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Commemorated Father of his countries

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  1. General George Washington (1732 – 1799)

    21 plaques in Independence Hall, Congress Hall, Federal Hall National Memorial, 26 Wall Street, Lakeview Cemetery, 308 East Avenue E, 2928 Highland Ave., Highland Grove Park, near 2918 Bowman Ave., E. Pitt St. between Juliana & Richard Sts., 445 Penn St., Penn Sq., County Courthouse, Main St. (Pa. 8), Franklin Rd. at Mars Crider Rd. (Rt. 228), S. Hanover St. between Pomfret & High Sts., NW corner, High & Hanover Sts., W High & West Sts., US 19 opposite Fort Le Boeuf Museum, US 19, at G.W. Memorial Park, US 40, 37 S. Main St., S. Duke St. ext. at Conestoga River, Old Rt. 8 (SR 3013) & Georgetown Rd. (SR 3003), Southview Rd., N of PA 50, and 301 E Main St., half block from public sq.

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