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An architect is someone who plans, designs, and reviews the construction of buildings. To practice architecture means to provide services in connection with the aesthetic design of buildings and the space within the site surrounding the buildings, that have as their principal purpose human occupancy or use. Etymologically, architect derives from the Latin architectus, which derives from the Greek (arkhi-, chief + tekton, builder), i.e., chief builder. Professionally, an architect's decisions affect public safety, and thus an architect must undergo specialized training consisting of advanced education and a practicum (or internship) for practical experience to earn a license to practice architecture. Practical, technical, and academic requirements for becoming an architect vary by jurisdiction (see below). The terms architect and architecture are also used in the disciplines of landscape architecture, naval architecture and often information technology (for example a network architect or software architect). In most jurisdictions, the professional and commercial uses of the terms "architect" and "landscape architect" are legally protected. - DbPedia

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George Webster
Eli Cox
John Weller I
Thomas henry wyatt by george landseer
Thomas Henry Wyatt
Christopher wren by godfrey kneller 1711
Sir Christopher Wren PRS
William Lethaby
Elliott %26 fry12
Alfred Waterhouse
C. f. a. voysey by john henry frederick bacon ts24
Charles Voysey
George Basevi
Michael Ventris
Colen Campbell
Sir Jeffry Wyatville
William butterfield
William Butterfield
Bust of sir robert smirke, british museum
Sir Robert Smirke
George e street by samuel a walker
George Edmund Street
Robert adam
Robert Adam
Charles robert cockerell
Charles Robert Cockerell RA
Anthony Salvin
John francis bentley by william christian symons
John Francis Bentley
Richard Norman Shaw
H. A. Garrett
Charles Busby
Sir James Knowles
George Godwin
Alexander Ellis
Peter Ellis
George Dance the Younger
James Cubitt
Hix McCanless
Richard Lane
John loughborough pearson by walter william ouless
John Loughborough Pearson
Sir Edwin Lutyens OM FRIBA KCIE RA
Sir Giles Gilbert Scott OM RA
Thomas Ellis Owen
Augustus Charles Pugin
Augustus welby northmore pugin from npg
Augustus Pugin
David Mocatta FRIBA
James gibbs
James Gibbs
Mary Townley
James Fenton Wyness
Archibald simpson portrait
Archibald Simpson
Henry Bell
Edward Boardman
George Skipper
Matthew Brettingham
John Thomas Patience
John nash
John Nash
Charles Edmund Peczenik
Cuthbert brodrick
Cuthbert Brodrick
William Wilson
T. H. Fleeming FRIBA
Michael Novosielski
Alfred Runge
Eduard Scotland
Karl von Weihe
Sir William Chambers
John vanbrugh
Sir John Vanbrugh
John wornham penfold
John Penfold
Henry Langley
Col Robert Smith
Dr William Baldwin
Benjamin Adkins
Michael Gower Alford
Walter Godfrey Allen FSA FRIBA
Edward Birchall
Hubert Bennett
John Barker
Edward william godwin 1833 1886
Edward William Godwin
Sir Edwin Cooper RA RIBA
Edward Clark
John Clark
John douglas (architect)
John Douglas
Watson Fothergill
Ernest Gimson
Charles Humfrey
Thomas Chambers Hine
Thomas Ivory
Charles rennie mackintosh
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
James Matthews
William Marshall
Sir George Oatley
Edward Prior
Arthur Penty
John Roberts
Edward Salomons
Sir Basil Spence OBE OM RA
John Smith
Thomas Scott Sutherland
Thomas Taylor
Edgar wood
Edgar Wood
James Cromar Watt
Ludwig wittgenstein
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Philip Webb
Arthur Marshall
Henry Hare FRIBA
Sir Robert Taylor
Charles Mountain
Nickel Hofmann
James Morgan
Vincent Harris OBE RA
Edward Barry
Leslie Barefoot GC
A. H. Holme
13 portrait of robert hooke
Robert Hooke
E.j. lennox 1885
E. J. Lennox
Charles webb
Charles Webb
William Thomas
W. S. Hicks
R. J. Johnson
John gwynn from npg
John Gwynn
John Welch
James Pain
Paul Lombard
Claude nicolas ledoux by martin drolling
Claude-Nicolas Ledoux
Penchaud d'après david
Michel Penchaud
Georges Vallon
Théophile de Tournadre
John Foster junior
Joseph bonomi the younger by matilda sharpe
Joseph Bonomi
John Foster senior
Joseph Finney
Thomas Ambler
Leonard Martin FRIBA
Alfred Young Nutt
