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The River Roch /ˈroʊtʃ/ is a river in Greater Manchester in North West England, a tributary of the River Irwell, that gives Rochdale its name.

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Roch Bridge 1910 to 1926 The River Roch is bridged for a distance of 446 metres - the widest bridge in Europe. Originally dating from at least the early 17th century, it was first extended from Yorkshire Street to Wellington Bridge in 1904 and again in 1910, 1923 and 1926

Roch Bridge, Rochdale, United Kingdom where it was

The Walk pre - 1824 A key part of the urban fabric of Rochdale since the industrial revolution, this narrow ‘ginnel’ (historic street) has been a well-used route in the town centre for centuries. The walk was created by the Vavasour family to obtain easy access from their house (now The Lloyds bank) to the River Roch.

The Walk, 3 South Parade, Rochdale, United Kingdom where it was