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Joaquim Nabuco 1849-1910 Eminent Brazilian Statesman and Diplomat Lived here 1900-1905

52 Cornwall Gardens, Kensington, London, United Kingdom


Paddington Bear As described in Michael Bond's best-selling book, 'A Bear Called Paddington', Paddington Bear first arrived at Paddington Station in 1958. Scenes from his first big-screen adventure 'Paddington. were filmed here at the station in the autumn of 2013.

Platform, 1 Paddington Station, Praed Street, London, United Kingdom


Hier wohnte Hugo Altmann jg. 1869 deportiert 17.3.1943 Theresienstadt ermordet 22.10.1943

English translation: Here lived Hugo Altmann born 1869 deported 17.3.1943 Theresienstadt murdered 22.10.1943

Fasanenstr. 41 , Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Berlin, Germany


In this house The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was founded in 1848.

7 Gower Street, Camden, WC1, London, United Kingdom


Ici était l'entrée des carrières de Montmartre où furent découverts les ossements fossiles qui servirent en 1798 aux études de Cuvier créateur de paléontologie

English translation: Here was the entrance to the quarries of Montmartre where the fossil bones that were used in 1798 for studies by Cuvier creator of paleontology were discovered [AWS Translate]

Place Louis Blanquart, Paris, France

Texas Historical Marker #11646

R. N. White First County Clerk-First Corsicana Postmaster. A native of South Carolina, Robert Newton White (1810-1891) moved his family to this area in 1845. One year later Navarro County was created and White was elected the first County clerk, a position he held for ten years. During that time he also served as the first Corsicana postmaster, 1849-52. A civic leader, White was instrumental in persuading railroads to build lines to the city and also helped start a Cumberland Presbyterian Church here. His first Corsicana home, a log cabin, was constructed at this site. #11646

?, Corsicana, TX, United States

Texas Historical Marker #8066

Old Livery Stable. Near Trammel's Trace, a road charted 1813, used by thousands of settlers migrating to Texas. Site was owned 1868 by D. B. Culberson, later a congressman and a lawyer for defense in the Diamond Bessie murder trial. Culberson's 2-story building here was original site for the Chesterfield Club, East Texas' elite social group, 1870s-1930s. Present structure, built about 1900, housed horses and buggies for public hire until auto age. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1968 #8066

Austin and Vale St., Jefferson, TX, United States

William Bell Scott 1811-1890. Leading poet and Pre-Raphaelite painter. Head of Newcastle School of Design. Lived in Newcastle for twenty years and in this house from 1859-1864.

14 St Thomas' Crescent, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom


C. J. Phipps FSA 1835-1897 theatre architect designed the Grand Theatre 1894

Grand Theatre, Lichfield Street, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Texas Historical Marker #15

Treue Der Union (Loyalty to the Union). This German language monument, erected 1866, honors the memory of 68 men (mostly Germans) from this region who were loyal to the Union during the Civil War. Trying desperately to reach U.S. Federal troops by way of Mexico, about 40 of the men were killed by vengeful Confederates bent on annihilating them, in the Battle of the Nueces (on Aug. 10, 1862) and a later fight (Oct. 18). The bodies of the slain and those who drowned swimming the Rio Grande were left unburied. A group of Germans gathered the bones of their friends and buried them at this site in 1865. (1968) #15

?, Comfort, TX, United States

The Crabstone. Boundary stone of the lands belonging to John Crab, Baillie of the Burgh in 1314. The stone also marks the site of the skirmish in 1571 between the rival families of Gordon and Forbes and of an engagement in 1644 between the citizens of Aberdeen and the royalist forces of the Marquis of Montrose.

Langstane Place, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Texas Historical Marker #6544

Silvestre De Leon. (1802-1842) Son of the Empresario Martin de Leon, founder of the De Leon Colony and City of Victoria. Silverstre de Leon was active in the Catholic church, served alcade of Victoria, and had other commissions. An Indian fighter and soldier, he was taken prisoner by Mexican Army during Texas War for Independence. He owned and traded in vast herds of horses, mules, and cattle. He married Rosalia de la Garza; had two sons, Martin and Francisco. (1972) #6544

Evergreen Cemetery, N.Vine & W. Red River Sts., Victoria, TX, United States