Napoleon B. Broward

Died aged c. 53

Napoleon Bonaparte Broward (April 19, 1857 – October 1, 1910) was an American river pilot, captain, and politician; he was elected as the 19th governor of the U.S. state of Florida from January 3, 1905, to January 5, 1909. He was best known for his major project to drain the Everglades to recover land for agricultural cultivation. As governor, he built alliances with the federal government to gain funds for this project. He had previously served as the sheriff of Duval County, Florida and in the Florida House of Representatives. He was allied with the Straightouts, Populist-leaning elements of the Democratic Party in the state.

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Napoleon Bonaparte Broward [full inscription unknown]

Napoleon Bonaparte Broward House, 9953 Hecksher Drive, Ft. George Island, Jacksonville, FL, United States where they was