Sir Rt Hon. Richard Boyle KG PC
Henry Joy
John carr by sir william beechey
John Carr
Gordon Hoskins
Charles Watson
John Gomersall
Henry A. Baker Esq
Alfred Butts
George Bidlake
Julius Alfred Chatwin FRIBA
Edwin Francis Reynolds
Thomas Prosser
William Newton
Ernest George Trobridge
Ernest George
Francis johnston by henry meyer 1823
Francis Johnston
Benjamin Ferrey
John Hicks
Thomas Smith Tait
Charles Robert Ashbee
Henry holland (architect)
Henry Holland
James Fowler FRIBA
John Patch
Thomas Telford
Francis Smith
Alfred Gelder
John Dobson
George Richard Pain
Cosimo fanzago
Cosimo Fanzago
Marcello Piacentini
Pompeo Schiantarelli
Stefano Gasse
Armando Brasini
Carlo Parascandolo
Gaetano Genovese
Mario Gioffredo
Marcello Canino
Onofrio Gisolfo
Francesco solimena 001
Francesco Solimena
Sir thomas deane
Sir Thomas Deane
John Adam
Edward Banks
Francis Webster
Lewis Nockalls Cottingham
Miles Thompson
Thomas farnolls pritchard (1723 1777)
Thomas Pritchard
Edward Gibbs
Alfred messel
Alfred Messel
Francis Thompson
John Green
Benjamin Green
John Noero
Francis Goodwin
John Johnson
Paley and Austin
John Colson
Adolf Loos
Richard Gillow
Julia Morgan
James Pigott Pritchett
Lucas C.C. Marquenie
Charles Wilson
Edward Corbett
John Howard
Gerard Moerdyk
Harvey L. Page
James Utting
Joseph Adolfovich Benzeman
Henry Truman Phelps
Frank lloyd wright portrait
Frank Lloyd Wright
R. M. Smith
R. P. Nikitin
Savva Nilovich Ogon-Doganovskiy
George Morgan
Anna Wagner Keichline
John James Burnet FRSE FRIBA RSA RA
V. D. Sokolov
Thomas harrison001
Thomas Harrison
William J. Moore
Edmund Aikin
Sir Donald Gibson CBE DCL MA PPRIBA
Horace Trumbauer
Julian abele, photograph
Julian Abele
George Burlison
Cyrus L. W. Eidlitz
Alfred Giles
William Young
Raymond Unwin
George B. Draper
Wiley G. Clarkson
Arthur Price
William Jefferies Collins
Herbert Gribble
John Alfred Gotch
John Urpeth Rastrick
Alfred William Maberly
James Medland
Frederick Haydon Cruso
Paulus J. C. Hofman
William Porden
Charles Roberts Chorley
John Wreghitt Connon
David Stephenson
William Perkin
Elisha Backhouse
Bernard Hartley
Henry Perkin
George Bertram Bulmer
William Joshua Belton Perkin
Harry Bell Measures
George Walter Atkinson
John Leeming
Joseph Leeming
George corson, architect
George Corson
William Bell
Horace Field
William Peachy
William Hatchard-Smith FRIBA TD
Frank Gatley Briggs
Henry Vernon Wolstenholme
Henry Vernon Wolstenholme
Herbert J. Rowse
Sir Arnold Thornely KBE
James W. Grundy
J. F. Hilly
Richard Ingleman
John Chessell Buckler
Matthew Ellison Hadfield
Thomas Simpson
J. T. Groves
William Watkins
W. H. Thorp
J. D. Harker
James Paine
Fred Roche CBE
James stirling 01
James Stirling
Michael Wilford
W. T. Douglas
Henry R. Abraham
Harold Taylor
Alvar and elissa aalto
Alvar Aalto
Walter Samuel Braithwaite
Pascal Stienlet
James Watson
William Wilkinson
Robert Smith
William Bakewell
Gerald Horsley
G. Alan Burnett
Anatole de Baudot
Harold Falkner
Henry Kitchen
Berthold Lubetkin
John Wood the younger
Ralph erskine porträtt av sundahl
Ralph Erskine CBE
James H. Money
John Cundall
Thomson med
Alexander Thomson
August shode
August Chaudet
Frank darling
Frank Darling
J & B Green
Thomas u. walter   brady handy
Thomas Ustick Walter
Lewis cubitt by sir william boxall
Lewis Cubitt
Wells Coates
Le corbusier 1933
Charles-Édouard Jeanneret
Frank Furness
Elias holl
Elias Holl
James Salmon
P Morley Horder
James wyatt
James Wyatt RA
Clark Rampling
Fyodor Osipovich Leevchak
Édouard Albert
William Bastard
John Bastard
David Hamilton
Henry Charles Trost
J. B. Atkinson
W. Atkinson
Lawrence Murray Dixon
Henry Hohauser
Howard S. England
Henry John Klutho
James Harrison
Joseph Turner
Eugene viollet le duc
Eugène Viollet-le-Duc
R. W. Sampson
Louis le vau
Louis Le Vau
Feofan Evtihievich Volsov
E. Berry Webster
Archibald Leitch
John wood
John Wood the elder
Rosemary Stjernstedt
John Donkin
George Joseph Lawson
William Adam
Antonio zucchi, potrait of james adam
James Adam
William Gilbee Habershon
James Follet Fawckner
Thomas Larkin Walker FRIBA
George gilbert scott
Sir George Gilbert Scott
Liverpool metropolitan cathedral sky
Sir Frederick Gibberd RA
Joseph hansom
Joseph Hansom
Sir charles barry by john prescott knight
Sir Charles Barry

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