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Ethel Gordon Fenwick 1857-1947 nursing reformer lived here 1887-1924

20 Upper Wimpole Street, London, United Kingdom


Guglielmo Marconi [full inscription unknown]

, Bologna, Italy


Orange Street Congregational Church This church was founded in 1693 by Huguenot refugees who fled from France at the time of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. In 1776 the Chapel passed into the hands of the Church of England. The Rev. Augustus III. Toplady author of "Rock of Ages" was one of its ministers. The Chapel passed into the hands of the Congregationalists in 1787. Adjoining the chapel was Sir Isaac Newtons house which was built in 1710 and condemned in 1913. Mrs Jemima Luke, author of the beloved hymn "I think when we read that sweet story of old" was a teacher in the Sunday School. A copy of the hymn in her own handwriting is in possession of the church.

Orange Street, London, United Kingdom


Marple railway station celebrating 150 years Opened by the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway (MS&LR) 1st July 1865

Brabyns Brow, Marple, United Kingdom


Dr John Snow (1813-1858) Founding father of Epidemiology. In 1854 his research linked deaths to the water pump near this site and thus determined that cholera is a water borne disease

Broadwick Street, London, United Kingdom


Мелочная лавка. Построена в 1879 - 1880 гг. Архитектор Ф. Минеев.

ул. Ленина, 80, Ulyanovsk, Russia

Hôtel d'Hallwyll. Echu à François d'Hallwyll, colonel du régiment de la Garde suisse, un premier hôtel avait été loué à Necker, banquier suisse, future contrôleur général des finances de Louis XVI. Sa fille Germaine, devenue plus tard baronne de Staël, y naquit en 1766. La même année, Claude-Nicolas Ledoux édifié l'hôtel actuel, déjà de style Louis XVI. La façade sur rue est inspirée de l'antique. Sur cour, le corps de logis est beaucoup plus simple, mais il présentait sur le jardin une colonnade dorique, aujourd'hui dénaturée. Le décor intérieur a été dispersé: seul l'escalier demeure. Des hôtels construits à Paris par Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, l'hôtel d'Hallwyll est le seul à n'avoir pas été détruit.

English translation: Hallwyll hotel. A first hotel had been rented to François d'Hallwyll, Colonel of the Swiss Guard Regiment, in Necker, Swiss banker, future Chief Financial Officer of Louis XVI. His daughter Germaine, later baroness of Stael, was born there in 1766. In the same year, Claude-Nicolas Ledoux built the current Louis XVI. The façade on the street is inspired by the antique. On the courtyard, the housing body is much simpler, but it presented on the garden a doric colonnade, now denatured. The interior decor has been scattered: only the stairs remain. From hotels built in Paris by Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, Hallwyll's hotel is the only one that has not been destroyed. [AWS Translate]

28 rue Michel-le-Comte, Paris, France

Godfroy Reserve Reserved by U.S. to Chief Francois Godfroy of the Miami Nation of Indians by treaty at St. Mary's, Ohio, 6 October 1818, 3,840 acres on Salamonie River at La Petite Prairie, Harrison Township, Blackford County; reserve lands sold 1827, 1836.

SE corner of Main Street & Huntington Street/SR 18, Montpelier, IN, United States

Texas Historical Marker #17281

Joseph Sterling Bridwell. Joseph Birdwell was born March 23, 1885, near Northview, Missouri. He moved to Wichita Falls in 1909 and went into the real estate business. By 1915, Bridwell began buying, selling, and trading oil leases. His first venture in drilling was the Cashion Oil Company in 1917, and he formed the Bridwell Oil Company in 1927. #17281 [full inscription unknown]

111 E. Burnet St., Wichita Falls, TX, United States


Robert Baden-Powell 1857-1941 founder of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides and hero of the Siege of Mafeking attended Rose Hill School, formerly on this site 1868-1870

Vale Towers, 58 London Rd, Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom


2-4 St Andrews Hill A 17th century building in what was once a medieval thoroughfare, converted to two residential units with a shop below. The street facade shows shows at least four different phases of brickwork and flint rubble, evidence of past alterations. There is a very fine oak weaver's window to the second floor.

2-4 St Andrews Hill, Norwich, United Kingdom

Ernest Rutherford (1871 - 1937) Nobel Laureate led this laboratory 1907 - 1919 herein discovered the nuclear atom, split the atom, and initiated the field of nuclear physics

Manchester University, Manchester, United Kingdom