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Locust Grove. Established in the 1800s, the Locust Grove community included a saw mill, three churches, a grocery store, a doctor's office and a school. In 1891, J. H. Muckleroy and W. B. Martin sold three acres to James F. Smith and W. J. Waggoner for a school, church and burial ground. Smith and Waggoner donated the land to trustees the following year. A two-story building served as a schoolhouse and Baptist church. A post office, named for first postmaster James Hiram Hughes, operated from 1893 to 1906 and gave the community its later name of Hiram. Locust Grove Baptist Church prospered, and in May 1919 dedicated a new church house, which is still in use. The church and adjoining cemetery are the community's remaining historic landmarks. #17621

5780 FM 2965, Elmo, United States
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Birthplace of Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree (1871-1954) Quaker, innovator in business management, pioneering social scientist and author of 'Poverty, a Study of Town Life' (1901), which influenced the founders of the welfare state.

Penn House, 38 St Mary's, York, United Kingdom
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Rosetta Cottage. Lies the other of this road and here, in Cowes week 1873, Lord Randolph Churchill first met and proposed to Jennie Jerome, eldest daughter of American Leonard Jerome, then proprietor of The New York Times. Their marriage bore them their first son Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill 30th November 1874.

Queen's Road, Cowes, United Kingdom
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En 1538, l'humaniste Jean Sturm quitta Paris pour Strasbourg ou il créa, a l'appel de la cité, une haute école, berceau de l'Université et du Gymnase Jean Sturm de Strasbourg. En 1874, des patriotes alsaciens, anciens élèves du Gymnase, ont fondé à Paris l'École alsacienne, en leur souvenir et à l'occasion du 450ème anniversaire de la fondation de la haute école de Strasbourg. Cette plaque a été apposée le 1er Juin 1988.

109 rue Notre Dame des Champs, Paris, France
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Le peintre Foujita, 1886-1968, vécut et travailla dans cet immeuble de 1917 à 1924.

5 rue Delambre, Paris, France
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In the roadway opposite this table Robert Emmet died in the cause of Irish Freedom. 20th September 1803.

Thomas Street, Dublin, Ireland
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Ici vécut de 1939 à 1999 Eva de Vitray-Meyerovitch, philosophe, femme de lettres, traductrice du poète Rûmî.

72 rue Claude Bernard, Paris, France
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In diesem Hause wohnte von 1976 bis 1978 David Bowie 8.1.1947-10.1.2016. In dieser Zeit enstanden die Alben Low, Heroes und Lodger. Sie gingen als Berliner Trilogie in fie Musikgeschichte ein. "We can be heroes, just for one day"

In this house from 1976 to 1978 lived David Bowie 8.1.1947-10.1.2016. During this time the albums Low, Heroes and Lodger originated. They were known as the Berlin trilogy in the history of music. "We can be heroes, just for one day"
Hauptstrasse 155, Berlin, Germany
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This station was opened on 23rd August 1864.

Station Avenue, Sandown, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
Spaniards gate hampstead

Toll Gate House Spaniards Gate This eighteenth century building was erected to collect tolls from those passing through the western entrance of the estates of the Bishops of London

Toll Gate House, Spaniards Road, Barnet, Greater London NW3 7JG, London, United Kingdom
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Cedarvale Cemetery, Established Ca. 1850 Historic Texas Cemetery 2007 #16775

County Road 199A, Kaufman, TX, United States
Sir thomas beecham 1879   1961 conductor and impresario lived here 1937   1941

Sir Thomas Beecham 1879 - 1961 Conductor and Impresario Lived Here 1937 - 1941

Bell Moor House, East Heath Road, Hampstead, London, United Kingdom
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Emile Combes, 1835-1921, President du Conseil des Ministres, 1902-1905, artisan de la separation des églises et de l'état, habita cette maison les 25 dernières années de sa vie.

45 rue Claude Bernard, Paris, France
Site of john bley free school 1724   1874 01

East Leake's first school The John Bley Free School stood on this site for 150 years 1724 - 1874

East Leake Proimary School, School Green, East Leake, United Kingdom
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Here lived Stephen Daye who set up nearby the first printing press in British America 1638.

Dunster Street, Cambridge, MA, United States
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Cambridge. Location chosen in 1630 to be the capital of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Settled in 1631 under leadership of Thomas Dudley and called the New Town. The College ordered to be here, 1637. Name changed to Cambridge after the English university town. 1638.

Dunster Street, Cambridge, MA, United States
John bley (1674   1731)

John Bley (1674 - 1731) Distiller and Benefactor of London and East Leake Built this house in 1718

Joice’s Manor, 25 Main Street, East Leake, United Kingdom
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Kaufman County Indigent Cemetery. This burial ground is part of 600 acres purchased for use as a poor farm operated by Kaufman County beginning in 1883. It is the final resting place for some of Kaufman County's citizens who were poor farm residents, county jail inmates, paupers, transients and other indigents. It is believed that anonymous victims of an 1871 typhoid fever epidemic were the first to be interred at this site, but the earliest marked grave is that of poor farm inmate George McCorkin, who died the year it opened. Though many graves remain unmarked, the cemetery is a place of final dignity for those whose names remain among those now forgotten.

4100 Vista Lane, Kaufman, TX, United States
#16158 of the Texas Historical Marker series
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Meacham Field On July 3, 1925, the Fort Worth city council approved a lease on 100 acres of property on Decatur Road for the city’s new municipal airport. It was built to replace the city’s first municipal airport at Barron Field, a World War I-era flying training field near Everman. After passage of the Air Mail Act (Kelly Act) in 1925, airlines began flying the mail over Contract Air Mail (CAM) routes. As headquarters of the 11th district of the U.S. Post Office Railway Mail Service, Fort Worth offered an ideal location to tie together ground and air distribution. On May 12, 1926, National Air Transport Co. (later United Airlines) flew the field’s first air mail flight to Chicago. On July 16, 1927, the airport’s name changed to Meacham Field, in honor of former Mayor H. C. Meacham. Soon several airlines began to offer passenger service on the CAM routes. By 1931, the airport had expanded to 280 acres. On April 4, 1937, Meacham Field’s new Art Moderne Terminal (the first air-conditioned passenger terminal in the U.S.) and control tower were dedicated. During World War II, in April 1943, American Airlines was awarded a contract to train U. S. Navy pilots at the airport on the Douglas R4D (DC-3) transport. In May 1943, the navy commissioned the airport as a naval auxiliary air facility and established a ferry service unit to coordinate cross-country fighter and torpedo bomber deliveries to the pacific and seaplane ferrying services at nearby Lake Worth. When Fort Worth International Airport opened in April 1953, commercial airline operations moved there. Afterward, Meacham Field Developed into one of the world's leading airports for general and corporate aviation, flight training and aircraft repair. (2015) Marker is Property of the State of Texas

3300 Ross Avenue, Fort Worth, United States
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En 1829 l'École centrale des arts et manufactures fut fondée en cet hôtel par Lavallée - J.B. Dumas, Olivier et Péclet. Elle y demeura j'usqu'en 1884.

5 rue de Thorigny, Paris, France