Bull House Westgate In ancient times the Bull Inn within the West Gate was held of the Barony of Lewes at the yearly rent of a rage of ginger It was sold in 1583 by Thomas Matthew to Sir Henry Goring who built the house which is now Westgate Chapel. His son Edward sold the Bull to Edward Claggett in 1612 In 1715 Rev John Ollive minister of Westgate Chapel acquired it and his son Samuel, tobacconist lodged Thomas Paine here 1768-9 Paine married Elizabeth Ollive 1771 and carried on Ollive's business until 1774 The house was rescued from decay and restored by Alderman Every in 1922 The main structure date from the 15th and 16th centuries. The satyrs are of the time of Goring

Simon Harriyott on Flickr
Simon Harriyott on Flickr

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