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7035904831_21a80e702c_sSydney Owenson grey plaque in DublinSydney Owenson (Lady Morgan) writer and patriot lived on this site 1813-1837
3888840197_1b6bcd7d48_sJohn Henry Newman, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and James Joyce black plaque in DublinSt. Patrick's House of the Catholic university University College 1854-1909. John Henry Newman, Rector 1852-59, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Professor of Greek 1884-89, James Augustine Joyce, student 1899-1902
13360490354_95b4a3d74b_sWilliam Robert Wills Wilde brown plaque in DublinSir William Robert Wills Wilde, 1815-1876, aural and ophthalmic surgeon, archaeologist, ethnologist, antiquarian, biographer, statistician, naturalist, topographer, historian, folklorist lived in this house from 1855 to 1876
2377830931_9112231ab0Oscar Wilde brown plaque in DublinOscar Wilde 1854-1900 Poet, dramatist, wit lived here 1855-1878
6725594109_1e2873836d_sJames Joyce yellow plaque in DublinBirthplace of James Joyce poet - novelist 1882-1941
6756270151_5d660a8ca9_sEdward Carson brown plaque in DublinLord Edward Carson 1854-1935 politician and lawyer born here 1854
7022237347_f741eb62aa_sGeorge Bernard Shaw white plaque in DublinBernard Shaw author of many plays was born in this house 26 July 1856
NophotosqrCathal Brugha black plaque in DublinCathal Brugha 1874-1922
6756277989_89260e9f62_sBrass plaque № 7531 in DublinThe first meeting of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland was held on premises on this site on 9th April 1798
NophotosqrSean Healy bronze plaque in DublinIn memory of Sean Healy Na. Fianna Eireann aged 15 years. Mortally wounded by British Forces at this spot during the Easter Rising April 1916
6309832664_8f8870ee63_sBrian O'Nolan and Brian O'Nolan black plaque in DublinMyles na gCopaleen Flann O'Brien Brian O'Nuallain 1911-1966 Ní bhéid a leithéad arís ann
George_william_russel_(ae)_plaque,_dublin,_irelandGeorge William Russell grey plaque in DublinGeorge William Russell AE 1867-1935 poet, mystic, painter, co-operator worked here
NophotosqrJames Joyce brass plaque in DublinJames Joyce author of Ulysses lived here from April to August 1904
NophotosqrJames Joyce grey plaque in DublinJames Joyce [full inscription unknown]
6851511760_326a1b4d75_sLeopold Bloom and James Joyce brown plaque in DublinHere in Joyce's imagination was born in May 1866 Leopold Bloom. Citizen, husband, father, wanderer, reincarnation of Ulysses
7475066140_b528e4a659_sJames Joyce brown plaque in DublinThe Ormond Hotel is the setting for the episode The Sirens in Joyce's Ulysses
NophotosqrJames Joyce grey plaque in DublinIn this house lived James Joyce
6881359990_c882ff1bca_sGeorge Fitzmaurice brown plaque in DublinGeorge Fitzmaurice 1878-1964 Abbey playwright lived here 1901-1911
6756269331_fd128885ee_sBronze plaque № 8775 in DublinÉirí Amach na Cásca 1916: Ceanncheathrú Arm Cathartha Na Héireann Seachtainn Na Cásca. Headquarters, Irish Citizen Army during Easter Week
6756272449_318790c518_sRichard Griffith stone plaque in DublinIn this house was born Sir Richard Griffith. Bart. 1784-1878 Father of Irish Geology
6756271299_466117bb5c_sJohn Henry Newman brown plaque in DublinIn the garden of this house John Henry Newman 1801 - 1890 built University Church 1856
6756274277_ec3c6c078d_sGeorge Moore white plaque in DublinWriter George Moore lived in this house 1901 - 1911
6756275027_cdd31a0baa_sGeorge Francis Fitzgerald purple, white and green plaque in DublinTheoretical Physicist George Francis Fitzgerald MRIA FRS 1851 - 1901 lived here Fitzgerald Contraction in Relativity
6756276195_3f79e325b7_sOliver St. John Gogarty brown plaque in DublinOliver St. John Gogarty poet and surgeon had rooms here 1915 - 1917
6756277131_e9bac3f315_sThomas Wrigley Grimshaw brown plaque in DublinDoctor Thomas Wrigley Grimshaw 1839-1900 physician and philanthropist lived on this site 1861-1881
