Emmy Noether

woman and mathematician

Died aged c. 53

Amalie Emmy Noether (German: [ˈnøːtɐ]; 23 March 1882 – 14 April 1935) was a German mathematician known for her landmark contributions to abstract algebra and theoretical physics. She was described by Pavel Alexandrov, Albert Einstein, Jean Dieudonné, Hermann Weyl, and Norbert Wiener as the most important woman in the history of mathematics. As one of the leading mathematicians of her time, she developed the theories of rings, fields, and algebras. In physics, Noether's theorem explains the connection between symmetry and conservation laws.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

Geburtshaus der Mathematikerin Emmy Noether geb[oren] 23.3.1882 gest[orben] 14.4.1935 Emigration 1933 in Bryn Mawr USA

English translation: Birthplace of the mathematician Emmy Noether born 3/23/1882 emigrated in 1933 died 4/14/1935 in Bryn Mawr, USA

Hauptstr. 23, Erlangen, Germany where they was born (1882)

Emmy Noether Mathematikerin 1932 - 1934

Stegemühlenweg, Göttingen, Germany where they was