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6838038813_fd03d5688f_sSylvester O'Halloran green plaque in LimerickSylvester O'Halloran surgeon, Irish historian & antiquary. Died at his residence located near the plaque.
8240593007_082e4a6752_sGerald Griffin wood plaque in LimerickGerald Griffin poet & novelist was born in the house that stood near here
7875384246_6acc394058_sBlack plaque № 8825 in LimerickThe Bishops' Palace. Limerick Civic Trust dates the building to the 17th century and considers it to be the oldest standing domestic building in English Town. This was the official resisdence for the Church of Ireland Bishops until they moved to a new house in Henry Street in 1784.
NophotosqrJames Pain green plaque in LimerickVillier's Alms House designed by James Pain in 1830 for poor protestant widows, through bequests provided by Mrs. Hannah Villier. Mrs. Hannah Villiers endowed the buildings on this site in her will in 1821. The construction took place in the Bishops Palace Garden in 1823. Of interest from a medieval perspective are the remains of the two towers, which today form part of the boundary fronting to the River Shannon.
NophotosqrDonough Cairbreac O'Brien plaque in LimerickDominican Priory. The remains of the Dominican Priory founded by Donough O' Brien
NophotosqrTerence Albert O'Brien plaque in LimerickTerence Albert O'Brien Bishop of Emly executed on 31 October 1651 by Cromwellian forces
8430459842_b2d600f24a_sGreen plaque № 8824 in LimerickThe Corporation Alms House known as the 40 shilling Almshouse. Built in the 1691, in the protective shadow of King John's Castle, 'The Widows Alms house', originally housed the families of deceased soldiers garrisoned at the castle. A local group restored them in 1970. They were then subsequently renovated by Limerick Corporation in 1993.
7875379852_60902e98f6_sGreen plaque № 8829 in LimerickHall's Alms House built in 1761 funded out of charitable trust established by Cllr Jeremy Hall
9592558408_793be02424_sStone plaque № 8876 in LimerickJohn Francis O' Donnell poet and journalist was reared in this house
NophotosqrRichard Baptist O'Brien plaque in LimerickRichard Baptist O'Brien a priest who founded the Catholic Young Men's Society in 1849, lived in the house beside here
7058178101_e6dd49ffae_sBlack plaque № 8857 in LimerickThe Tholsel. Site of the old town hall built in 1451 and demolished in 1750 when the new city prison was built here.
6912092874_cc7bc069e2_sBlack plaque № 8858 in LimerickFanning's Castle fortified medieval residence of Dominic Fanning a patriotic Mayor who was executed by Cromwellian forces in 1651
6884288026_130256defd_sJohn Ferrar green plaque in LimerickJohn Ferrar 1743 - 1804 historian, printer and bookseller. Founder of the Limerick Chronicle. Had a shop here.
Nophotosqrplaque № 8878 in LimerickMungretgate. This is a section of the Irishtown fortification which adjoined the Mungretgate. It was restored by Limerick Civic Trust in 1987.
Nophotosqrplaque № 8889 in Limerick1916 Memorial erected by means of public subscriptions in memory of the Limerick men and their comrades who died for Ireland in 1916
NophotosqrEllen Hanley clear plaque in LimerickThe Colleen Bawn. The trial of the murderers of Ellen Hanley 'The Colleen Bawn' took place here.
6912087228_a43d60ef9a_sBlack plaque № 8862 in LimerickThe Old City Courthouse. Built in 1764 as a courthouse. Subsequently used as a school. It is now a community hall.
NophotosqrAndrew Cherry plaque in LimerickAndrew Cherry actor and songwriter best remembered as the author of 'The Dear Little Shamrock'
NophotosqrMatthew Barrington plaque in LimerickMonte de Piete. The site of a charitable pawn office founded by Sir Matthew Barrington in 1837
Nophotosqrplaque № 8865 in LimerickThe Granary erected in 1787 by Philip Eoche as a grain store. Restored in 1982.
6911976056_9ea4743eb6_sGreen plaque № 8890 in LimerickWilliam Cecil Pery 1721-1794 Protestant Bishop of Limerick 1784-1794. In 1784 he was the first Bishop to occupy this residence which was built by his brother
Nophotosqrplaque № 8868 in LimerickStoney Thursday Corner. This strange name was coined in 1646, when the Mayor, John Fitz Thomas Bourke was almost stoned to death
8556045056_442ce71ac7_sGreen plaque № 8869 in LimerickFarrancroghy the place of public execution in the 16th and 17th centuries
NophotosqrKate O'Brien green plaque in LimerickKate O'Brien internationally famous novelist and playwright lived in this house.
