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Richard Sutcliffe on Wikimedia Commons

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Dans cette maison Lacordaire, Montalembert et de Coux ouvrirent la premiere ecole libre le 9 mai 1931. 1931.

English translation: In this Lacordaire house, Montalembert and de Coux opened the first free school on 9 May 1931. 1931. [AWS Translate]

3 rue des Beaux Arts, Paris, France

Texas Historical Marker #3334

Menger Hotel. Early San Antonio boarding house keeper, Wm. Menger in 1859 opened fine stone hotel, the "new" Menger, beside Alamo Plaza. To host Indians, presidents, poets, actors, generals, singers, public of the world. Served venison, quail, mutton, beef, soup made of San Antonio River turtles. Bar's vintages had ice imported by Gulf steamers and expressed to San Antonio in special wagons. Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders were recruited here. #3334

204 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX, United States

Victoria ('Sprinch') Dockyard. Built c.1890, reputed to be one of the country's finest and most respected boatyards. At one time, responsible for the maintenance of over 200 canal craft. Fire destroyed storerooms in 1935, which were never rebuilt. The yard closed in 1948, because of the decline in commercial traffic on the Bridgewater Canal. The distinctive house at the entrance, once known as Victoria Cottage, was the yard foreman's house. Today the site of the Bridgewater Motor Boat Club.

Bridgewater Motor Boat Club, Victoria Road, Runcorn, United Kingdom


MCMXI Tra la Chiesa di San Martino del vescovo e le abitazioni dei donati e dei mardoli sorgevano contigue le case di bello e Bellincione Alighieri e nell avita dimora nacque Dante Il Comune di Firenze Si assicuro il possesso del luogo e sulle vestigia delle antiche case costrui questo edificio per nuova pubblica onoranza al divino poeta

English translation: MCMXI Between the Church of San Martino del Bishop and the dwellings of donors and mardoli stood adjoining the houses of beautiful and Bellincione Alighieri and in the life dwelling Dante was born The Municipality of Florence Si assicuro the possession of the place and the remains of the ancient houses built this building for a new public honor to the divine poet [AWS Translate]

Museo Casa di Dante - Via Santa Margherita, Florence, Italy

Kentucky Historical Marker #820

Rogers Station, 1780. Site of station located on 1,000-acre tract "marked and improved" in 1775 by Col. James Rogers. Born Va., 1742, died Ky., 1828. Fought in Dunmore's War, 1774, and Revolutionary War. Appointed Colonel, Nelson Co., Ky. Militia and the Justice of the Peace by Patrick Henry, Gov. of Va. Signer of "Petitions of Early Inhabitants of Ky." for separation from Va.

4 mi. W. of Bardstown, US 62, Bardstown, KY, United States

To the memory of Thomas Iveson and Richard Hook who were martyred at Chichester 1555 for their faith

Providence Chapel, Chichester, United Kingdom


В этом районе 6 апреля 1945 года батарея ГЕРОЯ СОВЕТСКОГО СОЮЗА старшего лейтенанта ГЕННАДИЯ МАТВЕЕВИЧА НЫРКОВА огнем своих орудий уничтожила 10 артеллерийских и миномётных батарей противника и до 350 гитлеровцев, взяв в плен 300 неприятельских солдат и офицеров

English translation: In this area on April 6, 1945, the battery of the HEROY SOVIET UNION senior lieutenant Gennady Matveevich NYRKOV by fire of their guns destroyed 10 artillery and mortar batteries of the enemy and up to 350 Hitlerites, capturing 300 enemy soldiers and officers [AWS Translate]

Советский проспект 120-122, Kaliningrad, Russia

Hier wohnte Hugo Lehmann jg. 1884 Deportiert 15.8.1942 Riga Ermordet 18.8.1942

English translation: Here lived Hugo Lehmann jg. 1884 Deported 15.8.1942 Riga Murdered 18.8.1942

Uhlandstraße 54, Berlin, Germany

Maurice Emmanuel (1862 - 1938) Compositeur et Musicologue a vécu dans cette maison de 1869 à 1880

English translation: Maurice Emmanuel (1862-1938) Composer and Musicologist Lived in this house From 1869 to 1880

Assurances - Rue de Lorraine, Beaune, France


Elm Fork Bridge This historic bridge was an important two-way traffic bridge over the Elm Fork of the Trinity River for growing automobile traffic in Denton County in the 1920s. The bridge is one of the only two accessible iron and steel bridges in Denton County remaining in its orginal location on public land. Concrete piers and abutments were installed in early March 1922 while crews waited for the shipments of steel to arrive later that month. The main span of the bridge is a 100-foot Pratt through-truss; east and west approach spans are Warren pony trusses 70 feet in length. Early iron bridges could only accomodate one-way traffic. The Elm Fork bridge was built for two-way traffic in response to the growing number of automobiles on the roads. Built on one of the original wagon trails leading out of Denton, the road became known as Sherman Highway, connecting Denton, Aubrey and Sanger. It also served early farms and cattle ranches in the area; some were later inundated when the river was dammed. The bridge served traffic until 1990 when Sherman Highway (now FM 428) was widened and the bridge was bypassed. It was repurposed as a pedestrian bridge and reamins in its original location as a part of the Ray Roberts Lake State Park Greenbelt. The Greenbelt opened on National Trails Day in 1999 as a wilderness recreation area with a 20-mile multiuse trail that follows the banks of the Elm Fork of the Trinity River. Recorded Text Historic Landmark - 2014 Marker is Property of the State of Texas

, Denton, TX, United States

Coach Manufactory. During the 19th Century this chimney was part of a wheelwright's forge and smithy making parts for horse-drawn coaches in the adjacent Welch's Coach Manufactory.

Cocoa Yard off Hospital Street, Nantwich, United Kingdom

On this site stood a house occupied for some years by Captain James Cook RN FRS 1728-1779 circumnavigator and explorer

88 Mile End Road, Tower Hamlets, London, United Kingdom