Marion Dorn

woman and designer

Died aged c. 68

Marion Victoria Dorn also known as Marion Dorn Kauffer (born in Menlo Park, California on December 25, 1896—died in Tangier, Morocco on January 28, 1964) was a textile designer primarily in the form of wall hangings, carpeting and rugs, however she is also known to have produced wallpaper, graphics, and illustrations. Known for her significant contributions to modern British interiors in particular for her 'sculpted' carpets, she contributed to some of the best-known interiors of the time including the Savoy Hotel, Claridges, the Orion and the Queen Mary.

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Edward McKnight Kauffer 1890-1954 Marion Dorn 1896-1964 designers, lived here in flats 139/141

Swan Court, Chelsea Manor Street, Chelsea SW3, London, United Kingdom where they lived (1896-1964)