Frank Adler


Died aged c. 78

Frank "Tootie" Adler, born in 1919, became a resident of the city of Dania in 1931. During his career, Adler served as Dania city commissioner, mayor, Broward County Commissioner and as the Dania city attorney. During his term as mayor, and largely due to his efforts, the City of Dania acquired Dania Beach from the State of Florida. Frank Adler died in 1997. In December, 1997, the City of Dania changed the name of the Dania Beach Park to Frank C. "Tootie" Adler Park.

Commemorated on 1 plaque

Frank "Tootie" Adler

Frank "Tootie" Adler [full inscription unknown]

Nyberg-Swanson House, 102 West Dania Boulevard, Dania Beach, FL, United States where they was