Martin Andersen


Died aged c.89

Martin Andersen, born in 1897, was a high school dropout from Mississippi who became the editor and owner of The Orlando Sentinel. At the age of 15, he quit school and worked for several newspapers in the South and Southwest. There he met Texas newspaper magnate Charles E. Marsh who sent him to run The Orlando Morning Sentinel and the Evening Reporter-Star. Within a few years Anderson owned the newspapers. He exerted his personal and editorial influence with elected officials and the public. Anderson demanded and got a road network and airport for central Florida, which helped persuade Walt Disney to locate Walt Disney World and EPCOT in the state. He also revived interest in a port at Cape Canaveral. Through his friendship with President Lyndon B. Johnson, Orlando received a Naval Recruit Training Station. In 1958, Florida Trend magazine named Andersen as one of Florida’s six most influential men. Martin Andersen died in 1986.

Commemorated on 1 plaque

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Martin Andersen