marines 30 April 1963 - 21 June 1994 In memory of Neil Blain who could never resist the challenge of the Lympstone to Poole race. Throughout his life he epitomised the Commando spirit.

Beach Road, West Bexington, United Kingdom
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Sir Alexander Mackenzie. The explorer who was the first white man to follow the Mackenzie River to the Arctic Ocean and the first to cross the continent of North America North of Mexico. Was born in the year (?) 1763 in a house which stood on this site.

corner of Francis Street and Kenneth Street, Stornoway, United Kingdom
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This tablet erected to commemorate the centenary of the opening of the West Dock, Cardiff by the most honourable John Crichton Stuart, 2nd Marquess of Bute & 7th Earl of Dumpries, K.T, in the year 1839, was unveiled by the Lord Mayor of Cardiff (Alderman W.G. Howell. J.P.) on September 20th 1939.

The Pierhead Building - Roald Dahl Plass, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, United Kingdom
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1849 - 1999 This Plaque dedicated by the Worshipful The Mayor of the City of Salford Councillor WB Pennington commemorates the 150th Anniversary of the building of the Worsley Court House

Barton Road, Worsley, United Kingdom

Bu'r ilenor yn byw yma Menna Gallie 1919-1990 the writer lived here

Cilhendre, Upper St Mary Street, Newport, Gwent, United Kingdom

The poet Alun Lewis was born in this house on the 1st July 1915. "I watch the clouded years, Rune the rough foreheads of these moody hills, this wet evening is a lost age."

16 Llanwonno Road, Cwmaman, United Kingdom
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Cowbridge Grammar School established 1608 owned by Jesus College Oxford 1685-1918 rebuilt 1847-52 building restored 2006

old Cowbridge Grammar School, Cowbridge, United Kingdom
Plaques on the wall of the old grammar school   cowbridge   1263826

Alun Lewis born 1915 died in Burma 1944 poet and short story writer of repute. Boarder at Cowbridge Grammar School 1928-1931

old Cowbridge Grammar School, Cowbridge, United Kingdom