Hong Chengchou's Mansion This mansion is in located in No. 59, South Luogu Lane. Hong Chengchou (1593-1665), also named Yanyan and titled Hengjiu, born in Nan'an, PFujian Province, once lived here. He was one of the traitors in the late Ming Dynasty but a meritorious minister in conquering Central Plains for Qing Dynasty. In front of the original gate were standing two iron lions, drawing people's eyes. Covered with plush gable water ridge roof, the three existing north houses were built in the middle and lante Qing Dynasty, called "Hong's Gate", for the Hong's ancestor hall was located here, being reconstructed by the offspring. The famous paleoanthropologist Pei Wenzhong (1904-1982) once lived here. He was the first to excavate Peking ape-man skulll fossil in 1929, making an important milestone in the history of paleoanthropology.

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