David Tannenberg

Died aged c. 76

David Tannenberg (1728–1804) was a Moravian organ builder who emigrated to Pennsylvania. He is cited as the most important American organ-builder of his time. He constructed a number of organs during his lifetime, as well as other keyboard instruments. Many of the organs that he built are still in use.

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David Tannenberg (1728-1804). One of America's foremost pipe organ builders. Tannenberg, born at Berthelsdorf, Germany, emigrated to the Moravian community at Bethlehem in 1749. From 1760-65 he lived at Burnside Plantation, where he built organs as an apprentice of Johann Gottlob Klemm (1690-1762), then moved to Lititz. Tannenberg died while working in York, Pa. His nearly 50 instruments represent the finest tonal and visual artistry among early American pipe organ builders.

1461 Schoenersville Rd., at entrance to Burnside Plantation (near RR Xing), Bethlehem, PA, United States where they lived