6756511787_8df12e1409_sArnold Graves purple, white and green plaque in DublinPromoted Irish Technical Education Arnold Graves 1847 - 1930 founded Kevin St Technical School 1887
6796419271_c728828852_sJohn Hughes white plaque in DublinSculptor John Hughes lived in this house 1890-1901
6789785167_a458597b43_sWilliam Butler Yeats brown plaque in DublinSenator William Butler Yeats 1965 - 1939 poet & playwright lived here 1922 - 1928
6857429095_07bc476718_sWilliam Butler Yeats brown plaque in DublinBirthplace of William Butler Yeats poet dramatist author June 13 1865
6789859123_5704ba9e82_sAndrew O'Connor brown plaque in DublinAndrew O'Connor sculptor born Worcester Mass., USA June 7th 1874 died in this house June 7 1941
6796434597_44874f521e_sBrown plaque № 8819 in DublinH. Q. 1912 - 1915 of International Tailors, Pressers and Machinists Union Established by Jewish Workers Synagogue 1892 - 1916 Concern and ICTU
6765312595_c35362f8ec_sRobert Tressell stone plaque in DublinRobert Tressell born Robert Noonan socialist, painter signwriter and author of "The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists" 18th April 1870 - 3rd February 1911
NophotosqrWilliam Butler Yeats blue plaque in DublinBalscadden House. W. B. Yeats poet lived here 1880 -1883 "I have spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams"
6806849635_bb31c2cf75_sDaniel O'Connell brown plaque in DublinDaniel O'Connell 1775 - 1847 'The Liberator' lived in this house
6806848211_20ce692cd5_sJoseph Sheridan Le Fanu brown plaque in DublinJoseph Sheridan Le Fanu 1814 - 1873 writer lived here
NophotosqrCharles Algernon Parsons blue plaque in DublinCA Parsons No5 Generator This was one of the first commercial machines based on the 1884 patent by Charles A Parsons for a steam turbine and used a dynamo as load. Output 65 amps, 100 volts at a speed on 12,000rpm. Presented to Trinity College, Dublin by Gerald Stone, BAI, 1911.
13869631693_ecd3320de0_sVolta Cinematograph and James Joyce blue plaque in DublinOn this site stood Ireland's very first dedicated picture house, the Volta Cinema. It was opened on 20th December 1909 and managed by James Joyce. The converted 420-seat venue was renamed the Lyceum in 1921. It closed in 1948 and was demolished in the 1960s. Only the upper floor facades survives
NophotosqrErnest Henry Shackleton purple, white and green plaque in DublinErnest Shackleton lived here 1874 - 1922 lived here 1880 -1884 Antartic explorer. Leader of men
6806848857_78bc58c7e8_sErwin Schrödinger blue plaque in DublinErwin Schrödinger creator of Wave Mechanics worked here 1940 - 1956
6806847817_fa8791b944_sMainie Jellett brown plaque in DublinMainie Jellett 1897 - 1944 painter lived and worked here
6806849227_43befc5319_sJohn Lighton Synge white plaque in DublinHere worked the geometer, relativist, and applied mathematician John Lighton Synge From 1948 - 1971. b. 1897 d. 1995
6920862475_3371d16f7c_sJohn Boyd Dunlop brown plaque in DublinThe first pneumatic tyre factory in the world was started here in 1889, to make tyres under John Boyd Dunlop's patent of the 7th December, 1888.
6795324208_2c9e26b714_sLudwig Wittgenstein bronze plaque in DublinLudwig Wittgenstein (1899 -1951) Viennese philosopher stayed in Dublin in the winter 1948 - 1949 and liked to sit and write at these steps.
6957312135_cfb0dba60c_sBram Stoker brown plaque in DublinBram Stoker 1847-1912 theatre manager and author of Dracula lived here
6795190142_425094a48f_sSean O'Casey green plaque in DublinPoet dramatist Sean O'Casey lived in this house 1882 - 1888
6826064487_102725268f_sLudwig Wittgenstein grey plaque in DublinLudwig Wittgenstein 1889 - 1951 philosopher lived and worked here November 1948 - June 1949
6790407174_bde37773e3_sWilliam Henry Stanley Monck brown plaque in DublinW. H. S. Monck, 1839 - 1915 and colleagues made the first electrical measurements of starlight here on 1892 August 28
6988580641_6d93eed1d0_sJohn Field brown plaque in DublinJohn Field composer and pianist born at Golden Lane 26th July 1782 died at Moscow 27th January 1837. Creator of the nocturne, precursor of Chopin, was baptised in this church 5th September 1782
