Fox & Vivian Pub & Kitchen The first course of the Leamington Steeplechases was laid out at Ashorne and the races were run on 14th November, 1834. There, the Marquis of Waterford's celebrated horse, Jerry, beat the no-less-popular Vivian of Captain Lamb. Emboldened by his success, the myton-like nobleman was eager for enterprises of greater pith and moment. He at once sent out his famous challenge to match his favourite horse, Cock Robin, against Captain Lamb's Vivian for the pricey sum of one thousand pounds a side. The wager was accepted with alacrity. On 21st December that same year this celebrated performance took place, the marquis riding his own horse, and Mr Beecher being astride Vivian. It was a glorious and valiant race, which Vivian won in dashing form. The church bells of Leamington actually rang out a merry peal for the victory of the Leamington horse! The original name of 'The Fox' was soon changed to 'The Fox & Vivian' after the landlords took a sigh of relief that his sizeable wager had landed in his favour and he could keep his beloved inn.