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Plaque Of The Day

Anna Freud blue plaque

says,"Born in 1895 Anna followed in her father Sigmund Freud's footsteps, adding to the newly born field of psychoanalysis. Alongside Melanie Klein, she is considered the founder of psychoanalytic child psychology. The house this plaque is on is now a museum featuring among its objects Freud's famous couch."

sleepymyf on Flickr
Place Of The Day

Norwich 251

Norwich has a long history. It has been a city since 1094. From the Middle Ages until the Industrial Revolution, Norwich was the largest city in England after London and one of the most important. This is refelected in its plaques.

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The Great Synagogue Dukes Place, constituent of the United Synagogue stood on the site adjoining from 1690 and served the community continuously until it was destroyed in September 1941 in World War II.

Dukes Place, London, United Kingdom


Hier wohnte Ruth Klein Jg. 1931 deportiert 1942 Zamosc ermordet

English translation: Here lived Ruth Klein Jg. 1931 deported 1942 Zamosc murdered [AWS Translate]

Oberstraße 7, Witten, Germany

Nevada Historical Marker #150

Nevada’s First State Park. Along with most Americans, Nevadans by the 1920’s began to demand greater access to the outdoors, precipitating early efforts on the part of the legislature to designate state lands for recreational use.  Building on those efforts, a 1931 land exchange transferred 8760 acres of federal land to the state at Nevada.In 1934, that land was officially dedicated as Valley of Fire, Nevada’s first state park.  The following year, Nevada’s legislature established this and three other parks at Beaver Dam, Cathedral Gorge and Kershaw-Ryan.  These parks owe much of their early infrastructure to the work of Civilian Conservation Corps crews led by Thomas W. Miller of Reno, who also served as the first chairman of the State Parks Commission. By 2015, Valley of Fire State had grown fourfold, and is recognized internationally for its outstanding scenic, geologic, and archaeological features.

Balanced Roack, Overton, NV, United States

Hic oravit Suae Gentis Imperitura Gloria Unitatis Assertor Populorum Divus Poeta Fidem Cecinit Divine Virginem Matrem Exaltavit L.S. 31.5.1979

English translation: He prayed His Glory One Nation imperishable Assertor PEOPLES St. poet faith sung the Virgin Mary exalted LS 31.5.1979 [Google Translate]

Chiesa di Dante - Via Santa Margherita, Florence, Italy

Hier wohnte Wilhelm Erdmann Jg. 1900 „Vorbeugehaft“ 1939 Buchenwald Mauthausen 1940 Dachau ermordet 17. 2. 1941

English translation: Here lived Wilhelm Erdmann Jg. 1900 “Preventive detention” 1939 Buchenwald Mauthausen 1940 Dachau murdered 17. 2. 1941 [AWS Translate]

Breite Straße 40, Witten, Germany

Texas Historical Marker #3847

Olin Baptist Church. Founded in 1878 by five charter members, this church originally was named Kings Chapel. It was also known as Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church and as Dry Fork Church. The church deacons purchased land at this site in 1899, and when a post office for the community was granted under the name Olin, the church was renamed Olin Baptist Church. Serving the community for well over a century, this church has offered a variety of worship and educational programs and has supported both domestic and foreign missionary endeavors. #3847

?, Olin, TX, United States

Hier wohnte Dr. Fritz Frensdorff Jg. 1889 Flucht in den Tod 12.2.1938

English translation: Here lived Dr. Fritz Frensdorff Jg. 1889 Escape to Death 12.2.1938 [AWS Translate]

Lange Laube 18, Hanover, Germany

Kentucky Historical Marker #113

Daniel Boone's Grave. Born 1734, died 1820. Entered Eastern Kentucky, 1767; explored Bluegrass Region, 1769-71; guided Transylvania Company, blazed Wilderness Trail, built Fort Boonesborough in 1775; directed defense of the fort, 1778; emigrated to Missouri, 1799; reinterred, with wife Rebecca, in Frankfort Cemetery, 1845. For more information, see ExploreKYHistory: Daniel Boone's Grave

Frankfort Cemetery, E. Main St., Frankfort, KY, United States

У цьому будинку з 1883 по 1908 рр. працював видатний вітчизняний історик-мистецтвознавець та громадський діяч Рєдін Єгор Кузьмич 1863-1908

16 Universitetskaya, Kharkiv, Ukraine

York has been a centre of railway management since 1840. this building, now the Headquarters of British Rail, Eastern Region, was the Head Office of the North Eastern Railway from 1906 (designed by William Bell and Horace Field). The badges above are of the York and North Midland Railway (top), the Leeds Northern Railway (left), and the York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway (right), which formed the North Eastern Railway in 1854 and in 1923 became part of the London and North Eastern Railway.

?, York, United Kingdom


A MINI REVOLUTION The Austin Mini first rolled off the assembly line here in 1959. From 1959 to 2000, the brain child of Alec Issigonis had a production run of more than 5.3 million cars. To this day, the Mini's ground-breaking design has set the benchmark for style, technology, engineering and innovation.

Austin Park, Longbridge, Birmingham, United Kingdom


William Penn. The founder of Pennsylvania. Preached to a congregation of 3000 in 1685 from a window of The Crown. He was arrested but then released on the intervention of Bishop Kidder.

Market Place, Wells, United Kingdom