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La commune d'entremont gardera fièrement la mémoire d'arsène abbe-decarroux né le 25-7-1885 il a mis entièrement au service de la résistance 1941-1943 et du camp des glières 1944 son temps, sa peine et ses ressources pris par les allemands il a été fusillé à morette thones le 13.4.1944 laissant à ses concitoyens l'héroïque exemple de son patriotisme vivre libre ou mourir

English translation: The town of entremont will proudly keep the memory of Arsene Abbe-Decarroux Date of birth 25-7-1885 he put entirely at the service of the Resistance 1941-1943 and the Glières Camp 1944 his time, his pain and its resources taken by the Germans He was shot in morette thones on 13.4.1944 leaving to his fellow citizens the heroic example of his patriotism live free or die [AWS Translate]

Mairie, rue principale, Entremont, France

A la mémoire de notre compatriote LUCIEN LEVET. Né à Entremont (I. XI. 1904), propriétaire de cet hôtel. Il entre dans la Résistance française (1940-1944) et offre un abri sûr aux officiers et aux maquisards engagés dans l'Armée secrète. Il assure un précieux service de ravitaillement et de renseignement contre l'ennemi et les traîtres. Après la bataille des Glières (I. IV. 1944), il est arraché aux siens par la Gestapo et traîné aux bagnes de Buchenwald et de Dora où il est mort de misère le 27. XII. 1944. Il a laissé l'exemple du patriotisme simple et pur, capable de donner à la France, avec sa vie, la plus grande preuve d'amour. Passant, souviens toi.

English translation: In memory of our compatriot LUCIEN LEVET. Born in Entremont (I. XI. 1904), owner of this hotel. He entered the French Resistance (1940-1944) and provided a safe shelter for officers and guerrillas engaged in the Secret Army. It provides a valuable supply and intelligence service against the enemy and traitors. After the Battle of the Glières (I. IV. 1944), he was torn from his own people by the Gestapo and dragged to the Banks of Buchenwald and Dora where he died of misery on the 27th. XII. 1944. He left the example of simple and pure patriotism, capable of giving France, with his life, the greatest proof of love. Passing by, remember. [AWS Translate]

Ancien Hôtel de France, Glières-Val-de-Borne, France

En ce lieu le 10 mars 1944, le lieutenant Morel "Tom" chef du bataillon des Glières fut lâchement assassiné par un officier de G.M.R. traitre à sa parole. À ses côtés tombèrent l'agent de police Decour et l'éclaireur skieur Frison.

English translation: On March 10, 1944, Lieutenant Morel “Tom” chief of the Battalion des Glières was cowardly murdered by an officer of G.M.R. who was a traitor to his word. At his side fell police officer Decour and the Frisian skier scout. [AWS Translate]

, Glières-Val-de-Borne, France

"HAUT LES COEURS et VIVE LA FRANCE" LIEUTENANT TOM MOREL (1915-1944) Promotion "MARECHAL LYAUTEY" (1935-37) Ame de la Résistance du Plateau des GLIERES Officier du 27° B.C.A., mort assassiné le 9 Mars 1944 "VIVRE LIBRE OU MOURIR"

English translation: “TOP THE COORS AND VIVE LA FRANCE” LIEUTENANT TOM MOREL (1915-1944) Promotion “MARECHAL LYAUTEY” (1935-37) Soul of Resistance of the GLIERES Plateau Officer of the 27° B.C.A., died 9 March 1944 “LIVE FREE OR DIE” [AWS Translate]

, Saint-Cyr-l'École, France

Ici a vécu en 1941 - 42 le Lt du 27e BCA Tom MOREL instructeur à l'ESM de St Cyr repliée à Aix dans les murs du lycée militaire. Héros du maquis de Glières, mort pour la France le 10 mars 1944. Compagnon de la libération. Son idéal : "Vivre libre ou mourir"

English translation: Here lived in 1941 - 42 the Lt of the 27th BCA Tom MOREL instructor at the ESM of St Cyr folded to Aix in the walls of the military high school. Hero of the maquis de Glières, died for France on 10 March 1944. Companion of liberation. His ideal: “Live free or die” [AWS Translate]

, Aix-en-Provence, France

Roger Connan fusillé par les Allemands le 20 août 1944 à l’âge de 28 ans.

English translation: Roger Connan shot by the Germans on August 20, 1944 at the age of 28. [AWS Translate]

46 rue du Bac, Paris, France

Herbert Geoffrey Willans (1911-1958) author & creator of Molesworth lived here c.1918-1933. "As any fule kno."