7017629725_0b5060b590_sBrendan Behan bronze plaque in Dublin1923 - 1964 Brendan Behan
6872137258_83b9cbe3de_sLafcadio Hearn brown plaque in DublinLafcadio Hearn 1850-1904 famous for his writings on Japan lived here 1853-1855 during his childhood
NophotosqrLafcadio Hearn maroon plaque in DublinThis Georgian residence was the boyhood home of Lafcadio Hearn ( Koizumi Yakumo 1850-1904 ) one of the most fascinating writers of the 19th century. The Celtic spirit of vague unrest and a reaction to Western materialism led him to Japan in 1890. His genius grasped better than anyone the very essence of Japan. He presented with subtle comprehension and symapthy and with exquisite prose the soul of a people destined to play an ever increasing role in world affairs
6907711852_13e9616537_sBlue plaque № 9892 in DublinIrish Aviation began in this building on November 5th 1909 when the members of the Irish Automobile Club founded the Irish Aero Club
6907710544_37be32d35f_sBrown plaque № 9894 in DublinMhair and Chairdinéal John Henry Newman Diagaí, Scoláire agus céad Reachtaire ar Ollscoil Chaitlicheach na hÉireann anseo - 1854 go 1858 Cardinal John Henry Newman Theologian, Scholar and First Rector of the Catholic University of Ireland lived here 1854 - 1858
6907710104_ef05fd568d_sHugh Lane marble plaque in DublinClonmell House home of The Municipal Gallery of Modern Art 1908 - 1932 founded by Sir Hugh Lane
6907711332_571b803450_sJonah Barrington brown plaque in DublinSir Jonah Barrington 1760 - 1834 memoir writer lived here
7064911309_eaf503f3fc_sOscar Wilde white plaque in DublinPoet Dramatist Wit Oscar Wilde Do rugadh sa teach seo 16-10-1854
6943969528_acee9955e8_sJohn Millington Synge stone plaque in DublinJohn Millington Synge writer & dramatist lived here 1890 - 1906
NophotosqrJonathan Swift black plaque in DublinIn No 7 Hoey's Court (now demolished) about 100 feet NW of this spot it is reputed that Jonathan Swift, Dean of St Patrick's Cathedral, was born on the 30th day of Novr. 1667 He died on the 19th day of Octr. 1745
7131649529_c1c292e8c6_sStephan Kelly and Patrick Keena stone plaque in DublinIn memory of Sergeant Stephan Kelly and Constable Patrick Keena of the Dublin Metropolitan Police who were shot on duty in this locality in the early hours of 31st October 1867
NophotosqrAnne Jellicoe purple, white and green plaque in DublinQuaker educationalist Anne Jellicoe 1823-1880 founded here in 1861 The Queen's Technical Training Institute for Women Rowan Hamilton stone plaque in Dublin Here as he walked by on the 16th of October 1843 Sir William Rowan Hamilton in a flash of genius discovered the fundamental formula for quaternion multiplication i² = j² = k² = ijk = −1 & cut it on a stone of this bridge.
11574725403_e192713cb8_sElizabeth Bowen brown plaque in DublinElizabeth Bowen 1899-1973 writer was born and spent her first seven winters in this house
NophotosqrRobert Emmet white plaque in DublinRobert Emmet arrested 25 August 1803 here in Palmer's House while hiding as a lodger under the assumed name of Hewitt after the aborted uprising
NophotosqrVeronica Guerin white plaque in DublinVeronica Guerin was assassinated close to this site on June 26th 1996. May we always remember her for her courage. Honoured by South Dublin County Council and the Sunday Independent. An bheis dé go raibh a h'anam dílis solas dé inár measc
NophotosqrJames Napper Tandy stone plaque in DublinAdjacent to this house was born AD 1740 James Napper Tandy civic tribune soldier and patriot, Secretary Dublin Society United Irishmen, Chef de Brigade Armée de la Republique Francaise, died in Bordeaux 1803. Erected by Quay Ward branch Wolfe Tone and '98 Memorial Association A.D. 1900 [full inscription unknown]
NophotosqrConstance Markievicz plaque in DublinConstance Countess Markievicz lay in State in this Pillar Room of the Rotunda Hospital on 16 July 1927. Tens of thousands of people filed past the remains of one known as "The Lover of the Poor" She was interred in Glasnevin Cemetery.
