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Arthur Sullivan bronze plaque

Jez says,"This is terribly sad when you look into the story. Arthur Sullivan received a Victoria Cross for extreme gallantry in rescuing four members of his platoon in Russia in 1919. In 1937 he was attending the coronation of King George VI when he slipped and hit his head on the kerb. The blow was fatal."

bardwellpeter on Flickr CC0
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Norwich 252 plaques

Norwich has a long history. It has been a city since 1094. From the Middle Ages until the Industrial Revolution, Norwich was the largest city in England after London and one of the most important. This is refelected in its plaques.

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In the last 11 years, between 20 May 2009 to 31 May 2020, Open Plaques had a total of 1,913,965 page views. Some were triggered by internet memes such as Steve Ullathorne's 2012 image of a George Orwell plaque with a CCTV camera next to it. Others, such as those for Alan Turing, were probably triggered by an anniversary and campaign for recognition.

  1. George Orwell 1903-1950 novelist & political essayist lived here (19177 page views)
  2. Jacob von Hogflume 1864-1909 Inventor of time travel. lived here in 2189 (14612 page views)
  3. George Orwell 1903-1950 novelist and political essayist lived here (6298 page views)
  4. Jimi Hendrix 1942-1970 guitarist and songwriter lived here 1968-1969 (5484 page views)
  5. Alan Turing 1912-1954 founder of computer science and cryptographer, whose work was key to breaking the wartime Enigma codes, lived and died here. (3913 page views)
  6. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1859-1930 creator of Sherlock Holmes lived here 1891-1894 (3761 page views)
  7. Alan Turing 1912-1954 code breaker lived here from 1945-1947 (3522 page views)
  8. This building housed the offices of Charles Dickens' magazine 'All The Year Round' and his private apartments 1859-1870 (3278 page views)
  9. Dame Agatha Christie 1890-1976 detective novelist and playwright lived here 1934-1941 (2928 page views)
  10. The Peterloo Massacre. On 16th August 1819, a peaceful rally of 60,000 pro-democracy reformers, men, women and children was attacked by armed cavalry resulting in 15 deaths and over 600 injuries. (2887 page views)

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Texas Historical Marker #13276

First Baptist Church of Junction. In 1880, several local residents met at the courthouse to organize a Baptist church. The Rev. Z.M. Wells, pastor at Menardville (Menard), led the group and continued conducting services monthly. Four years later, the courthouse burned, and Junction residents erected a community church building, used on a rotating basis. In 1887, the Baptist congregation built a white, frame sanctuary on this site. Members built a Spanish-style building here in 1929 and then a brick structure in 1959. As the church has grown, it has also added other facilities. Over the years, members have served the community through mission work, worship, music and service programs. (2005) #13276

202 S Eighth St, Junction, TX, United States

Clr Sgt Edmund Fowler VC lived here 1913-1926 awarded the Victoria Cross for his gallantry in 1879

6 Berechurch Road, Colchester, United Kingdom

Texas Historical Marker #15946

Tolar Tabernacle. #15946

104 Donley, Tolar, TX, United States

Первый дом Правобережья Построен обьединением "Гранат" (Н. Фомушин, А. Комаров) в октябре 1982. Подрядчик - КСМТ

General Popov street, 16, Kaluga, Russia

Queen's Head Inn In earlier time an inn stood on this site. The sign of the Queen's Head hung from a wooden arch which spanned Bridge Street

82 and 84 Bridge Street, Downham Market, United Kingdom

Texas Historical Marker #870

Citizens National Bank of Lubbock. The oldest national bank in continuous operation in Lubbock. When this bank was founded on May 5, 1906 (under National Bank Charter No. 8208), Lubbock was a town of 1,500. Citizens National was one of three pioneer banks started 1900-1910 in Lubbock. On opening day, capital stock was $50,000, deposits $13,275, and loans $4,863. First president was George C. Wolffarth; Cashier was A.G. Hunt. Citizens National has served the financial needs of Lubbock longer under its original charter than any other bank in the city. 1970 #870

