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Margaret Wintringham MP 1879-1955 First British woman to take a seat in Parliament and only the second to be elected, was born here. She helped shape the future for women MPs.

Oldfield Primary School, Oldfield, United Kingdom


PC Albert Alexander (1897-1941) first person in the world to be treated with Penicillin [full inscription unknown] [has not been erected yet]

Carnarvon Place, Andover Road, Newbury, United Kingdom


Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway This section completed 1954 State Roads Commission [full inscription unknown]

, Mays Chapel, United States

Fells Point A colonial maritime community established 1726 by William Fell, shipbuilder, of Lancashire, England. In this area were built more than six hundred ships from the colonial era through the civil war. Birth place of the U.S. Frigate "Constellation" and home port of the famous Baltimore clippers. Maryland State Society Daughters of the American Colonists

899 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD, United States

Ma & Pa Overpass These abutments supported the York Road plate girder bridge of the defunct Maryland & Pennsylvania railroad. The overpass was rebuilt by the Baltimore & Lehigh railroad in 1900 as an upgrade from a previous narrow gauge track. Reorganized formally on February 12, 1901, the railroad became affectionately known as the "Ma and pa". It covered a circuitous 77 mile route between Baltimore, Maryland and York, Pennsylvania. Railroad service was officially abandoned in June 1958, due to greatly reduced traffic and deteriorating bridges and trackage. The overpass was removed in 1959. Historic Towson, Inc. Photo (Feb. 1948) by John McGrain, Baltimore County historian

301 York Rd, Towson, United States

Andree Peel "Agent Rose" 1905 - 2010 French Resistance Heroine Lived Here

51 Ridgeway Road, Long Ashton, United Kingdom


Dancing Ken Hanks 1935 -2017. Flamboyant character & dedicated fundraiser lived here

Wellington Street, Cheltenham, United Kingdom


"Durch das einträchtige Zusammenwirken der autonomen Curien und des Staates geschaffen, wird dieser Bahnbau - wie ich zuversichtlich hoffe - der Bevölkerung mannigfache Vortheile bringen und die mir am Herzen liegende gedeihliche Entwicklung Wiens wirksam fördern" Kaiser Franz Joseph I. Bei der Eröffnungsfeier am 9.Mai 1898

English translation: “Created by the harmonious interaction of the autonomous Curien and the State, this railway construction will - I hope I hope - bring a wide number of previews to the population and effectively promote the prosperous development of Vienna.” Emperor Franz Joseph I At the opening ceremony on May 9, 1898 [AWS Translate]

U6-Station Alser Straße, Wien, Austria

Type 26 Pillbox This pillbox was built in 1941 as part of a network of defences built all over the British Isle to prevent an anticipated invasion during the Second World War. It is one of the few remaining examples and is identified as a structure of character and historical importance. This plaque was placed in 2005 bay Ferring Parish Council in collaboration with the Environment Agency to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the end of the War in Europe - 'VE Day' 8th May 1945.

, Goring-on-Sea, United Kingdom


James Gillray Jr Born 22.10.1801 Son of the famous 18th Century Caricaturist James Gillray Was born here

16 LOWER RICHMOND ROAD, Putney, London, United Kingdom


George Daniels CBE Watchmaker 1926-2011 Lived & worked here

21 THORNSETT ROAD , London, United Kingdom


John Osborne 1929–1994 Playwright lived here in a ground floor flat 1951–1955

53 Caithness Road, Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom


Natural Philosopher and Patriot, William Molyneux, 1656-1698, Founder of the Dublin Philosophical Society, Site of the first meeting of the D.P.S., Dublin Tourism

Crow Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Dublin, Ireland


To commemorate the lives of Clement John Wain (1866-1951) and his sons Clement 'Jim' (1919-2011) and Roger (1920-2010) who loved this town and strove to preserve its character and promote its prosperity

26-28 High Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme, United Kingdom


The Manchester Guardian (now the Guardian) founded on 5th May 1821, had its newspaper offices here between 1941 and 1970. For almost 50 years it was the office of C. P. Scott, the paper's longest-serving editor. 'Comment is free, but facts are sacred'

Cross Street, Manchester, United Kingdom


In memory of Telscombe Cliffs Airfield opened 1916 closed 1919. Dedicated to all units and personnel based here

360 South Coast Road, Telscombe, United Kingdom


This plaque commemorates the site of the Great Western Cotton Factory 1838-1923

Barton Hill Trading Estate, Bristol, United Kingdom


The Great Western Cotton Factory "One day in 1838 that great bulk stood, complete and its wooden jaws gaped wide" William Sanigar (1954). "Wages were low, I earned 15 shillings a week for 60 hours hard labour" Florence Weekes (1918) cotton factory worker. In May 1968 the largest integrated cotton mill in Southern England was demolished and so finished the final cotton thread.

Wards Signs, Barton Hill Trading Estate, Bristol, United Kingdom


California Department of Parks and Recreation Site of original flagstaff where the American Flag was first raised by Commodore John Drake Sloat on July 7th 1846 taking possession of California in the name of the United States of America later ceded to America under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo on February 2, 1848 Dedicated January 21, 1997 by California State Park Commission and Grand Parlor Native Sons of the Golden West Funded by James A. Bailey Trust

1 Custom House Plaza, Monterey, United States

Custom House Constructed in 1827 by the Mexican government to collect custom duties from foreign shipping, a principle revenue source when Monterey was the capital of Alta California, Mexico's northernmost province. Thomas O. Larkin, US consul to Alta California, contracted with the Mexican government in 1841 to rebuild and enlarge the Custom House. Commodore John Drake Sloat raised the American flag over this building on July 7, 1846 to signal the passing of California from Mexican to American rule. Restored through the efforts of the Native Sons of the Golden West with the assistance of the people of California. State Registered Historical Landmark No. 1 Registered June 1, 1932 National Historic Landmark designated 1960 Plaque placed by the Native Sons of the Golden West, the California State Parks Foundation, and California State Parks Rededicated 2014, the 150th anniversary of California State Parks

1 Custom House Plaza, Monterey, United States