7482402100_07573357e2_sJohn Field grey plaque in DublinJohn Field Creator of the Nocturne Born Golden Lane 1782 Died Moscow 1837
NophotosqrThomas Moore white plaque in Dublin1779 The birthplace of Thomas Moore, Ireland's lyric poet. Reconstructed in 1963
NophotosqrMichael Mallin plaque in DublinMichael Mallin [full inscription unknown]
NophotosqrJennie Wyse Power bronze plaque in DublinHome of John and Jennie Wyse Power from 1899 to 1909 Ar an láthair seo síníodh forógra na poblachta. The Proclamation of the Republic was signed on this site in April 1916 [full inscription unknown]
NophotosqrJohn Giles green plaque in DublinJohn Giles Irish international footballer was born and raised in Ormond Square
NophotosqrEdward FitzGerald bronze plaque in DublinLord Edward FitzGerald Commander-in-Chief of the United Army was buried here on 5th June 1798
12851243784_2c68982b1e_sErnest Walton blue plaque in DublinErnest Walton 1903-1995 Fellow of Trinity College Erasmus Smith's Professor 1946-1974 Nobel Laureate in Physics 1951
7875600280_f17e22b0b7_sWhite plaque № 11308 in DublinFrom the 29th December 1711 this was the site of French Peters the church and cemetery of the non-conforming French Huguenots until the remains were removed and reinterred in Mount Jerome Cemetery in 1967
NophotosqrBronze plaque № 11570 in DublinOn the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day this plaque was dedicated to Mary Manning, a young Irish woman who led a strike against apartheid from 1984-1987. She represents the courage and commitment of women to the struggle for peace, justice and a better life for all. Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki President of South Africa 8 March 2008
8483966796_9777315372_sFrancis Bacon brown plaque in DublinFrancis Bacon 1909 - 1992 artist was born in this house on 28 October 1909
Temple_street_plaqueBlack plaque № 11919 in DublinTemple Street Children's University Hospital first started as a charitable infirmary here on 7th November 1872
12990673014_cdf6b10de0_sRobert Lloyd Praeger brown plaque in DublinRobert Lloyd Praeger Botanist and Author Lived Here 1922 - 1952
8483959984_91d0202e57_sSarah H. Purser brown plaque in DublinSarah H. Purser Artist Lived Here 1887 - 1909
8482868765_dd572f8c44_sBrown plaque № 12133 in DublinSurgeon and Radiologist Dr Walter C Stevenson 1877 - 1931 Lived Here 1910 - 1931 Pioneer in Radiation Oncology
8483968070_245031b457_sBrown plaque № 12134 in DublinCatherine McAuley Woman of Mercy Built this house and lived here 1827 - 1841
8570218955_66a31b0a9b_sMichael William Balfe brown plaque in DublinMichael William Balfe 1808 - 1870 was born and spent his youth in a house which stood near this site (No 10 Pitt St)
12990450124_f64e1ec84a_sWilliam Dargan brown plaque in DublinWilliam Dargan 1799 - 1867 founder of Irish Railways and National Gallery lived here
8732664024_3d5c1dee3f_sRichard Brinsley Sheridan, Thomas Moore, Robert Emmet, and Arthur Wellesley brown plaque in DublinSite of Whytes Academy 1758 - 1824 Pupils here included Richard Brinsley Sheridan Thomas Moore Robert Emmet Arthur Wellesley Late Duke of Wellington.
NophotosqrKevin O'Higgins black plaque in DublinCaoimhghín ó hUigín TD agus Aire Dlí & Cirt (1892 - 1912) Kevin O'Higgins TD and Minister for Justice. Feallmharaíodh é gar don láthair seo 10.7.1927 was assassinated near this spot
13044400183_7b15515694_sGreen plaque № 30597 in Dublin1899 - 1999 The inaugural meeting of the General Council of County Councils took place on the 22nd August 1899 in the Old Antient Concert Rooms 42 Pearse Street, Dublin. This plaque was unveiled by Cllr. Mary Freehill, Lord Mayor of Dublin and Cllr. Patrick Treanor, Cathaoirleach, GCCC
12990268435_eed3e33e29_sWilliam Butler Yeats bronze plaque in DublinW. B. Yeats Poet and Statesman Lived here 1918-1919
13360260153_d1ae2556c9_sArthur Wellesley brown plaque in DublinBirthplace of the 1st Duke of Wellington (1769-1852) Son of the Earl of Mornington
11237508624_a1df405fee_sRichard Griffith brown plaque in DublinSir Richard Griffith 1784 - 1878 Engineer, Geologist, Valuator Lived here 1828 - 1878
7084965561_a8011088ee_sSociety of United Irishmen brown plaque in DublinSociety of United Irishmen of Dublin founded 9th November 1791 at The Eagle Tavern on this site
13665922975_15a83ef39f_sBrown plaque № 30654 in DublinPatrick Kavanagh 1904 - 1967 Poet Erected in 2004 to commemorate the centenary of his birth and his long association with Parson's bookshop Baggot St Bridge
NophotosqrJack Butler Yeats brown plaque in DublinJack B. Yeats 1871 - 1957 Painter Lived and worked here
13665894063_a6289b3eee_sBrown plaque № 30655 in DublinBirthplace of Sir John T Gilbert 1829 - 1898 Historian of the City of Dublin
13666724264_d8f38b82b6_sBrown plaque № 30656 in DublinJohn Robert Godley Founder of Province of Canterbury N. Z. Born at this site in 1814
NophotosqrBrown plaque № 30657 in DublinPádraic Colum 1881 - 1972 Poet and Dramatist Lived here 1957 - 1969

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