Frederick John Widgery

Died aged c. 81

Frederick John Widgery (May 1861 – 27 January 1942), was an English artist who painted landscapes and coastal scenery in Devon and Cornwall. Frederick was the younger son of William Widgery (1826–1893), a self-taught artist. He studied at the Exeter School of Art and went on to the South Kensington Museum School and then to Antwerp, studying under Charles Verlat at the National Art School. Returning to England, he studied at Hubert von Herkomer's School at Bushey in Hertfordshire and in 1903 became Mayor of Exeter. Frederick's sister, Julia (Widgery) Slaughter, was also a portrait and landscape painter.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

F. J. Widgery 1861-1942 Landscape painter and Freeman of Exeter lived here 1891-1940

11 Howell Road, Exeter, United Kingdom where they was