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The Swan's Well Close to the Motte and Bailey and was possibly used to supply the original Norman defences

Swan Bank, Hay-on-Wye, United Kingdom

La carita sapiente dei nostri padri, raccolse all'ombra del tempio questo asilo sacro alla santita del dolore e mosso da carita sapiente nel Giorno IX Giugno MDCCCXCI Umberto I dal temoio venne all; asilo del dolore e qui pietoso al mali presenti sovvenne di provvide cure al mali con senno di re con affetto di padre. La congregazione di carita nel Giorno XXI Agosto MCM consacrata una sal al nome del benefattore Augusto ovesta memoria pose perche l'esempio dei nostri antichi e del re d'Italia noua insegni sterile l'arte morta la fede senza l'opera pietosa.

English translation: The wise charity of our fathers, Collected in the Shadow of the Temple This sacred kindergarten to the sanctity of pain And moved by carita sapiente On the 9th of June 1891 Umberto I From the temple he came to the kindergarten of pain And here Pity to the present evils Supplied by provision for treatment of the disease with the sense of a king with the love of a father. The Congregation of Charity On the 21st of August 1900 A salt consecrated to the name of the benefactor Augustus West memory pose Why the example Of our ancients and of the new King of Italy Teach Sterile the dead art the faith without the pious work. [AWS Translate]

Chiesa di San Giacomo all'Ospedale - Piazza del Duomo, Orvieto, Italy


Il presidente della repubblica con decreto ni gennaio mcmlxi conferiva questa citta la medaglia d argento al valope civile per il comportamento tenuto nel pepiodo bellico dal 1940 al 1945 cosi motivandola sopportava eroicamente numerosi bombardamenti che arrec avano gravi distruzioni agli impianti ed ai fabbricati sacrificando la vita di numerosi suoi figli mai piegando nella sua fede in una italia migliore xxv giugno mcmlxi

English translation: The President of the Republic by decree in January 1961 awarded this city the silver medal to the civil valope for the behaviour carried out during the war period from 1940 to 1945 So motivating her It heroically endured numerous bombings that caused serious destruction to plants and buildings, sacrificing its life. Of many of his children never bending in his faith in a better Italy 25th June 1961 [AWS Translate]

Palazzo Comunale - Piazza del Comune, Spoleto, Italy


2 Giucno 1946 con il referendum il popolo Italiano decreto la fine della monarchia Sabauda complice della dittatura fascista si realizzarono cosi cli ideali di liberta e democrazia la Citta di Spoleto per ricordare quanti sacrificarono la vita per l'avvento della repubblica il 2 Giugno 1986 q. m. p.

English translation: 2 June 1946 With the referendum The Italian people decreed the end of the Savoy monarchy, accomplice of the fascist dictatorship, and thus the ideals of freedom and democracy were realized. The city of Spoleto to remember those who sacrificed their lives for the advent of the republic on June 2, 1986 q. m. p. [AWS Translate]

Piazza della Libertà, Spoleto, Italy


David Goodman (1918-2013) Artist, Essayist and Conservationist. Founder of The Chichester Society lived here.

Franklin Place, Chichester, United Kingdom

Alan Badel 1923 - 1982 English actor lived here

1A St. Martin's Square, Chichester, United Kingdom

Ethel Margaret 'Madge' Turner 1884 - 1948 Chicester's most prominent campaigner for women's suffrage, studied here at The Technical Institute and School of Art 1900.

Buttermarket, North Street, Chicester, United Kingdom

Frederick Sander (1847-1920) horticulturalist 'The Orchid King' has his first shop here

21 George Street, St Albans, United Kingdom


Steph's Packed Lunch brought live daytime television to the city on 14th September 2020. Hosted by Steph McGovern, a proud Northerner passionate about helping real people tell their stories, the production employs many local people offering some their first role in TV. The show provides a commitment to broadcasting in Yorkshire, with a focus in inclusivity and diversity.

Leeds Dock, Leeds, United Kingdom


Richard Henry Nibbs 1819-1893 A renowned artist lived here 1873-1893

7 Buckingham Place, Brighton, United Kingdom


Clementi xiii pont opt-max- qvod ad sacras ades asceteria et pavpervm domos vrbis et agri spoletini gravissimo terra motv non-ivn-an-mdcclxvii avt labefactatas avt dirvtas pristina firmitati et dignitati restitvendas x-avreor millia de sva pecvnia bis totidem ex arario liberalissime contvlerit s p q sp mvnificentiss principi gr-an-mon- pp.

