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Photo of Robbie Williams blue plaque
519BAC on Flickr

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Robbie Williams blue plaque Jez says,"The creation of this plaque caused questions over commemorating people who are still alive. The English Heritage rules are quite strict to prevent the 'cult of now', but should other groups follow suit?"

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Photo of William Schwenck Gilbert grey plaque
Gwynhafyr on Flickr
Photo of Grey plaque number 40305
Monceau on Flickr
Photo of Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine white plaque
Thomas Nugent on Geograph
Photo of White plaque number 43358
TonyMo22 on Flickr
Photo of Blue plaque number 9821
sgwarnog2010 on Flickr
Photo of Grey plaque number 10400
Simply Jan on Flickr
Photo of Brown plaque number 42738
Robin Sones on Geograph
Photo of Black plaque number 30032
sgwarnog2010 on Flickr
Photo of Black plaque number 26396
QuesterMark on Flickr