John Ramsbottom MICE

Died aged c. 83

John Ramsbottom (11 September 1814 – 20 May 1897) was an English mechanical engineer. Born in Todmorden, then on the county border of Yorkshire and Lancashire. Ramsbottom was the son of a steam cotton mill owner. He learned about steam engines, rebuilding his father's and also invented the weft fork (this has also been attributed to James Bullough) that enabled looms to be run at high speed. He also created many inventions for railways but his main legacy is the split metal piston ring, which he invented and later perfected. Virtually all reciprocating engines continue to use these today.

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To commemorate John Ramsbottom, Superintendant L. & N.W. Rly, Director Lancs and Yorks Rly born Todmorden 1814 died 1897.

Railway Station, Rise Lane, Todmorden, United Kingdom where they worked