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Arthur Sullivan bronze plaque

Jez says,"This is terribly sad when you look into the story. Arthur Sullivan received a Victoria Cross for extreme gallantry in rescuing four members of his platoon in Russia in 1919. In 1937 he was attending the coronation of King George VI when he slipped and hit his head on the kerb. The blow was fatal."

Roger Jones on Geograph
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Norwich 252 plaques

Norwich has a long history. It has been a city since 1094. From the Middle Ages until the Industrial Revolution, Norwich was the largest city in England after London and one of the most important. This is refelected in its plaques.

Most-viewed plaques

In the last 11 years, between 20 May 2009 to 31 May 2020, Open Plaques had a total of 1,913,965 page views. Some were triggered by internet memes such as Steve Ullathorne's 2012 image of a George Orwell plaque with a CCTV camera next to it. Others, such as those for Alan Turing, were probably triggered by an anniversary and campaign for recognition.

  1. George Orwell 1903-1950 novelist & political essayist lived here (19177 page views)
  2. Jacob von Hogflume 1864-1909 Inventor of time travel. lived here in 2189 (14612 page views)
  3. George Orwell 1903-1950 novelist and political essayist lived here (6298 page views)
  4. Jimi Hendrix 1942-1970 guitarist and songwriter lived here 1968-1969 (5484 page views)
  5. Alan Turing 1912-1954 founder of computer science and cryptographer, whose work was key to breaking the wartime Enigma codes, lived and died here. (3913 page views)
  6. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1859-1930 creator of Sherlock Holmes lived here 1891-1894 (3761 page views)
  7. Alan Turing 1912-1954 code breaker lived here from 1945-1947 (3522 page views)
  8. This building housed the offices of Charles Dickens' magazine 'All The Year Round' and his private apartments 1859-1870 (3278 page views)
  9. Dame Agatha Christie 1890-1976 detective novelist and playwright lived here 1934-1941 (2928 page views)
  10. The Peterloo Massacre. On 16th August 1819, a peaceful rally of 60,000 pro-democracy reformers, men, women and children was attacked by armed cavalry resulting in 15 deaths and over 600 injuries. (2887 page views)

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Hilde Horwitz [full inscription unknown]

English translation: Hilde Horwitz

Badstraße 61, Mitte, Berlin, Germany


IX. Giuseppe Garibaldi dittatore proclamando proprieta nazionale il Museo e gli scavi questi dotava di piu largo assegnamento perche procedesse non interrotta e spedita la scoperta di Pompei ordinava si Riaprissero le Ribadite porte delle sale riservate salvando da inevitabile rovina monumenti preziosi di pittura e di plastica

Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, Napoli, Italy


Napoleon Bonaparte Broward [full inscription unknown]

Napoleon Bonaparte Broward House, 9953 Hecksher Drive, Ft. George Island, Jacksonville, FL, United States


Alastair Sim 1900-1976 actor and director was born near here

88 Lothian Rd, EH3 9BZ, Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Market Cross. The early prosperity of Ambleside as a market town was founded upon sheep and the woollen industry serviced by a network of pack horse tracks. For many hundred of years this was an open site with views across fields and meadows to Loughrigg. Flax was also grown nearby and spun and woven into linen cloth. Later Ambleside was known for its linsey-woolsey cloth combining a strong linen warp with a warm woollen weft to produce a coarse hard wearing material. Here were the village tenter fields where a newly manufactured woollen cloth was hung to stretch and dry, and woven linen laid to bleach. What had begun as a cottage industry died out in the 19th century as fashions changed. The site became allotment gardens until a bus station was built in the 1930's. The Market Cross Shopping Centre was completed in 1997.

Market Cross, Ambleside, United Kingdom


4E 33 Casey Jones From a station on this site the night of Apr. 29, 1900, John Luther Jones, replacing the regularly detailed engineer, took out engine 382, pulling the Illinois Central "Cannonball". Driving into a blocked switch at Vaughan, Miss. early the following morning, he stayed with his engine to save his passengers. He was the only man to die in the wreck.

N Front St, Memphis, TN, United States

Texas Historical Marker #4099

Potter-Hurley House. Capt. L. W. Lee (1831-1916), a Confederate veteran, moved here from Missouri, 1869; founded Valley View (10 mi. S), 1873; became a leading cattleman of area. In 1894, as a wedding gift for daughter Ella (Mrs. J. M. Potter), built this house. Bought 1949 and preserved by Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hurley. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1973. #4099

108 Church Street, Gainesville, TX, United States

Kentucky Historical Marker #507

Newport-War of 1812. Kentuckians crossed here August 1812 marching to relieve Gen. Hull at Detroit. Took Frenchtown (Monroe) on January 18, 1813. Four days later all but 30 were killed or captured. Other Kentuckians gathered here Aug. 31, 1813. Led by Governor Shelby these men defeated British and Indians in Battle of Thames in Canada Oct. 5, 1813. This ended fighting in the Old Northwest. Dedicated September 26, 1962. For more information, see ExploreKYHistory: Newport: War of 1812

Newport, Courthouse lawn, KY 8, ,

The Dome built 1803-1808 as the royal stables for George, Prince of Wales. Architect William Porden

The Dome, Brighton, United Kingdom


THE MARKET HALL. A Market Hall was officially opened in 1878, after the rights and privileges of Ulverston's free street markets and fairs were leased from the Duke of Buccleugh. The terms were for 999 years, for a payment of 5s per annum. The hall was built in the Italian style on land which had formed the kitchen garden of Lightburne House (later the County Hotel). In 1875 a fire destroyed the original building resulting the erection of the present building.

New Market Street, Ulverston, United Kingdom

Texas Historical Marker #9002

Kendleton. The site on which Kendleton now stands was originally a Mexican land grant to settler Elizabeth Powell, whose house was an early-day stage stop. During the Texas Revolution, in 1836, Santa Anna's Mexican Army camped near here. Later the settlements of Oak Hill and Humbolt existed briefly. Kendleton began during Civil War reconstruction when Wm. E. Kendall sold land, for as little as 50 cents an acre, to assist freed Negroes in starting their own farms. The rural village was named in his honor when the railroad came through, 1884. #9002

?, Kendleton, TX, United States

Texas Historical Marker #2482

Hill County Jail. Constructed in 1893, this building serves as the third jail for Hill County. It was designed by W. C. Dodson of Waco, architect of the Hill County Courthouse, and built by the Brown County firm of Lovell and Wood. The brick and limestone structure reflects influences of the Victorian and medieval revival styles. Interior space includes living quarters in the front for the sheriff and jailer. Steel-clad prisoner cells are located in the back section. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1981 #2482

120 North Waco, Hillsboro, TX, United States