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The Rugby Football League is the governing body for professional rugby league in England. The name Rugby Football League previously also referred to the main league competition run by the organisation. This has since been supplanted by Super League, the Championship and League 1. Based at Red Hall in Leeds, it administers the England national rugby league team, the Challenge Cup, Super League and the Rugby League Championships. The social and junior game is administered in association with the British Amateur Rugby League Association (BARLA). The Rugby Football League is a member of the Rugby League European Federation and as a senior Full Member has a combined veto power over the Council with France. The RFL is part of the Community Board, which also has representatives from BARLA, Combined Services, English Schools Rugby League and Student Rugby League.Clare Balding took over as the president in July 2020, taking over from Tony Adams. Established as the Northern Rugby Football Union (often shortened to Northern Union) in August 1895 by representatives of twenty-one Rugby Football Union clubs at a meeting at the George Hotel, Huddersfield, it changed its name in 1922 to the Rugby Football League, mirroring its sister organisations overseas, the Australian Rugby Football League and New Zealand Rugby Football League. The turnover of the RFL was reported as £27 million in 2011.

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The birthplace of Rugby League, 29th August 1895. In this place 21 clubs voted to break away from the Rugby Football Union. In 1922 this became the Rugby Football League.

The George Hotel, Huddersfield, United Kingdom where it was born (1895)

Headingley Rugby Ground. Has been in constant use since 1890, the first game being Leeds v Manningham on 20th September. It was the venue for the first Challenge Cup Final, Batley v St. Helens, on 24th April 1897. The first ever Test Match between the Northern Union and New Zealand All Golds was played here on 25th January 1908.

St Michael's Lane, Leeds 6., Leeds, United Kingdom where it played (1908)