Photos of Erna Schlesinger brass plaque

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Photo of Erna Schlesinger brass plaque
OTFW, Berlin on Wikimedia Commons

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  • We do not store photos. We add context to existing resources on the web by linking to them.
  • We link to stable, open sources: Flickr; Wikimedia Commons; and Geograph.
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  • We display multiple photos of each plaque. We like close-ups as well as long-shots that set the scene.
  • The closest shot is used as the main image so that people can read the words.
  • Sometimes people remove their pictures from the original site...please don't, they are a valuable resource for all.

Help, I really don't understand!

If this sounds too complicated, then have a chat with us via email. We are generally rather nice and want to help. You can email your photo to us stating that you are happy for us to publish it as open data on your behalf and that you grant anyone in the world the right to re-use the image.

We are volunteers, so please try not to swamp us with requests...three or four is fine.

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Wikimedia Commons is a great place to donate your image to the world

It is free, fairly easy to use, and your image will [probably] live forever as part of the awesome Wikipedia platform. When you are done, paste the url of the Wikimedia page in here and Open Plaques will link to the photo.

You can also tag it when asked for other information, or at the bottom of the Summary with which will add a link back to Open Plaques.

Do not upload photos of Pennsylvania historical markers as the copyright states that you may not reproduce an image and it will be removed from Wikimedia Commons

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  1. we use the API, so check you haven't ticked the 'hidden from search' setting. (On Flickr, go to your profile by clicking your username in top right hand corner, do you have "Hide your stuff from public searches" set to "no"?)
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  5. does it appear in the Flickr search of photos tagged 'openplaques:id=35122'?
  6. brand new Flickr accounts are not included in the search immediately. It may wait until you have posted 5+ images.
  7. if you are impatient, you can try

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