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    Octavia Hill blue plaque in London
    "This was my first photo to be shown on Open Plaques. Am chuffed to help a great resource. It's just around the corner from my work in Southwark and is an incredibly tranquil spot devised by the great Victorian reformer Octavia Hill as an open space for the urban working class. It is as valued now by the local community as I'm sure it was then. - Oliver Chapman" -
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    Grove House. Opened in 1862 by the Ilkley Bath Charity it became Yorkshire's first convalescent hospital. In World War I it served as a military ho...

  2. Plaque inscription

    Geburtshaus Tobias Mayer's des berühmten Astronomen geboren den 17. Februar 1723 hier gestorben am 20. Februar 1762 zu Göttingen als Prof. ord...