Rolls Hall, Monmouth

place, public hall (1887-1992), and library (from 1992)

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The Rolls Hall, Whitecross Street, Monmouth, Monmouthshire is a Victorian hall, now public library, donated to the town in celebration of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee by John Rolls, the future Lord Llangattock. It is a Grade II listed building as of 8 October 2005, and is one of 24 buildings on the Monmouth Heritage Trail.

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The Rolls Hall Presented to the people of Monmouth by John Allan Rolls to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887. Architect was F.A. Powell and the cost was £8,000. In 1992 it was converted from a public hall into a public library.

English translation: Neuadd Rolls Cyflwynwyd y neauadd i drigolion Trefynwy gan John Allan Rolls yn 1887 i goffau Jiwbili Aur u Frenhines Victoria. Y pensaer oedd F.A. Powell a'r gost oedd £8,000. Er 1992 mae'r neuaadd yn cael ei defnyddio fel llyfrgell gyhoeddus.

Monmouth Library - Whitecross Street, Monmouth, United Kingdom where it built (1887)