8425543162_4e453c5944_sGreen plaque № 8872 in LimerickSt. John's Penal Church site of the last Roman Catholic Parish church of St. John's. Built in 1753. It was demolished in 1863
7137046699_f3584c5bbf_sBrian Merriman blue plaque in LimerickBrian Merriman 1749 - 1805 author of 'Cúirt An Mheán Oíche' - The Midnight Court - and teacher of mathematics, etc. He died near here at 5 Old Clare Street on 27th July 1805.
8105825929_483f446308_sGreen plaque № 8883 in LimerickBruce's Bank founded in 1806 by George Evans Bruce, High Sheriff of Co. Limerick in 1800. The bank closed after financial difficulties in 1820.
Nophotosqrplaque № 8873 in LimerickJohn's Square. This square was built in 1751 through the enterprise of Pery and Pardon. Restored in the 1970s.
8556044694_4a54225fd5_sGreen plaque № 8874 in LimerickSt John's Churchyard marks one of the earliest Christian foundations in the City. The present church, was consecrated in June 1852.
NophotosqrEugene O'Curry plaque in LimerickEugene O'Curry the renowned Irish scholar, Professor of Irish, History and Archaeology, spent some time working in this hospital.
7058037117_2f83db1157_sRichard Daly green plaque in LimerickSite of Heaphy's Theatre established in 1770. Some of the world's leading artists performed here. In 1781, the theatre was leased by Richard Daly, a former actor in Heaphy's company, and subsequently by Edward Jones. It burned down in 1818.
6884290660_b0dcaeabe5_sMaurice Lenihan green plaque in LimerickMaurice Lenihan 1811 - 1895 journalist, historian and former Mayor of Limerick. Author of the monumental History of Limerick lived in this house.
7866891036_5cf7e517d3_sFrederick Langbridge stone plaque in LimerickCanon Frederick Langbridge last rector of St. John's Parish, novelist, poet and dramatist lived here
NophotosqrDaniel O'Connell plaque in LimerickDaniel O'Connell 1755-1847 renowned lawyer and politician who's demands for Catholic Emancipation became law in 1829, lodged in this house
7875755202_bed46012b4_sBronze plaque № 8888 in LimerickThe Arthur Family. The family played a prominent role in the development of Limerick.
8556044898_682282c7cf_sJohn's Gate green plaque in LimerickJohn's Gate. On the roadway here stood John's Gate the most important portal in the walls of Irishtown
8425543400_5128b696c9_sSiege of Limerick green plaque in LimerickThe Citadel. This Guard House was the military headquarters of the Irishtown during the Cromwellian and Williamite Sieges
7136964505_b299c144a5_sGreen plaque № 8892 in LimerickThe Hartstonges. This street is dedicated to the memory of Sir Harry and Lady Hartstonge who were renowned for their enterprise and benevelonce.
Nophotosqrplaque № 8893 in LimerickLeamy's School this school was built in 1843 out of the proceeds of a trust set up by William Leamy.
NophotosqrRobert Frith plaque in LimerickDr Robert Frith physician and philantrophist, resided in the house that stood near here
7099340695_b1b05a478a_sGrey plaque № 8867 in LimerickSt. Michael's Churchyard Site of the orignial St. Munchin's Church. Burial place of many prominent 18th and 19th century families.
7136968959_c4d09f511a_sGreen plaque № 8896 in LimerickThe Barrington Family. This street is named after this renowned family which made a great contribution to the development of Limerick.
8241660986_a4b653b86f_sGreen plaque № 8898 in LimerickPresbyterian Church built in 1817 to accommodate the increasing Presbyterian congregation in the city. Sold to the printers George McKern & Sons Ltd. in 1904.
6911992850_573427a600_sMcNamara's Band, Paddy McNamara, Michael McNamara, Jack McNamara, and 1 other in LimerickMcNamara's Band 1905 - 1927. 'My name is McNamara and I'm the Leader of the band'. This world-wide celebrated musical ensemble got its name from four Limerick brothers; Paddy, Michael, Jack and Tom McNamara, all of whom were born in St. Marys' Parish.
6884290816_74fe841152_sJohn Thayer green plaque in LimerickRev. John Thayer 1755 - 1815 born in Boston, chaplain to George Washington's army before he came to Limerick. A most dedicated clergyman who was so popular that his followers were known as "Thayerites". He died here.
