Dr Theodor Wolff

Died aged c. 75

Theodor Wolff (2 August 1868 – 23 September 1943) was a German writer who was influential as a journalist, critic and newspaper editor. He was born and died in Berlin. Between 1906 and 1933 he was the chief editor of the politically liberal newspaper Berliner Tageblatt. His talent as a writer won praise from an unlikely quarter: In 1939 Joseph Goebbels recommended his Propaganda Ministry staff to study Wolff's contributions in back numbers of the newspaper that he had edited. According to Goebbels, despite his being Jewish, the quality of Wolff's writing was matched by only very few in Germany.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Hier wohnte Dr. Theodor Wolff jg. 1868 Deportiert 1943 Auschwitz Ermordet 20.7.1943

English translation: Here lived Dr. Theodor Wolff born 1868 deported 1943 Auschwitz murdered 20.7.1943

Bundesallee 79, Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Berlin, Germany where they lived