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An artist is a person engaged in one or more of any of a broad spectrum of activities related to creating art, practicing the arts or demonstrating an art. The common usage in both everyday speech and academic discourse is a practitioner in the visual arts only. The term is often used in the entertainment business, especially in a business context, for musicians and other performers (less often for actors). "Artiste" (the French for artist) is a variant used in English only in this context. Use of the term to describe writers, for example, is valid, but less common, and mostly restricted to contexts like criticism. - DbPedia

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Thomas gainsborough by thomas gainsborough
Thomas Gainsborough
Edward ardizzone   official war artist art.iwmartld4056
Edward Ardizzone
Frank brangwyn
Sir Frank Brangwyn
Paul Nash
William daniell portrait2
William Daniell
Randolph caldecott
Randolph Caldecott
Edward Lear
Henry fuseli by james northcote
Henry Fuseli
Alfred stevens
Alfred Stevens
Luke fildes02
Sir Luke Fildes
Samuel palmer   self portrait   wga16951
Samuel Palmer
Mervyn Peake
Aubrey beardsley ca. 1895
Aubrey Beardsley
William Roberts
Thomas rowlandson portrait
Thomas Rowlandson
George du maurier
George Du Maurier
Kurt Schwitters
Portrait of marcus stone
Marcus Stone
Photo of phil may
Phil May
Isaac rosenberg by isaac rosenberg
Isaac Rosenberg
Margaret macdonald macintosh
Margaret Macdonald
James Cowie
Walter greaves
Walter Greaves
Benjamin waterhouse hawkins
Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins
Polly Binder
William blake by thomas phillips
William Blake
Evelyn De Morgan
Eric Ravilious
William Dyce
William Turner
Ben nicholson by mabel pryde
Ben Nicholson OM
Ralph Ellis
Charles de sousy ricketts by charles haslewood shannon
Charles Ricketts
Glyn warren philpot by glyn warren philpot
Glyn Philpot
James ferrier pryde as scarron, by james ferrier pryde
James Pryde
Frederick Cayley Robinson
Portrait of vivian forbes by glyn warren philpot
Vivian Forbes
Charles hazlewood shannon   self portrait
Charles Shannon
Ellen Sharples
Rolinda sharples selfportrait ca1820
Rolinda Sharples
Henry Dawson
William morris age 53
William Morris
Edward burne jones photogravure hollyer
Sir Edward Burne-Jones ARA Bt
Mabel Lucie Attwell
Charles william jefferys
Charles William Jefferys
Elizabeth simcoe
Elizabeth Simcoe
Thomas Hosmer Shepherd
Fred dibnah in 1985
Fred Dibnah MBE
Max beerbohm 1901 retouched
Sir Max Beerbohm
Roger fry self portrait
Roger Fry
Emil Otto Hoppe
John everett millais
Sir John Everett Millais Bt PRA
Francis Bacon
Peter Le Lievre
Gwen Raverat
James giles, by james giles
James Giles
Fred T. Jane
James Allen Shuffrey
George baxter from family photograph
George Baxter
John Strevens
George Russell Gowans
Beatrix potter1
Beatrix Potter
Ian Fleming RSA
George Jamesone
Henry Barlow Carter
James tissot self portrait (1865)
James Tissot
Brenda Chamberlain
William lionel wyllie
William Lionel Wyllie RA RI RE
Portrait of the artist art.iwmart1517
James McBey
John Constable RA
The painter and his pug by william hogarth
William Hogarth
John Henry Brookes
Walter Tyndale
George Rowe
Hector Caffieri
John thomas smith engraved by willam skelton from drawing by john jackson r a
John Thomas Smith
Henrietta Cresswell
Col Robert Smith
John Salter
Kathleen Bridle
Margaret Clarke
William Conor
James Humbert Craig
Gerard Dillon
Paul Henry
Mercy Hunter
Colin Middleton
Sir Robert Staples Bt
William Scott
Hugh Thomson
