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Richard Sutcliffe on Wikimedia Commons

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George Bennie and Bennie Railplane blue plaque Jez says,"A suspended track monorail with a bullet-shaped carriage with a propeller at each end...what's not to like!"

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This plaque commemorates the recording here of The Quarrymen's first disc. Percy Phillips recording studio was located here 1955-1969. The Quarrymen. John, Paul and George plus John Lowe (piano) and Colin Hanton (drums) paid Mr Phillips 17 /6 to record their first disc here on 17th July 1959. The two numbers were "That'll Be The Day" by Buddy Holly and "In Spite Of All The Danger" by Paul McCartney & George Harrison. In 1960 they became The Beatles.

38 Kensington Road, Liverpool, United Kingdom


Zum gedenken an Hochw. Herrn Dr. theol. Anton Ruland königl.Oberbibliothekar in Würzburg (1809-1874) Seelsorger, Wissenschaftler, Politiker, Stifter des Hauses "zurheiligen Anna"

English translation: To commemorate Hochw. Dr. Theol. Anton Ruland Königl.Oberbibliothekar in Würzburg (1809-1874) pastoral minister, scientist, politician, founder of the house “zurheiligen Anna” [AWS Translate]

Theaterstraße 19, Würzburg, Germany

Phileas J. Fogg Adventurer and Bon Viveur Lives Here 1873

15 Bruton Lane, Mayfair, ,

This is the site of Lisburn's 18th century French Huguenot Church

Town Hall, Castle Street, Lisburn, United Kingdom

Matlock Bridge This downstream side of the bridge dates from the 1400s. The bridge was widened in 1904 - look under the arches to see that this is bridge of two halves. This viewpoint was planned by Matlock Civic Association in 2005

Matlock Bridge - Hall Leys Park, Matlock, United Kingdom


Dans cette maison est mort le 23 Octobre 1906 Paul Cezanne

English translation: Paul Cezanne died in this house 23 October 1906

23 Rue Boulegon, Aix-en-Provence, France


Casa Torre Guidozagni. Rari esempio superstite di casa-torre due-centesca la cui altezza fu ridotta nel 1487. Era un tempo collegata alla dimora dei Salaroli, demolitia nel 1926.

English translation:

, Bologna, Italy

Upon this site formerly stood "The Bell" Carter Lane. From whence Richard Quiney wrote the letter to William Shakespeare dated 25th October 1598. This is the only letter extant addressed to Shakespeare and the original is preserved in the museum at his birthplace, Stratford Upon Avon. This tablet was placed upon the present building by leave of the Postmaster General 1899.

47 Carter Lane, London, United Kingdom


Coventry Watch Museum Project: Watchmaking Heritage Trail 2000 - 1 Hearsall Lane , Smith & Sons Balance Works c1846

1 Hearsall Lane, Coventry, United Kingdom

John Curwen, educationalist and developer of the tonic sol-fa method of singing, was a minister of this church and taught here 1838-1841

London Street URC Church, London Street, Basingstoke, United Kingdom


A Lucien Cariat Medailleur Hommage

English translation: A Lucien Cariat Medailleur Homage [AWS Translate]

46 rue Boissonade, Paris, France

Sir Thomas Beecham 1879 - 1961 Conductor and Impresario Lived Here 1937 - 1941

Bell Moor House, East Heath Road, Hampstead, London, United Kingdom