Mikhail Kalinin

Died aged c. 71

Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin (Russian: Михаи́л Ива́нович Кали́нин [kɐˈlʲinʲɪn]; 19 November [O.S. 7 November] 1875 – 3 June 1946), known familiarly by Soviet citizens as "Kalinych", was a Soviet politician and Old Bolshevik revolutionary. He served as head of state of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and later of the Soviet Union from 1919 to 1946. From 1926, he was a member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Born to a peasant family, Kalinin worked as a metal worker in Saint Petersburg and took part in the 1905 Russian Revolution as an early member of the Bolsheviks. During and after the October Revolution, he served as mayor of Petrograd (St. Petersburg). After the revolution, Kalinin became the head of the new Soviet state, as well as a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the Politburo. Kalinin remained the titular head of state of the Soviet Union after the rise of Joseph Stalin, but held little real power or influence. He retired in 1946 and died in the same year. The former East Prussian city of Königsberg was renamed Kaliningrad after him. The city of Tver was also known as Kalinin until 1990, one year before the fall of the Soviet Union.

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Commemorated on 4 plaques

26 июня 1919 года на расширенном пленарном заседании партийных советских и профсоюзных органов г. Калуги состоявшемся в летнем театре городского сада (парка) выступал с речью председатель ВЦИК Михаил Иванович Калинин

ploshad Staryy Torg, Kaluga, Russia where they held speech (1919)

Здесь, в бывшем здании Губисполкома, дважды побывал член Политбюро ЦК ВКП(б), Председатель Президиума ЦИК СССР Михаил Иванович Калинин. 24 февраля 1924 г. он присутствовал на заседании Губисполкома, а 26 октября 1928 г. выступил с докладом о задачах кампании по перевыборам советов.

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Karla Marksa street, 6, Kaluga, Russia where they was (1924)

Здесь, в старом здании театра, 9 мая 1919 г. на собрании рабочих организаций и 11 мая на собрании красноармейцев выступал М.И. Калинин.

Spasskaya str., 12a, Ulyanovsk, Russia where they gave a speech

Михаил Иванович Калинин в этом здании выступал на собрании партийно-советского актива 31 августа 1919 года.

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Sovetskaya street, 33, Serpukhov, Russia where they held speech (1919)