Millais Culpin

Died aged c. 78

Millais Culpin FRCS (6 January 1874, Ware, Hertfordshire – 14 September 1952, St Albans, Hertfordshire) was an English psychologist. He appears as a character in the Casualty 1907 and Casualty 1909 television series, where he was played by Will Houston.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

Millais Culpin (1874 - 1952) Medical Psychologist lived here

77 Church Hill, Loughton, United Kingdom where they lived

Windber Strike of 1922-23. Windber-area Berwind White workers joined a national strike by United Mine Workers of America in April 1922 for improved wages and working conditions, civil liberties, and recognition. The strike lasted 16 months; families of strikers were evicted from company housing. A City of New York inquiry exposed deplorable living and working conditions and urged nationalization of coal mines.

Near Graham Ave. and 13th Street in Miner's Park, Windber, PA, United States where they was