19 Alexandra Road, Gloucester, United Kingdom


The King of Skiffle Anthony James 'Lonnie' Donegan 1931-2002 Recorded "Rock Island Line" here in July 1954 One of the most influential performers of songs in popular music

165 Broadhurst Gardens, West Hampstead, London, United Kingdom


The Bloxwich Showman The legendary showman Pat Collins lived for nearly 30 years at Lime Tree House, now the site of the nearby supermarket, where he also staged his spectacular fun fairs. Collins first showed 'moving pictures' in Bloxwich, in 1900. In 1912, he opened his Electric Palace cinema, which closed in 1921. It was replaced, on the same site, by his new 1,000 seat cinema, named The Grosvenor, later part of the ODEON chain, closing in 1959. It is now 'The Bloxwich Showman', named in honour of Pat Collins, who was also a local councillor, as well as MP and Mayor of Wallsall.

156 High St, Bloxwich, United Kingdom


This building housed the Czechoslovak Government in exile Military Intelligence Service. Operation Anthropoid was planned here in October 1941, which led to the assassination of the Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich in Prague on 27 May 1942.

3-8 Porchester Gate, Bayswater Road, London, United Kingdom


Nico Ditch - History The Nico ditch was constructed some time between the Roman withdrawl from Britain and the Norman Conquest; possibly in the 7th Century as a boundary for the expansionist Anglo-Saxons, or in the late 8th Century or early 9th century as boundary marker between the kingdoms of Mercia and Northumbria. The purpose of the Nico Ditch is unclear; it may have been used as a defensive fortification or as an administrative boundary. Regardless of its earlier use, the ditch has been used as a boundary since at least the Medieval Period One legend has it that the Nico Ditch was completed in a single night by the inhabitants of Manchester as a protection against Viking invaders 869-870. Each man had a set area of the ditch to construct and was required to dig the ditch and build a bank equal to his own height

Gorton Cemetery, Manchester, United Kingdom


Edstone Aqueduct Opened 1816 for the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal. At 145m, this cast iron aqueduct is the longest canal aqueduct in England.

Salters Lane, Henley-in-Arden, United Kingdom


Trades Union Congress The first meeting was held here in 1868

Major Street, Manchester, United Kingdom


Acker Bilk MBE MA 1929-2014 World Famous Clarinetist and the first British male artist to top the U.S. chart with "Stranger On The Shore" was born here

, Pensford, United Kingdom


Улица названа в честь Почетного гражданина города Самара, профессора, Героя Социалистического Труда, Академика АМН СССР Игоря Борисовича Солдатова 1923-1998 г.г. Руководил кафедрой оториноларингологии Самарского государственного медицинского университета в 1961-1998 г.г.

English translation: The street is named in honor of the Honorary Citizen of Samara, Professor, Hero of Socialist Labor, Academician of AMS of the USSR Igor Borisovich Soldatov 1923-1998. Samara State Medical University in 1961-1998. [AWS Translate]

165B k.4 prospect Karla Marksa, Samara, Russia

Edward Walsh 1873-1916 Ball de Hibernian Rifles, ÉAG-GHONTA SA LÁTHAIR SEO, member of the Hibernian Rifles, MORTALLY WOUNDED HERE, Eire Amach na Cáscá 1916.

Parliament Street, Dublin 2, D02 RK76, Dublin, Ireland


Constance Markievicz, Ceannaire san Eirí Amach na Cáscá agus Aire sa Chéad Dáil Eireann, A chónaigh anseo 1912-1916, Easter Rising Leader and Minister in the First Dáil Eireann lived here 1912-1916.

Surrey House, 49b Leinster Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6, D06 K4C8, Dublin, Ireland


I gcuimhne ar na fir agus mná a glac páirti in Eiri Amach na Cáscá. Annesley Bridge. In memory of the men and women who took part in the Easter Rising. Eiri Amach Na Cáscá 1916.

291 Richmond Road, Dublin 3, D03 XF78, Dublin, Ireland

I gcuimhne ar na fir agus mná a glac páirti in Eiri Amach na Cáscá. Annesley Bridge. In memory of the men and women who took part in the Easter Rising. Eiri Amach Na Cáscá 1916.

70 North Strand Road, Dublin 3, D03 K8P4, Dublin, Ireland

Sir John Lavery 1856-1941 artist born and baptised in the parish

St Patrick's Church, Donegall Street, Belfast, United Kingdom