John butler yeats by alice boughton cropped
John Butler Yeats
Lady Mabel Annesley
Lady Diana Beauclerk
John collier, by john collier
John Collier
Walter crane small
Walter Crane
Mary delany (née granville) by john opie
Mary Delany
John Flower
Sir William Russell Flint RA PRWS
Edward john gregory, by edward john gregory
Edward John Gregory RA
Kate greenaway00
Kate Greenaway
John callcott horsley
John Calcott Horsley
Jonah Jones
Alberto Morrocco
George william russell   project gutenberg etext 19028
George William Russell
George reid (scottish artist) 001
Sir George Reid PRSA
Joseph Southall
Turner selfportrait
Joseph Mallord William Turner RA
Edgar wood
Edgar Wood
Ludwig wittgenstein
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Sir frederick leighton
Lord Frederic Leighton PRA
Raymond Ray-Jones
Dr Augustus John OM RA LLD
Roger fry nina hamnett
Nina Hamnett
Gwen John
John russell   national portrait gallery
John Russell RA
Pierre auguste renoir, uncropped image
Auguste Renoir
Rod Murray
Stuart Sutcliffe
John Skinner Prout
William Watts
Conroy Maddox
Alfred Young Nutt
Mark gertler, by mark gertler
Mark Gertler
Anthony Green
Charles McCall
Alfred Butts
Cor Visser
Edward linley sambourne, self portrait 1891
Edward Linley Sambourne
Joseph Witham
Edgar Degas
Peter Blake
Jack butler yeats
Jack Butler Yeats
William frederick yeames
William Frederick Yeames RA
J Murry Ince
John Le Capelain
Flora Twort
George morland by henry robert morland
George Morland
William Meikle
Francis nicholson by francis nicholson
Francis Nicholson
James thornhill self portrait
James Thornhill
Miguel Ángel, por daniele da volterra (detalle)
Sarah purser by john butler yeats
Sarah Purser
Margaret lindsay williams & painting of warren g. harding
Margaret Lindsay Williams
L. S. Lowry
Harry Rutherford
Edward bawden working in his studio
Edward Bawden
William Logsdail
O'keeffe (hands)
Georgia O'Keeffe
Samuel lines by william thomas roden
Samuel Lines
Frank Daniell
Barry Wilkinson
Eugenio Gomez Mir
Percy French
Vicente Mamerto Casajus D.
Henri lagriffoul travaillant sur discobole
Henri Lagriffoul
Violet Oakley
Weber furlong 1898
Wilhelmina Weber Furlong
Thomas bewick by james ramsay
Thomas Bewick
Selfportrait james barry 1803
James Barry
Basil Morrison
Barrington Bramley
Cicely Mary Barker
John scarlett davis, by john scarlett davis
John Scarlett Davis
Henry Hasler
John atkinson grimshaw 2
John Atkinson Grimshaw
Barraud painting
Francis Barraud
Henry Barraud
Christy Brown
Kate Bunce
Thomas Collins
John Chessell Buckler
Charles Norris
Gwilym Prichard
Syd Barrett
Philip John Ouless
John Henry Martin
Wilson alexander 1766 1813
Alexander Wilson
James dickson innes
James Dickson Innes
Bernard Preston Thomas
Ralph hedley, by ralph hedley
Ralph Hedley
John Gilroy
William bell scott by frederick bacon barwell
William Bell Scott
Thomas Baker
Rembrandt   zelfportret 1640
Thomas sidney cooper, by thomas sidney cooper
Thomas Sidney Cooper CVO RA
Paul cezanne 1861
Paul Cézanne
Cocteau 1923
Jean Cocteau
Ronnie Wood
Captain beefheart in toronto
Captain Beefheart
Rev. william gilpin (harper%27s engraving)
William Gilpin
Norman mclaren drawing on film   1944
Norman Mclaren
Henry Wyndham Phillips
Lionel Lemoine Fitzgerald
John T. Biggers
Harold Harvey
Eric Bradforth
Rose mead; barbara stone c.1940
Rose Mead
Maxfield parrish portrait
Maxfield Parrish
Mick Voo
Rex whistler   gerald tyrwhitt wilson, 14th baron berners 1924
Lord Gerald Hugh Tyrwhitt-Wilson
Terence Cuneo OBE FGRA RGI CVO

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