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A historian is a person who researches, studies, and writes about the past, and is regarded as an authority on it. Historians are concerned with the continuous, methodical narrative and research of past events as relating to the human race; as well as the study of all history in time. If the individual is concerned with events preceding written history, the individual is a historian of prehistory. Although "historian" can be used to describe amateur and professional historians alike, it is reserved more recently for those who have acquired graduate degrees in the discipline. Some historians, though, are recognized by publications or training and experience. "Historian" became a professional occupation in the late nineteenth century as research universities were emerging in Germany and elsewhere. - DbPedia

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Edward emily gibbon
Edward Gibbon
James anthony froude by sir george reid
James Anthony Froude
Thomas carlyle lm
Thomas Carlyle
Henry hallam, f.r.s. (1777–1859) (19th century) by thomas phillips
Henry Hallam
Belloc side
Hilaire Belloc
R. h. tawney
R. H. Tawney
William edward hartpole lecky
William Edward Hartpole Lecky OM
J. Horace Round
Antony Dale OBE FSA
G. l. gomme portrait. folk lore, vol. 28
Sir Laurence Gomme
Thomas babington macaulay, baron macaulay
Rt Hon. Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay PC
François Guizot
Anthony M. J. Ireson
Frederic harrison
Frederic Harrison
Connop thirlwall
Connop Thirlwall
Arthur Haygarth
James Fenton Wyness
William Kennedy
John Kirkpatrick
John Richard Green
George grote
George Grote
Roy Porter FBA
Sir William Wilde
Dick Moy
Robert lloyd praeger by sarah cecilia harrison
Robert Lloyd Praeger
Sir William Addison
William Chapman Waller
Bellk 218 gertrude bell in iraq in 1909 age 41
Dame Gertrude Bell DBE
Henry Hatcher
William Beamont
Raymond Mauny
John Ferrar
Dr Sylvester O'Halloran MRIA
John Thorpe
Dr Nathaniel Johnson
Richard Holmes
George Fox
Maurice Lenihan
Arthur Cossons
David Hume
Bartolommeo capasso
Bartolomeo Capasso
Dr William Close
John lingard
Dr John Lingard DTh
1st viscount bryce 1902b
Rt Hon. Sir Viscount James Bryce OM PC GCVO FRS FBA
Peter connolly
Peter Connolly
Rev Peter Stanford
Thomas Hinderwell
Robert Chambers
Gerald W. Johnson
Tom Baker
A. J. P. Taylor
Basil Morrison
Llewellyn Notley
Ann Nevill
Allan hutchinson
William Hutchinson
David laing william fettes douglas
David Laing
Thomas Edmund Harvey
Louise Kelley Frisbie
Bessie Wilson DuBois
William Emory Maddox
Lillian Carpenter
St. Clair Whitman
Mary Dormer Harris
Ferdinand gregorovius
Ferdinand Gregorovius
Kume kunitake
Kume Kunitake
Robert chambers, publisher, ca1863
Robert Chambers
Boris johnson july 2015
Boris Johnson
Valerie Mellor
John Le Patourel FBA
Mary Turner Rule Reed

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