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Walter Crane 1845-1915 Artist lived here

13 Holland Street, London, United Kingdom


Near this site stood the shop belonging to Thomas Faryner, the King's Baker, in which the Great Fire of September 1666 began. Presented by the Worshipful Company of Bakers to mark the 500th anniversary of their charter granted by King Henry VII in 1486

Pudding Lane, London, United Kingdom

Kentucky Historical Marker #1736

John F. Day (1913-1982). A native of Fleming County, this prize-winning journalist began his career with the Lexington Leader; later worked with Washington Bureau of Louisville Courier-Journal. Director and Vice President of CBS News, 1955-61, where he won two Emmy awards. Wrote Bloody Ground, 1941, on Eastern Kentucky. John Day spent his last years in England publishing a weekly newspaper.

Courthouse lawn, Flemingsburg, ,

Texas Historical Marker #2594

Hughes' Springs. One of the Lampasas sulphur springs named in honor of first settler in this vicinity in 1853, Moses Hughes, whose wife regained health through its waters. #2594

?, Lampasas, TX, United States

Harold Laski 1893-1950 teacher and political philosopher lived here 1926-1950

5 Addison Bridge Place, Hammersmith and Fulham, W14, London, United Kingdom


Site of Ludgate demolished 1760

Ludgate, EC4, London, United Kingdom


Dr David Lyall, MD, FLS, RN (1817-1895) botanist and explorer lived here from 1879 to 1895

24 London Road, Cheltenham, United Kingdom


Hier wohnte Paula Budnick geb. Buxbaum jg. 1894 Deportiert 1944 Theresienstadt

English translation: Here lived Paula Budnick nee Buxbaum born 1894 deported 1944 Theresienstadt

Adalbertstr. 87, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany


У Харківському державному медичному університеті з 1917 по 1937 рр. кафедру анатомії людини очолював видатний вчений, академік Володимир Петрович Воробйов

4 Lenina, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Erasmus Darwin 1731 - 1802 Lichfield Resident 1756-1781 Physician, Scientist, Poet, Inventor The Grandfather of Evolution

Statue of Erasmus Darwin, Museum Gardens, Beacon Park, Lichfield, United Kingdom


E helyen állt az a ház, ahol 1839. Március 17-én először lépett fel Joachim Jȯzsef 1831-1907 minden idők egyik legnagyobb hegedüművésze, pedagogusa.

Dorottya u. 4, Budapest, Hungary

Kentucky Historical Marker #975

Argillite Furnace. First of 97 iron furnaces in the Hanging Rock Iron Region of Ky. and Ohio, one of earliest in Ky. Built by John and David Trimble and Richard Deering in 1818. Stone stack was 25 feet high. Air blast machinery was water-driven. Charcoal fueled. Daily capacity two tons of iron, cast as utensils or shipped by river in pigs. Last blast in 1837. See other side. (Reverse) Iron Made in Kentucky - A major producer since 1791, Ky. ranked 3rd in US in 1830s, 11th in 1965. Charcoal timber, native ore, limestone supplied material for numerous furnaces making pig iron, utensils, munitions in the Hanging Rock, Red River, Between Rivers, Rolling Fork, Green River Regions. Old charcoal furnace era ended by depletion of ore and timber and the growth of railroads. See over.

Argillite, 7 mi. S. of Greenup, KY 1, ,