Doctors of Medicine 88

e.g. "Dr John Smith"

The Doctor of Medicine (Latin: Medicinae Doctor, meaning "teacher of medicine," abbreviated M.D.) is a terminal medical degree for practitioners of medicine. The meaning of the degree varies between different countries. In countries that follow the United States system, the M.D. denotes a first professional graduate degree awarded upon initial graduation from medical school. Elsewhere, such as those countries that follow the tradition of the United Kingdom, Doctor of Medicine denotes a research doctorate, higher doctorate, honorary doctorate or advanced clinical coursework degree that is only available to those who have been previously awarded a first professional qualification in medicine. In those countries, the first professional degree is titled differently, such as Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery in countries following the UK tradition. - DbPedia

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Dr William Drennan
James currie b1756
Dr James Currie FRS
Richard fowler by benjamin brassett wadham 1863
Dr Richard Fowler
George sigerson
Dr George Sigerson
Ranji 1897 page 171 w. g. grace playing forward defensively
Dr W. G. Grace MRCS LRCP
Axel munthe00
Dr Axel Munthe
Janusz korczak
Dr Janusz Korczak
Dr Grantly Dick-Read
John boyd orr nobel
Dr Lord John Boyd Orr CH MC DSO FRS FRSE
Dr Margery Blackie
Dr Elizabeth Casson
Dr Caleb Crowther
Dr Arthur Fleischmann KCSG FRBS
Dr Edmond Bouley
William henry
Dr William Henry FRS
Dr Stephen Perse
Dr richard russell by benjamin wilson c 1755
Dr Richard Russell FRS
Sir Dr Benjamin Wrench BA MA
Paget holmes
Dr John Watson
Dr William Oliver
Dr J. H. Sheldon CBE FRCP
James cowles prichard
Dr James Cowles Prichard FRS
The Most Rev. Dr Thomas Secker
Dr William Renshaw
Hector p. garcia (6479061327) (cropped)
Dr Hector P. Garcia
Dr Thomas Edison Dixon
William withering
Dr William Withering FRS
Dr S. C. Dyke FRCP
Dr Joseph Rogers
Dr anthony addington by thomas banks, 1790, v&a
Dr Anthony Addington
Dr Henry Graves Bull
John radcliffe
Dr John Radcliffe BA MA MP
Dr Joseph M. Pound
Dr David M. Vawter
Dr E. M. Marvin
Dr Rev James Kilgore
Dr Wilfrid Fox FRCP VMH
Dame Dr Sheila Sherlock DBE FRS
Dr Manning
Dr Ald. Joseph Ewart JP
Portrait of erasmus darwin by joseph wright of derby (1792)
Dr Erasmus Darwin FRS
Louisa aldrich blake
Dame Dr Louisa Aldrich-Blake DBE Ch.M.
Dr Ruth Bensusan-Butt
Dr William Brewster
Dr William Turner
The finish of the mens 400 metres at the olympic games, london, 1948. (7649947722)
Dr Arthur Wint
Dr Grace Billings
Dr Joseph Halton
Dr Theophilus West
Dr Seth French
Dr Francis Dickinson
Dr James Archer Smith
Dr James F. Sistrunk
Dr Clem C. Benton
Dr G. W. Eustace
Dr George Augustus Davis
Dr John Howard Johnson
Mary jane safford
Dr Mary J. Safford
Dr Thomas Rudolph Vickers
Dr Josie Rogers
Dr Luella Day McConnell
Dr Merritt Ryals Clements
Dr Andrew Anderson, Jr.
Dr John Gorrie
Alvan wentworth chapman
Dr Alvan Wentworth Chapman LLD
Dr William Franklin Peacock
Dr Robert Richardson Newell
Dr John Aikin
Dr James Thomson
William henry
Dr William Henry FRS
Dr Frederick Dixon FRCS FGS
Dr James Deeny
Dr Henry Perin
Dr Rev James Stonhouse Bt
Louisa anderson
Dr Louisa Garrett Anderson CBE
Dr John Fraser FGS
William henry duncan
Dr William Henry Duncan
Dr Von Delany Mizell
Sir william osler
Sir Dr William Osler FRS FRCP Bt
William budd2
Dr William Budd FRS
Jex blake sophia
Dr Sophia Jex-Blake
Thomas beddoes
Dr Thomas Beddoes
Sir joseph dalton hooker
Sir Dr Joseph Dalton Hooker OM CB DCL PRS GCSI FRS LLD
Dr Alexander Gordon
John green crosse ventnor
Dr John Greene Crosse FRS FRCS
Dr John Exton
Dr Edward Meryon FRCP
Dr David Lyall FLS RN