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Plaque of the day

Photo of Adrian Parmenter blue plaque
sleepymyf on Flickr
Jez says,"Poor Adrian, he died of rabies contracted from the bite of a mad fox"

Recently photographed

Photo of Randolph Adolphus Turpin bronze plaque
ell brown on Flickr
Photo of Blue plaque № 32992
Simon Harriyott on Flickr
Photo of Black plaque № 20006
Nicolas Henderson from Coppell, Texas on Wikimedia Commons
Photo of Blue plaque № 4062
sleepymyf on Flickr
Photo of White plaque № 39458
TonyMo22 on Flickr
Photo of Marble plaque № 39439
Konstantin007 on Flickr
Photo of All Saints Church, Newcastle and David Stephenson black plaque
Simon Harriyott on Flickr
Photo of Grey plaque № 39504
Monceau on Flickr
Photo of William F. McFadzean black plaque
Albert Bridge on Geograph
Photo of William Smith blue plaque
Spudgun67 on Wikimedia Commons