Sir George White 1st Baronet

Died aged c. 62

Sir George White, 1st Baronet (1854–1916), was an English businessman and stockbroker based in Bristol. He was instrumental in the construction of the Bristol tramways and became a pioneer in the construction of electric tramways in England. In 1910 he formed, with his brother Samuel, the Bristol Aeroplane Company. He had many other interests, particularly in transport companies.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

Birthplace of Bristol's Aerospace industries 19th February 1910 In this building Sir George White, chairman of Bristol Tramways and Carriage Company, founded the British and Colonial Aeroplane Company and the Bristol Aeroplane Company, forerunners of British Aerospace

Halifax Building Society, Clare Street, Bristol, United Kingdom where they formed

Retired professional engineers' club - Bristol. Stockbroker and Entrepreneur Sir George White 1854-1916. Bristol tramways Co. 1874 / electrification 1895. Bristol Aeroplane Company 1910. Bristol Commercial Vehicles 1912.

Anchor Road, Bristol, United Kingdom where they lived near