6884285464_da971b7d84_sDonal Roe MacCarthy Mór green plaque in LimerickBourke House This building is known as Bourke House. It was occupied by Alderman John Bourke in 1641 according to the civil survey of 1654. It is also reputed to be the remains of a medieval stone residence said to have been built by the O'Brien's after Donal Mór donated his palace as the site for St. Mary's cathedral. Also known as the Castle Friary, it was used as a Franciscan penal friary from c. 1730-1780. In 1824 the house was cut through to allow for the construction of Athlunkard Street. In 1860 a Gothic style drinking fountain was inserted in the facade of the building as a gift to the city by the Malcolmson family. Preservation work was carried out by Limerick Civic Trust through a FAS Teamwork Scheme in 1989
8271855029_3f12bacab1_sGreen plaque № 8855 in LimerickSt. Mary's Town House occupied as a town house by the Ingram, Arthur and Carr families. From 1847 until 1982 it was a presbytery. Restored in 1989 as a parish centre.
6884280810_05ab4a1868_sJoseph O'Mara green plaque in LimerickJoseph O'Mara (1866 - 1927) the internationally famed Operatic Tenor lived here. He formed his own company in 1912 and starred in many acclaimed productions. He was a Freeman of Limerick.
7030391369_653250940c_sCatherine Hayes green plaque in LimerickCatherine Hayes 1825 - 1861 "The Swan of Erin" world renowned operatic soprano was born in this house.
Nophotosqrplaque № 8903 in LimerickThe Unthanks. This street and the adjoining Thomas Street are named after members of this family who contributed greatly to the development of Limerick.
7875596310_8de6cb05cf_sGreen plaque № 8900 in LimerickTrinity Church an Episcopal church built in 1834 through subscriptions raised by the personal efforts of Rev. Edward Hoare
Nophotosqrplaque № 8904 in LimerickCredit Union. In memory of Catherine Maria King who opened a school here and brought the presentation Sisters to Limerick in 1837 to continue her work. Later she joined the community in Sexton St. She took the name Sr. Frances de Chantal and died there in 1866.
Nophotosqrplaque № 8905 in LimerickGrand Central façade remains of Wesleyan Methodist Preaching House. Built in 1821. Subsequently a cinema.
6884290586_6858d80769_sGreen plaque № 8906 in LimerickThe Commercial Buildings. Built by the Commercial Building Company in 1805. Occupied by Chamber of Commerce until 1838. Later aquired by Limerick Corporation who used the buildings as the Town Hall from 1847 until 1990.
6909586787_bd58630e72_sAndrew Carnegie green plaque in LimerickLimerick City Art Gallery. The Carnegie Building opened originally in 1906 as a free library and museum. It was funded by Andrew Carnegie
Nophotosqrplaque № 8895 in LimerickThe Pery Square Tontine this splendid example of Georgian architecture was completed in 1838.
7058055827_8077dde9ea_sEdmund Sexton Pery green plaque in LimerickEdmond Sexton Pery. He played a prominent role in the 18th century development of Georgian Limerick, known as Newtown Pery.
NophotosqrJames Pain and George Richard Pain plaque in LimerickJames Pain renowned architect, together with his brother, George designed some of our finest structures.
7169759602_03af32a64a_sU2 and Adam Clayton green plaque in LimerickWhat Adam Clayton called "The exact point of becoming U2" occurred here on March 18th 1978 when the band, performing as U2 for the first time, won the Limerick Civic Week Pop Group '78 competition
NophotosqrAda Rehan plaque in LimerickAda Rehan world famous Shakespearean actress was born in the hosue that stood on this site
NophotosqrJ.J. Bowles green plaque in LimerickJ.J. Bowles (1879 - 1948) This great Thomondgate sportsman who reigned as Irish Handball Champion for the best part of 25 years and who contested the World Championship in New York in 1909, lived here.
6884291080_1bf3e6933c_sMichael Scanlan bronze plaque in LimerickTo the memory of Michael Scanlan Commandant 4th Battalion of East Limerick Brigade I. R. A. killed by British forces at this spot on 27th October 1920. Erected by comrades and relatives [full inscription unknown]
8240592607_a4b02e9a84_sBronze plaque № 11859 in LimerickHouse of Industry 1774 The Strand Barracks Built in response to legislation introduced in 1772 to establish houses of industry poorhouses and workhouses in all counties. After 1840 it became the Strand Barracks and in the mid 1930s became a corporation store and depot.

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