New Zealand All Golds

Aged unknown

Commemorated on 3 plaques

Bramley Rugby League Football Club The Barley Mow Inn ground was the home of Bramley Rugby League Football Club (now Bramley Buffaloes) from 1890 until its move to MacLaren Field in 1965. Bramley played New Zealand All Golds here in 1907 in the Northern Union's first ever tour game. Founded 1879

The Barley Mow Inn, Town Street, Bramley LS13, Leeds, United Kingdom where it played (1907)

Here until 1982 was the Athletic Ground, home to Cheltenham Rugby (Union) Club. World rugby history was made on 15th February 1908 when the pioneering rugby league touring side, the New Zealand All Golds, defeated the Northern Union (England) 8-5 to win the first ever rugby league test match series. Born in 1883 Albert Henry Baskerville from Wellington, New Zealand, was the prime advocate and organiser of the ground breaking tour by the 'All Golds' to England. The team returned home via Australia where the first ever test match between the two countries was played on May 9th 1908 in Sydney. New Zealand won 11-10, Baskerville playing a leading role. Shortly afterwards he contracted pneumonia and died on May 20th 1908.

St John’s Avenue, Cheltenham, United Kingdom where it played (1908)

Headingley Rugby Ground. Has been in constant use since 1890, the first game being Leeds v Manningham on 20th September. It was the venue for the first Challenge Cup Final, Batley v St. Helens, on 24th April 1897. The first ever Test Match between the Northern Union and New Zealand All Golds was played here on 25th January 1908.

St Michael's Lane, Leeds 6., Leeds, United Kingdom where it played (1908)