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The Coach House Circa 1750 rebuilt 1995 Near this spot was sited the old town well which supplied water for the people of Uckfield until about 1890

Belmont Road, Uckfield, United Kingdom

university kings college medical school

, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Adolfo ottolenghi memorial   jewish ghetto venice

Adolfo Ottolenghi. Maestro & martire in Israele dalle tenebre della cecita irradio la luce della sua fede conforto agli umili forza ai vacillanti nell'ora dell'odio inumano. In questa scuola che gli fu cara in questa comunita che profundamente amo sia ricordato in benedizione. Livorno 30 Luglio 1885 Rabbino di Venezia dal 1919 al 1944. 7 Dic 1947

2881 Calle Ghetto Vecchio, Venice, Italy
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JH Greathead Chief Engineer City and South London Railway Inventor of the Travelling Shield that made possible the cutting of the tunnels of London's deep level tube system

Cornhill, London, United Kingdom
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This building was opened in 1907 as the Leoline Jenkins Laboratories, one of the first college chemistry laboratories at the University of Oxford. Under the leadership of Dr D.L. Chapman (Fellow 1907-44) it was distinguished for its teaching and research and, during the Second World War, it hosted secret atomic research codenamed the Tube Alloys project. The Laboratories closed in 1947.

Jesus College, Turl Street, Oxford, United Kingdom

Здесь в июле 1941 года формировались части 8-й дивизии народного ополчения Краснопресненского района

11, Большая Никитская ул., Moscow, Russia

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Ici tombement heroiquement le 25 Aout 1994 Marcel Bizien chef de char 2eme division blindee du General Leclerc apres avoir attaque et detruit un char Tigre Allemand

Place de la Concorde 75001, Paris, France

Winston Churchill (new plaque to go with the brass one) [full inscription unknown]

M&S, High Street, Epping, United Kingdom

Lucien Pissarro son of the impressionist painter Camille Pissarro lived here 1893-1897

Hemnall Street , Epping, United Kingdom

Henry Doubleday 1808-1875 The naturalist and lepidopterist lived in the original grocery shop on this site

Buttercross Lane, Epping, United Kingdom

Winston S Churchill Epping Mp (1924-1945) and war time Prime Minister. On this site stood the Victoria Buildings from which Mr Churchill addressed the people of Epping as their MP

M&S, High Street, Epping, United Kingdom

Здесь учился поэт Илья Кормильцев 1977-1981

Here studied poet Ilya Kormiltcev 1977-1981
Kuibysheva street, 48 kA, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Thomas Elliot Harrison died here. [full inscription unknown]

55 Front Street, Whitburn, United Kingdom

Erected as navigational aids in 1832 by John Turnbull, at a cost of £60, this beacon and its companion replaced 18th century structures. They complement the High and Low Lights at North Shields.

Lawe Road, South Shields, United Kingdom

These Homes were built to house, educate and provide vocational training for boys and girls who were orphaned or needing care. The boys' homes were Ivy, Sycamore, Snowdrop, Hawthorn, Daisy and Laburnum. The girls lived in Pansy, Violet, Rose, Primrose, Maple and Oak. Woodbine Cottage, now part of Oakleigh Gardens School, is the last of the original Homes' Cottages.

Oakleigh Gardens School, Sunniside Lane, Cleadon, United Kingdom

On the night of 31st January 1916 Tipton was hit by a zeppelin raid which claimed 14 lives. Most of the casualties occurred in Union Street

H C Pullinger and Son, Union Street, Tipton, United Kingdom

The Manor House 1915-1919 In the First World War this house served as a military convalescent hospital. It was staffed and funded by local people. 941 patients were treated during this period.

Manor House, Little Aston Road, Aldridge, United Kingdom
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39 Capstone Road (since demolished). Home of Frederick Charles Riggs VC MM Sergeant 6th Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment born Sittingbourne 1888, enlisted 1914, killed in action near Epinoy 1918, posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for conspicuous bravery and resisting with his men to the last.

, Bournemouth, United Kingdom
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2 Edgehill Road. From 1909 to 1915 home to writer Flora Thompson 1876-1947 Author of Lark Rise to Candleford. The nearby Winton Library fostered her writing career which began with award-winning essays written here in 1911

, Bournemouth, United Kingdom