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NophotosqrThomas Hussey blue plaque in WaterfordThomas Hussey, Bishop of Waterford & Lismore 1794-1803 diplomat and first president of Maynooth is buried in these cathedral grounds
NophotosqrWilliam Vincent Wallace blue plaque in WaterfordWilliam Vincent Wallace 1812-1865 Operatic composer lived here
NophotosqrBlue plaque № 6908 in WaterfordBastion Built over a tributary of St. John's river in the 16th century to protect the bridge and St. John's Gate
NophotosqrJohn Keane blue plaque in WaterfordJohn Keane 1917-1975 famed hurler centre half-back on Mount Sion, Waterford, Munster, Centenary and Millennium teams was born here
NophotosqrFrancis Hearne blue plaque in WaterfordFrancis Hearne Duncarvan United Irishman was hanged on the old Waterford wooden bridge 21 Oct 1799 for his part in the 1798 rebellion
NophotosqrWilliam Penrose and George Penrose blue plaque in WaterfordGlass House Lane. George and William Penrose produced Waterford Glass on this site in the late 18th century
NophotosqrPeter O'Connor blue plaque in WaterfordPeter O'Connor 1872-1957 Olympic Champion, long jump world record holder 1901-1921 and Irish Nationalist practised law here
NophotosqrBlue plaque № 6874 in WaterfordRemains of a fine Elizabethan merchant house located beside the Great Quay Gate used as a money exchange in 1650
NophotosqrRichard II blue plaque in WaterfordKing Richard II of England 1377-1399 landed at this quay in 1394 at the head of the largest armada ever to sail into an Irish port
NophotosqrBlue plaque № 6878 in WaterfordWaterford-Newfoundland 1670-1810 Thousands of migrants sailed annually from here to work on the Grand Banks cod fishery off Newfoundland
NophotosqrThomas Francis Meagher blue plaque in WaterfordWolfe Tone Club the Irish tricolour was flown here for the first time on March 7th 1848 by Thomas Francis Meagher
NophotosqrThomas Hussey blue plaque in WaterfordThomas Hussey [full inscription unknown]
NophotosqrBlue plaque № 6888 in WaterfordA bastion of the Elizabethan St. Patrick's Fort known also as The Citadel it withstood Cromwell's siege in 1649
NophotosqrWilliam Hobson blue plaque in WaterfordWilliam Hobson 1793-1842 Naval officer and first Governor of New Zealand was born here
NophotosqrJohn Roberts blue plaque in WaterfordJohn Roberts 1714-1796 Georgian architect of the City Hall and both Waterford's cathedrals lived here
NophotosqrStephen de Fulburn blue plaque in WaterfordStephen de Fulburn Bishop of Waterford 1274-1286 Justiciar & Treasurer of Ireland lived here
NophotosqrBlue plaque № 6904 in WaterfordThe Central Technical Institute [full inscription unknown]
10244313955_da086f3c3e_sWilliam F. Peare blue plaque in WaterfordIn 1900 William F. Peare established Ireland's first motor garage in this building
NophotosqrBlue plaque № 6910 in WaterfordMalcomson's Shipping Office 1833-1877. Malcomson's were the largest steamship owners in the world in the 1860s and operated from here
NophotosqrBlue plaque № 6912 in WaterfordMail Packet Steamers provided a service from this quay to Milford and later Fishguard carrying passengers, livestock and mail daily
NophotosqrJohn Horn blue plaque in WaterfordJohn Horn Shipbuilder 1814-1895 His talent and innovation here at Neptune Shipyard promoted Waterford to a leading centre of iron shipbuilding in the 1850s and 1860s.
NophotosqrBlue plaque № 6916 in WaterfordSite of Neptune Shipyard 1843-1886 Here 40 iron steam ships were built, five of them large ocean liners for Malcomsons of Waterford
NophotosqrSeán Dunne blue plaque in WaterfordSeán Dunne 1956-1995 Poet, journalist and author of In My Father's House lived here
NophotosqrBlue plaque № 6920 in WaterfordWaterford Steamship Co. 1826-1912 brought early steamship communication to the port with regular Liverpool, Bristol and river estuary services
NophotosqrThomas Francis Meagher blue plaque in WaterfordIn this house Thomas Francis Meagher Young Ireland orator and American Civil War hero was arrested 12 July 1848
NophotosqrRichard Mulcahy blue plaque in WaterfordRichard Mulcahy 1886- [full inscription unknown]
NophotosqrBlue plaque № 6926 in WaterfordClyde Shipping Company 1856-1986 From this quay Clyde ships plied regularly to the ports of Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol, Plymouth and London
NophotosqrBlue plaque № 6928 in Waterfordthe Presentation Sisters [full inscription unknown]
NophotosqrEdmund Ignatius Rice blue plaque in WaterfordEdmund Ignatius Rice 1762-1844 Founder of the Irish Christian Brothers lived here
7395112390_8caa05a9ff_sRaymond T. Chandler blue plaque in WaterfordRaymond T. Chandler crime writer 1888-1959 creator of fictional detective Philip Marlowe resided with his uncle in this house in his childhood
NophotosqrGeoffrey of Waterford blue plaque in WaterfordGeoffrey of Waterford c1266 Dominican scholar of Arabic Greek & Latin lived here
NophotosqrBlue plaque № 6938 in WaterfordWhite's [full inscription unknown]
NophotosqrJohn J. Hearne blue plaque in WaterfordJohn J Hearne 1893-1969 Architect of 1937 Irish constitution & 1st Irish ambassador to USA 1950-1960 was born here
NophotosqrAnnie Brophy blue plaque in WaterfordAnnie Brophy 1899-1986 celebrated photographic artist and social historian lived and had her studio here
NophotosqrTurgesius Tower blue plaque in WaterfordTurgesius Tower c 1000 AD built by the Vikings stood on this site
NophotosqrSt. Patrick's Gate blue plaque in WaterfordSite of St. Patrick's Gate since the early 15th century one of the chief gateways to the medieval city
NophotosqrThomas Hussey stone plaque in WaterfordMost Rev. Doctor Hussey (1741-1803) lived in this house
NophotosqrJames Rice and John Collyn blue plaque in WaterfordThe remains of a 15th century town house given by Mayor James Rice to the Dean of Waterford on 4th April 1466
NophotosqrJohn Condon blue plaque in WaterfordPrivate John Condon 6322 boy soldier Royal Irish Regiment K.I.A. 24 May 1915 lived in Wheelbarrow Lane on this site
NophotosqrWilliam Vincent Wallace blue plaque in WaterfordWilliam Vincent Wallace 1812-1865 Operatic composer lived here
NophotosqrWilliam Hobson blue plaque in WaterfordCapt. W. M. Hobson RN first Governor of New Zealand and founder of the city of Auckland was baptised in this church in 1792
NophotosqrBlack plaque № 13020 in WaterfordIn Memory of John Moore 1763-1799. First President of Ireland. He was held prisoner here. Erected by Cumman Se Oglaigh Fianna Eireann.
NophotosqrColbeck Gate blue plaque in WaterfordSite of Colbeck Gate early 13th century provided access to St. Catherine's Abbey outside the City walls
NophotosqrFrederick Douglass blue plaque in WaterfordFrederick Douglass American abolitionist, social reformer and statesman spoke in City Hall 9th Oct. 1845

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