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John Sutton Nettlefold 1866-1930 Pioneer of Town Planning First Chairman of City Housing Committee Lived in this house from 1903 to 1919

Winterbourne House, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom


Dans cette maison a vécu et été arrêté Hippolyte Perrau, Sergent des Groupes Armés du Front National. Déporté a Auschwitz. Il y a été assassiné 7bre 1942.

English translation: In this house lived and was arrested Hippolyte Perrau, Sergeant of the Armed Groups of the National Front. Deported to Auschwitz. He was murdered there 7b 1942. [AWS Translate]

18 rue du Temple, Paris, France

Ici le 15 fevrier 1950 Robert S. White de Cambridge, Mass., USA etudiant de l'Ecole Nationale des Langues Orientales Vivantes age de 31 ans (1918-1950) a genereusement fait le sacrifice de sa vie en essayant de sauver une femme en peril dans le fleuve. In Memoriam.

English translation: Here on 15 February 1950 Robert S. White of Cambridge Mass. USA, student at the National School of Modern Oriental Languages, at the ​​age of 31 years (1918-1950) generously sacrificed his life trying to save a woman in peril in the river. In Memoriam.

quai St. Michel, Paris, France


Crispin Hall Named after the Patron Saint of Shoemakers, this building was opened by John Bright on October 12th, 1885 after William S. Clark decided to improve the cultural facilities for Clarks employees and other Streetonians. Previously there had been a small library at the factory in the charge of James Lovell the doorkeeper. Art classes and talk on sundry educational subjects were also held there in the reading room which was added later. A large public hall, lecture and reading rooms; a library and a museum were then provided here. The building now houses a number of small businesses and community activities. A display of photographs of Street dating back to the 19th century may be seen inside by the main stairway.

Crispin Hall, 81 High Street, Street, United Kingdom


Gerhard Gottschalk [full inscription unknown]

English translation: Gerhard Gottschalk

Am Fischtal 28, Steglitz-Zehlendorf, Berlin, Germany


Edouard Frederic-Dupont 1902-1995 Maire du VIIe arrondissement Président du Conseil municipal Vice-président de l'assemblée nationale ancien ministre qui fut élu à Paris de 1933 à 1995 vécut dans cette maison à partir de 1908

English translation: Edouard Frederic-Dupont 1902-1995 Mayor of the Seventh Arrondissement President of the City Council Vice-President of the National Assembly former minister who was elected in Paris from 1933 to 1995 lived in this house from 1908 [AWS Translate]

177 Boulevard St-Germain, Paris, France

Vernon Watkins 1906-67 Poet/Bardd Worked here 1928-1966 when it was a bank. Gweithiodd yma rhwng 1928 a 1966 pan oedd yn fanc

English translation:

St. Helens Rd and Beach Street, Swansea, United Kingdom


Greyhound Inn A coaching inn rebuild after the Great Fire by the Bastard family.

West Street, Blandford Forum, United Kingdom

Texas Historical Marker #13875

Williamson County Sun. First published on May 19, 1877, the "Williamson County Sun" was founded by Jessie E. Cooper (1855-1944). In its first century of operation, the "Sun" initiated numerous civic projects, such as the building of the first railroad in Georgetown, Wesleyan Retirement Home, and low cost housing. Editors of the paper included Frank T. Roche, John R. Allen, John M. Sharpe, and Robert W. Cooper, son of the founder. Donald and Clara Scarbrough became the second full owners of the enterprise in 1948. The oldest newspaper in Williamson County, the weekly "Sun" became a semi-weekly in 1974. (1978) #13875

709 Main St, Georgetown, TX, United States

Kentucky Historical Marker #123

Corner in Celebrities. Homes of Thomas S. Todd, John M. Harlan, George M. Bibb, John J. Crittenden, John Brown, James Brown, Thomas Metcalfe, Robert P. Letcher, George G. Vest, Benjamin G. Brown, James Harlan, Charles Slaughter Morehead, Thomas S. Crittenden, John C. Watson, Hugh Rodman.

Wapping & Washington Sts., Frankfort, KY, United States

Gaol wall 1827. Here was the last public execution in Carlisle 15th March 1862

37 Lingarth, Carlisle, United Kingdom

The buffet on this station was the setting for the 1946 film "Brief Encounter".

Railway Station, Carnforth, United Kingdom