George Holyoake

Died aged c. 89

George Jacob Holyoake (13 April 1817 – 22 January 1906) was an English secularist, co-operator and newspaper editor. He coined the terms secularism in 1851 and "jingoism" in 1878. He edited a secularist paper, the Reasoner, from 1846 to June 1861, and a co-operative one, The English Leader, in 1864–1867.

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Commemorated on 4 plaques

George Jacob Holyoake, social reformer

George Jacob Holyoake, social reformer and Co-operator lived here from 1881 to his death in 1906

36 Camelford Street, Brighton, United Kingdom where they lived

George Jacob Holyoake, social reformer [full inscription unknown]

High Street, City Centre, Birmingham, United Kingdom where they lived

The Co-operative Union Limited the Co-operative Union is a federation of co-operative societies in the United Kingdom for the purpose of propagandist and defensive action. Its Objects Are 1. To establish & organise co-operative societies. 2. To diffuse a knowledge of the principles of co-operation by advice and instruction - literary, legal and commercial. This building was erected by the voluntary contributions of 794 co-operative societies members of the union to perpetuate the memory of the late George Jacob Holyoake one of the pioneers of co-operation, who for nearly 70 years was a strenuous worker for liberty and reform. Born 1817, Died 1906

Hanover Street, Manchester, United Kingdom where they was

George Jacob Holyoake 1817-1906 Radical Journalist, Secularist and Promoter of the Co-operative Movement lived here 1850-1861

4 Woburn Walk, London, United Kingdom where they lived (1850-1861)