English translation: CLEMENT XIII PONT OPT-MAX- QVOD TO THE SACRED ADES ASCETERIA AND THE POOR HOUSES OF THE CITY AND COUNTRY OF SPOLETINI THE HEAVIEST LAND To be sold in its original condition and dignity I HAVE 10,000,000 OF HIS MONEY Twice as much from Arario He was very liberal S P Q SP MUNICIPAL PRINCIPLES GR-AN-MON- PP.

Via Aurelio Saffi, 18, Spoleto, Italy


June Hancock. As a childhood resident of 30 Salisbury View she was one of countless Armley residents and workers who died of asbestos exposure from the former JW Roberts Factory. Her landmark legal case helped to bring justice for many other people who were environmentally exposed to asbestos. “No matter how small you are, you can fight and no matter how big you are, you can lose.” 1936-1997

30 Salisbury View, Armley, Leeds, United Kingdom


Honouring Ernest Barker GM Awarded the George Medal for bravery after fighting a fire on an ammunition train following an air raid on Bridlington 11th July 1940. His heroic actions no doubt saved countless lives

Bridlington Railway Station, Bridlington, United Kingdom


Fr, d martinvs deredin magnvs magister mælitam,qvinta hac specvla, svo ære.inarcv ne hostes inofensi accedant, vertit ano mdclviii

Triq it-Torri, San Ġiljan, Malta

St julians tower this watch-tower was erected in the year 1658 by grandmaster fr martin de redin

Triq it-Torri, San Ġiljan, Malta

Dalle mura di questa Rocca il 13 Ottobre il 26 Novembre dell' anno 1943 Fopzando la dura custodia fascista evasero 94 detenuti politici Italiani e Sloveni per raggiungere sulle nostre montagne i primi nuclei partigiani e piaffermare nella lotta armata il diritto dei popoli alla liberta Nel ventennale della liberazione La Citta di Spoleto Q.M.P.

English translation: From the walls of this Fortress October 13 to November 26 of the year 1943 Overcoming harsh fascist custody 94 political detainees escaped Italians and Slovenians to reach our mountains The first partisan groups And to cheer up in armed struggle The right of peoples To freedom On the twentieth anniversary of liberation The City of Spoleto Q.M.P. [AWS Translate]

Via delle Ponte, Spoleto, Italy


Sodales . virginis . karmelitidis aedem . hanc typis . albariis . pictvris . pilis . marmoreis aere . svo . et . civivm . liberalitate ornarvnt . an . m . cm . iv salvator . gaffiero . selimb . epis domvs . pontif . praesvl consecravit . vi . non . mar . m . cm . v

Triq Villegaignon, Mdina, Malta

B' tifkira hienja ta' meta nġiebet f' dan il-maqdes tat-tħabbira tal-mulej lill-imqaddsa dejjem verġni marija għall-qima tal-poplu ta' alla,ix-xbieha għażiża tal-patrijarka san ġużepp li sa minn żmien bikri l-ordni tal-karmelu ħatru b' ħarries u xempju tar-rabta ma' ġesù kristu u ommu marija u li sewwasew 150 sena ilu l-q.t. il-papa piju ix għarfu u ħatru bħala patrun tal-knisja universali. illum l-1 ta' marzu 2020 ir-reliġjużi karmelitani, il-poplu ta' alla u l-imxierka ta' san ġużepp fir-rabat tal-imdina waqfu dan il-mafkar.

English translation: With an unworthy remembrance of the time she was brought into this slain of the announcement of the lord to the holy forever virgin mary for the worship of the people of god, the treasured image of patriarch St. Joseph that from an early time the order of carmelon appointed him with a watch and a beacon of attachment to Jesus Christ and his mother mary and who were just 150 years ago q.t. pope pius ix recognized and appointed him as patron of the universal church. today 1 March 2020 the Carmelite religious, the people of god and the improper of St. Joseph in the pine stopped this mafkar. [AWS Translate]

Triq Villegaignon, Ir-Rabat, Malta

Theresa Stewart (1930 - 2020) lived here. Feminist, socialist and politician. First woman to lead Birmingham City Council, 1993-1999. Labour Councillor for Billesley Ward for 31 years.

Warstock Community Centre, Birmingham, United Kingdom


This dial was created by Warren Lester Lane in May of 1881, in Stratham NH. Lester made this dial to represent the mileage and location of 52 geographical landmarks and also a tribute to the Lane Family who had presided over this land for four generations.

Portsmouth Avenue, Stratham, NH, United States