Miroslaw Olszewski

Aged unknown

Headteacher who worked at the school from 1995 – 2016.
Mr.Olszewski worked as a teacher for 38 years.
He was appointed to St.Patrick’s in 1995 and transformed the school from a failing school to becoming one of the top schools in Leicester City.
He remodelled the school building sympathetically to blend into the local area and made it a welcoming learning environment for the children.
The small playgrounds were transformed into areas were the children could enjoy their free time and socialise happily with each other.
His contribution to the lives of the pupils was always highly praised by the parents of those who attended the school.


Commemorated on 1 plaque

M Olszewski on Wikimedia Commons

Miroslaw Olszewski. 1995-2016 Harrison Road

St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, Harrison Road, Leicester, United Kingdom where they was Headmaster (1995-2016)