George Boole 1815-1864 Mathematician, inventor of Boolean algebra, professor of mathematics, Queens College (now U.C.C.). He lived here from 1849 to 1855.

In February 2012, the building this plaque is on was offered for sale to developers, posing a threat to the building's existence (and the plaque).
As Eoin Lettice, Plant Scientist based at University College Cork reported on his 'Communicate Science' website [22/2/12], this has happened despite it being listed on the Cork City record of protected structures which would mean that as such, it cannot be demolished. Lettice also provides context and links to the scientific heritage and contribution of George Boole to modern society globally, as well as in Ireland. Through his invention of Boolean logic, which underpins digital computing, he is now regarded as a founder of the field of computer science.

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5 Grenville Place, Cork
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