14th and Avenue K, Lubbock, TX, United States

L'Hôtel de Ville. Maison Darridole-Guinarthe dite "Château de Naÿs". L'Hôtel de ville, dans sa dimension actuelle, a été bâti vers 1640, vraisemblablement avec des pierres du premier couvent des Carmes détruit en 1569. Son occupant le plus illustre fut alors "Pierre d'Arridole chef du gobelet du roi", à la cour de Louis XIII. La famille Darridole y demeura de père en fils jusqu'en 1810 où Jean-Baptiste, Vicomte de Naÿs, l'acheta à son neau-père Pierre Darridole. À la mort du dernier des Naÿs, en 1865, la maison passa aux barons de Salettes, leurs neveux, qui y résidèrent jusqu'à son achat par la municipalité en 1970. Par un clin d'oeil de l'histoire, cette maison fut La résidence du maire avec Pierre Darridole de 1786 à 1795, Jean-Baptiste de Naÿs de 1806 à 1830 et Édouard de Salettes de 1871 à 1875. Cette maison a accueilli le Maréchal Soult en 1814 et la Duchesse de Berry en 1828.

English translation: City Hall. Maison Darridole-Guinarthe known as “Château de Naÿs”. The Town Hall, in its present size, was built around 1640, probably with stones from the first convent of the Carmes destroyed in 1569. His most illustrious occupant was then “Pierre d'Arridole chef du gobelet du roi”, in the court of Louis XIII. The Darridole family remained there from father to son until 1810 when Jean-Baptiste, Vicomte de Naÿs, bought it from his nephew Pierre Darridole. When the last of the Naÿs died in 1865, the house passed to the barons of Salettes, their nephews, who resided there until its purchase by the municipality in 1970. In a nod to history, this house was The Mayor's Residence with Pierre Darridole from 1786 to 1795, Jean-Baptiste de Naÿs from 1806 to 1830, and Édouard de Salettes from 1871 to 1875. This house welcomed Marshal Soult in 1814 and the Duchess of Berry in 1828. [AWS Translate]

Place Royale, Sauveterre-de-Béarn, France

Thomas Bewick engraved the Chillingham Wild Bull on wood in 1789. This large-scale representation was made in 2003 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the artist’s birth.

Bewick Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom


Arthur Hewitt, OBE, JP, DL 1876-1951. Pensaer Dyn Busnes a Chyngororydd. Dylunydd nifer o adeiladau traiadol yng Ngogledd Cymru, gan gynnwys Sineamau'r Palladium, y Savoy a'r Odeon, Siop Adrannol 'Clare's' a Gwesty'r Washington. Gwasanaethodd ar Gyngor Dosbarth Trefol Llandudno 1915-51 Pennaeth Milwrol Sed Bataliwn (Sir Gaernarfon) y Cartreflu. Architect, Businessman and Councillor. Designer of many notable buildings in North Wales including, in Llandudno, The Palladium, Savoy and Odeon Cinemas, Clare's Department Store and The Washington Hotel. Served on Llandudno Urban District Council 1915-51. Commanding Officer 5th Battalion (Caernarvonshire) Home Guard.

English translation: Arthur Hewitt, OBE, JP, DL 1876-1951. Businessman Architect and Counselor. Designer of many tragic buildings in North Wales, including Palladium, Savoy and Odeon Cinema, Clare's Departmental Shop and Washington Hotel. He served on Llandudno Town District Council 1915-51 The Military Head of But Battalion (Caernarfonshire) of the Homehold. Architect, Businessman and Councilor. Designer of many notable buildings in North Wales including, in Llandudno, The Palladium, Savoy and Odeon Cinemas, Clare's Department Store and The Washington Hotel. Served on Llandudno Urban District Council 1915-51. Commanding Officer 5th Battalion (Caernarvonshire) Home Guard. [Google Translate]

7, Gloddaeth Street, Llandudno, United Kingdom

Augustus Siebe 1788-1872 pioneer of the diving helmet lived and worked here

5 Denmark Street, Camden, WC2, London, United Kingdom


В этом доме жил легендарный пограничник, задержавший в период с 1943 по 1950 год 197 нарушителей государственной границы - Пятаев Тимофей Тимофеевич.

ул. Пионерская, 16, Ulyanovsk, Russia

The Hermitage Beneath here are two chambers and a spiral staircase cut out of natural sandstone by the medieval hermits who lived here.

Old hospital entrance, Bondgate, Pontefract, United Kingdom